We Came As Romans – To Plant A Seed


To Plant A Seed


Boomtown Records




For Fans Of

The Devil Wears Prada, Blessthefall


Standard metalcore with slight moments of originality.


65 / 100

An interesting fact about the debut album from metalcore wonder kids, We Came As Romans, is that the best parts of the album, ‘To Plant A Seed,‘ happen when the band is being as non-metalcore-ish as possible. People with only a mild appreciation of the genre will probably roll their eyes at this release, as a majority of the heavily produced songs are in line with the typical metalcore sound. In keeping with what is apparently necessary, there is an even dose of heavy and clean vocals, both of which are standout features, especially since the rest of the band are really just going through the metal motions.

What may sound so far like a bad review need not be mis-interpreted, as the group are successful in being another metalcore band, they are actually quite good at it, the negativity comes from the disappointment in finding that they are not offering anything new to the genre, at all. Now for the “non-metalcore-ish” highlights that were previously mentioned, they are only slight, but promising. Things like the programmed piano introduction to Broken Statues, or the intense string arrangement at the end of We Are The Reasons, are nice little surprises that show this band has the potential to possibly one day be the group to push the genre into some new ground. After all you can’t blame them for being a little bit safe on their debut release, but the good news is that nearly every song features a small, unique section, that will prick at the ears.

Another highlight of the record is that when the group want to be heavy, they are heavy, David Stephens’ death growls intensify the powerful sections of the songs and when clean singer, Kyle Pavone, offers his version of screaming as well, in tracks such as I Will Not Reap Destruction, the duo are virtually unstoppable.

The record ends with one of the finer tracks, An Ever-Growing Wonder, which includes some atmospheric breakdowns that make the heavy/soft dynamics of the song all the more effective.


We Came As Romans have mainly made a paint-by-numbers metalcore record, however there are enough glimmers of outside the square thinking that hint there may be more to this band than ‘To Plant A Seed’ implies.


1. To Plant A Seed
2. Broken Statues
3. Intentions 
4. Roads That Don’t End And Views That Never Cease
5. Dreams
6. We Are The Reasons
7. Beliefs
8. I Will Not Reap Destruction
9. Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always
10. An Ever-Growing Wonder

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  1. PunkRawk101

    Meh,first track is pretty sick,but rest seems to be very much of the same chug chug,clean vocals here and there,keyboard sample thrown it.

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