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Born of Osiris – Meshuggah – Veil of Maya


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72 / 100

Much like metalcore, is deathcore the new cringe word? It seems in any contemporary or legitimate musical discussion the prominent sub-genre is prefaced by either sighs or cautious indifference. Unfortunately, this is owed largely to the number of bands that feel a simple chug-breakdown-scream-growl formula is all that is needed for success. However, talent, progression and attempts at innovation still exist – even if they are strangled within prevailing mediocrity.

Minnesota five-piece After the Burial are the unassuming. They are the guests to the party that blend in without being the overwhelming centre of attention. In many respects, Sumerian records have had a breakout year. Periphery, Stick to Your Guns, Veil of Maya et al. It is easy to maintain a second standing amongst those peers.

Third studio album entitled, ‘In Dreams’ is consistent with the band’s previous repertoire. Extreme, heavy constructions are evident throughout but melody is also explored too.

Are young bands now ditching their At the Gates riffs and adopting Meshuggah-like stylings? ‘In Dreams’ focuses on technicality for large portions of the listen. This eight track offering is not revolutionary nor is it entirely original but it is accessible to fan of heavy music.

At only eight songs this is a very concise record, which panders to its own limits. There is no over the top showboating, just as there are no excessive riffs and double kick work. ‘Pendulum’ represents the group best in this instance – showing how melody and heaviness do not have to oppose but instead can work to contrast. ‘My Frailty’ is an aggressive opener with some impressive sweeps towards the tail-end and Meshuggah type tuning.

Although some of the nu-metal sounds (see: Encased in Ice) are like a bad toupee. They just don’t fit and inevitably detract from overall appearances.

Overall, another good Sumerian release indeed.


Continual improvement should never be frowned upon. ‘In Dreams’ might have a typical design that has moments of indifference but as a whole it is effective enough. For now at least.


1. My Frailty
2. Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You
3. Pendulum
4. Bread Crumbs and White Stones
5. To Carry You Away
6. Sleeper
7. Promises Kept
8. Encased in Ice

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