My Chemical Romance – Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys


Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys


Reprise Records




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Short Stack


Something's gone horribly wrong and it's not just the hair.


10 / 100

I found myself strapping into a rainbow-painted rollercoaster; my surrounds coloured by kaleidoscope wallpaper, sitting before a slope-ridden track twisting and twirling for miles ahead. "Look Alive, Sunshine" the first track told me as the seatbelt clicked, holding my back firm against the cushioned seat. ‘What the fuck have My Chemical Romance conjured this time around?’ echoed throughout my puzzled brain. Needless to say, I was about to embark on an 80s-flavoured LSD disco ride down a post-apocalyptic path straying far from any of their past three full-length releases. For fans of their history , lock yourself in tight to your carriage before jamming MCR’s latest, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’ because these fifteen, winding tracks will surely spin your stomach silly.

First stop – Japanese game-show land. “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” is the title and the rules are simple: strap on your best fluro headband and bang your head crazy. Second stop – outer space. Synths and electronic star-shimmering noises set us in an inter-galactic trance somehow reminiscing Gerard Way’s “Bulletproof Heart”. Get comfortable because “Planetary” plants us back in a tin-foiled rocket ready to blast off to another galaxy of teeny bopping, disco jiving alien specimens who want nothing more than to dance (as opposed to cringe) to Gerard’s vocal attempts at seduction and sexy. Comprehending so far? Good, neither am I. Not one bit. Throw away the fast punk riffs and sorrow-drowned melodies that were the blossom of My Chemical Romance’s distinct (previous) sound, because this album is nothing but a lost heap of confusion.

Cherish those precious editions of Total Guitar featuring guitar tabs and riffing sessions with My Chemical Romance because the only magazine these hipsters will find themselves in is ‘80’s Dance-hall Disaster’. “The Only Hope for Me Is You” gives you an idea of the mess this band has created, chunky synth bass lines and atmospheric electronic waves enough to churn the jelly at the bottom of any disappointed fans’ belly. For the most part, these songs are repeated choruses. “Party Poison”, more up-beat than its predecessors, proves that some of these choruses can actually have a catchy ring to them. If only it wasn’t painful to have repeated in your brain. At just under an hour of playtime, I couldn’t scream harder at the stereo to spin faster. Whilst admittedly not a concept album, the occasional unfunny interjection of narration from Dr Death pulls us along this hazardous road of hysteria, confusion and nonsense. The only stories these boys are telling are the hallucinations of a junkie trapped in a mucked up time machine.


They say that with age comes great maturity. I’m not really sure what happened along the path of My Chemical Romance, but somewhere along the track the bike ran off course and veered into a cauldron of mass bewilderment and chaos. Maybe it was the hair dye, maybe it was the strangling jeans, or maybe they just rid their teenage apathy, but for the once emo-punk icons, ‘Danger Days: …’ has redefined their status as masters of the weird and ugly. You’ve been warned.


1. "Look Alive, Sunshine"
2. "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" Bryar, Iero, Toro, G. Way, M. Way
3. "Bulletproof Heart" Bryar, Iero, Toro, G. Way, M. Way
4. "SING"
5. "Planetary (GO!)"
6. "The Only Hope for Me Is You" Bryar, Iero, Toro, G. Way, M. Way
7. "Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report"
8. "Party Poison" Bryar, Iero, Toro, G. Way, M. Way
9. "Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back" Bryar, Iero, Toro, G. Way, M. Way
10. "S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W"
11. "Summertime"
13. "The Kids from Yesterday"
14. "Goodnite, Dr. Death"
15. "Vampire Money"

7 Responses to “My Chemical Romance – Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”

  1. LukeC

    I gotta say I disagree with this review. I think the album is good and I’m happy to see them try something different as opposed to replicating their past sound. They can’t be expected to sing sad “emo-punk” songs forever.

    Plus I think there are way more “punk” moments on this record compared to ‘The Black Parade.’

    Each to their own though.

  2. namaste

    I have never liked My Chemical Romance, but this record is much better than you make it out to be Jem. It’s certainly not going to make a fan out of me, but I can definitely appreciate this record for what it is.

    And lay off the overuse of analogies. You’re supposed to be reviewing the album, and critiquing it from a subjective point of view, not experimenting with metaphors for your creative writing course.

    A little less “strap yourself in” and “get ready for the” and a little more “this song sucks/rules for this reason” will make your reviews a little more cohesive, because although your review is long and has lots of words, you didn’t really say much.

    My two cents.

  3. bangbang

    I agree with all the comments above. This review is, for lack of a better word, shit! It says nothing informing about the record & is clearly done from a biased point of view. It’s not subjective at all. “Comprehending so far?” no, i’m not. There is so much about this review that is so completely rubbish i can’t even list them. Kill Your Stereo, i highly recommend you don’t ask ‘Jem’ to do any more reviews for you. Oh and labelling the genre ‘pop/dance’ and for ‘fans of Short Stack’? Don’t even get me started. I’m not an MCR fan. Nor am i Short Stack fan, but this album is a Rock ‘n’ Roll album through & through. Pretty sure EVERYTHING about this review sux.

  4. lockieb1

    this review is shocking, i dont think the album is anything amazingt or groundbreaking but it does have a few solid songs on there, and deserves a much better score than 10 from the reviewer

  5. diaz

    OMFG, how dare you speak badly about MCR, Gerard Way is like the David Bowie of our generation, you’re probably some fuckhead who plays in some”hardcore” band

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