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To capitalise on the success of their latest record ‘Youngbloods,’ Brisbane’s favourite post-hardcore lads The Amity Affliction have released ‘Glory Days,’ a collection of unreleased tracks and the band’s earlier EP’s, to help new fans get to know where they came from.

First up we have two b-sides from the ‘Youngbloods’ recording sessions, 15 Pieces Of Flair and Snicklefritz. It is interesting to see the difference in quality, both writing and recording, of these two songs and the tracks that follow, there is no better example of how far this band has come than this comparison. The two tracks are the highlights and sit easily beside the rest of the synth laden hardcore of ‘Youngbloods.’ Cutting these songs from the record must have been a tough decision.

The band’s second EP, ‘High Hopes,’ originally released in 2007, follows, and marks what was at the time, a big change in the group’s sound. Those who were listening to Amity from day one would note the inclusion of synths, acoustic interludes and samples in the five songs, such as the opener and standout I Heart Throsby, which was quite different to the rawer, down the line hardcore sound found on their debut self titled EP, which is where the record ventures next.

Although the quality of recording lessens as the songs get older, which is probably to be expected, one thing is clear, The Amity Affliction have always put the effort into releasing the best music that they were capable of. Tracks such as Empires Laid To Waste and Black And Collapsed show why people have been excited about and stuck with this band from day one.

The record ends with Slit The Tear Ducts, a song taken from the ‘North Coast Hardcore Compilation,’ originally released in 2005, poorly recorded, but a great little snapshot of the band’s early energy and emotion.


This little collection is a great way for those who got on board for ‘Youngbloods’ to see where the band came from, for those who already know it’s probably worth grabbing for the unreleased b-sides alone.


1. 15 Pieces Of Flair
2.  Snicklefritz
3. I Heart Throsby
4. R.I.P Steggy
5. Straight Up!
6. Doing Wayne
7. Cut It Out
8. Cornerstone Of Misery
9. Severance
10. Empires Laid To Waste
11. Atlantic
12. Black And Collapsed
13. Prometheus
14. A Sleepless Winter
15. Asphalt Abrasions
16. Slit The Tear Ducts

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