A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You


What Separates Me From You


Victory Records




For Fans Of

Four Year Strong, New Found Glory


Short but very sweet.


90 / 100

It is safe to say that one of the most anticipated punk/hardcore records of the year is the fourth album from Florida’s A Day To Remember. Produced by New Found Glory axeman Chad Gilbert, who was also responsible for the band’s last release ‘Homesick’. ‘What Separates Me From You,’ manages to live up to the hype that surrounds it and is another strong release from the group.

The album starts heavy with Sticks And Bricks, and the growl of Jeremy McKinnon’s vocals over those shuddered, palm muted guitars that the band love so much. The usual ADTR formula is maintained by the clean and catchy chorus hook, but both the soaring chorus and intense verses are pushed to the limits kicking the record off with energy.

This is followed by All I Want, which uses predominantly clean vocals for a fairly straight forward punk rock song that will no doubt be a favourite for sing-a-longs when played live. It’s Complicated uses a pop-punk vibe that sounds like Gilbert’s NFG influence is really coming through, but the band do it well and this song is a standout. The record hits it’s stride from here as This Is The House That Doubt Built, plays the role of the heavy ballad, and 2nd Sucks exhibits some of the most brutal vocals of the whole album.

There really aren’t any songs that need to be skipped as they all have very distinct features, the “Wa-oh-oh’s” in the chorus of Better Off This Way, will make sure that this track in particular stays in your head. The NFG influence returns for All Signs Point To Lauderdale, which includes the gang vocals that no ADTR album would be complete without. The record ends with a steady mix of heavy and clean in the track with the best title, You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic and some more steady punk rock with Out Of Time and bouncy album closer If I Leave.


A Day To Remember fans should be very happy with this record even though the majority of it is among the lighter of the band’s material. After a few spins some hefty debate could be held to determine if this is one of their best.


1. Sticks & Bricks
2. All I Want
3. It’s Complicated
4. This Is the House That Doubt Built
5. 2nd Sucks
6. Better Off This Way
7. All Signs Point to Lauderdale
8. You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic
9. Out of Time
10. If I Leave"

3 Responses to “A Day To Remember – What Separates Me From You”

  1. lockieb1

    Not as good as homesick, but still awesome, probably on par with their earlier work for me…..one thing i noticed was that rather than the songs being a mix of hardcore and pop punk as they were a lot on homesick, the songs on this are more one or the other, black or white

  2. augustburnsryan

    i think this album wouldve been better if it wasnt from adtr…after homesick i expected alot better from them…the songs mesh in together then they give you one heavy song as a break every three or four songs…mediocre at best these guys can do so much better

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