The Saddest Landscape – You Will Not Survive


You Will Not Survive


Panic Records




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These Arms Are Snakes, Pianos Become The Teeth


A good progression on an already great sound.


75 / 100

The Saddest Landscape were always one of those bands that few knew, but the few that did know were able to nod and wink at each other when passing in the street, never speaking, kind of like Fight Club. The band broke up before the Fight Club went global but now, a few years later, have reformed and released their new record ‘You Will Not Survive.’

The music still maintains elements of the dynamic chaos the band are known for, thanks to their first record ‘Lift Your Burdens High For This Is Where We Cross,’ but it is clear that there has been some progression during the break. One of the more notable differences being the usual gap between vocalist Andy Maddox and the rest of the band, is virtually non-existent, as Maddox’s crazy vocal style seems to be more in place on this record.

The album begins with Declaring War On Nostalgia, a rumble of drums and sting of guitars that lead to siren noises in between tight bursts of sound that rise and fall before the wall of screams and sporadic drumming take over. The soft beginning of Eternity Is Lost On The Dying, is a good example of the group’s progression and willingness to expand their musical horizons, as the song remains stripped back, allowing Maddox’s strained vocals to take the forefront. Lyrically the tortured singer has really lifted his game as he screams at the end of the song “We are desperate kids, doing extraordinary things.” It is no secret that Maddox vocals have been the defining factor in whether or not people like this band as they can be a challenge to accept, however, they really are a lot more tolerable this time around.

A highlight is the haunting Imperfect But Ours, which is described that way purely due to the guest vocal work of Laura Stevenson from Bomb The Music Industry! This is followed by the drum heavy So Lightly Thrown and the shortest song on the record, The Shadows I Call Home, which features the most brutal chorus the band has ever written.


This record is by far the band’s best work to date, and will certainly please the old fans whilst no doubt acquiring a few new ones. At only seven songs it does not overstay its welcome, and leaves you wanting more.


1. Declaring War On Nostalgia
2. Torn, Broken, Beautiful
3. Eternity is Lost on the Dying
4. Imperfect But Ours
5. So Lightly Thrown
6. The Shadows I Call Home
7. From All of Those

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