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Once Jesters Now Kings






For Fans Of

Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember


Punk/Hardcore at it's finest.


95 / 100

Little old Adelaide has laid claim to some fine punk rock/hardcore acts over the years but recently has been quiet in that department. That is until now, because young up and comers My Catalyst have just released their debut album ‘Once Jesters Now Kings,’ which will probably take the crown (pardon the pun) for best punk/hardcore album to come out of Adelaide in a long time.

A big call, but it only takes the band thirty-eight seconds to prove this, in the form of I Don’t Care That You Eat Shit, You’re Still My Best Friend, the opening track on the new record. An explosion of big guitars, fast drums and the brutal yet direct screams of front man Scott ‘Dizzle’ Dobbin. This brief spurt of mayhem is quickly followed by Romantic Comedy, which heads down a more post-punk vein, similar to the likes of Alexisonfire, and introduces the clean vocals of guitarist Joel Torres, which soar over the top of the slicing guitars that drive the song.

It is hard to go past one of the record highlight’s JCVD, a song that proves this band can rival any other hardcore punk out there at the moment. Not only does it contain the best breakdown of the record but Dobbin shows off his death growls whilst belting out lyrics that confess love for an action hero. Lyrically, the record is fun, and much enjoyment can be had in simply reading the song booklet, which makes it clear that these boys don’t take themselves too seriously, and are here to have fun.

As the album continues the energy and pace maintains a level of awesome that peaks at the other record stand out Smegma, a song that will make you wish you were standing a sweaty mosh pit rather than sitting at home typing a review. The track is an explosion of precision screams from all members of the band, including bass player Mike Blackie, that evenly matched by Andy Berry’s pile driving guitars and the unforgiving thunder of Ryan Schultz’s drums.

The record ends with a slapstick cover of The Pointer Sisters I’m So Excited, which betters the original, and Beacons, a song with plenty of space that is filled by atmospheric lead guitars and gang vocals, capping everything off perfectly.


For a debut, it is hard to pick anything that My Catalyst have done wrong so get yourself a copy of this record and see where it all started for what will probably be Australia’s next big hardcore punk act.


1. I Don’t Care That You Eat Shit, You’re Still My Best Friend
2. Romantic Comedy
3. He Cured The Leopards
4. Once Jesters, Now Kings
6. Opposite World
7. Signal D’Alarme
8. All The Best (Thanks For Nothing)
9. Australian Death Machine
10. Sober
11. Smegma
12. So Excited
13. Beacons

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