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America's Hardcore


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Trapped Under Ice, Down To Nothing, Terror


The shape of punk to come


98 / 100

America’s Hardcore” is a pretty ambitious title. For a country which literally gave birth to the genre and unquestionably has the largest hardcore scene in the world, claiming to distil “America’s hardcore” down to 14 brief songs seems ridiculous. But despite the fact that this release does not feature music from any of the United States’ biggest or well-established hardcore bands, it doesn’t fail to deliver in providing a well-rounded, representative and quality release. Triple B Records looks to be one of the hottest new names in hardcore, providing a figurative home for the 1990s NYC hardcore revival. “America’s Hardcore”, which has received a bit of hype prior to its release, showcases songs from the best bands on the Triple B roster as well as from some of the country’s most promising up-and-comers. For most listeners this record will provide some great new tracks from old favourites, and probably introduce you to some sick bands you’ve never heard before too.

The release opens with Free Spirit’s youth crew anthem “Everybody Else”, a short and sweet number which in some sense cleverly opens the release with modern hardcore’s stylistic origins. The next track “Devotion” from Atlanta’s Foundation is a fine specimen of American hardcore from its initial discordant riff to its final chugging breakdown. The Backtrack song “Soul Sucker”, while sounding like an unmastered demo track is yet another solid track from these NYC hardcore revivalists. “Disconnect” from Texas’ unsigned outfit Eightfifteen reflects the recent wave of discordant, emotional post-hardcore of the likes of Touché Amoré. Returning to the tough as nails theme on this release, Violent Side’s “All For All” is another definite pitbanger. LA’s Rotting Out subscribe to a different sound more comparable to Outbreak or Bracewar with their song “Happy At Home”.

Texan powerhouse Bitter End’s track “Disguised” is another gem of this release, all 4 minutes and 58 seconds of it demonstrating the band’s perfect blend of hardcore and 80s thrash metal. As the longest track on the release, this song oozes with the band’s trademark Obituary-esque sound, and shows them to be one of modern hardcore’s most innovative and exciting bands. Maine favourites Cruel Hand deliver as always with their ‘tallica laced “Intro / Face to Face”. Fire & Ice’s offering “Half Empty” isn’t their best work to date, but is a pretty cool track nonetheless. Furthermore Power Trip’s unrelenting “Hammer Of Doubt” demonstrates why they’re one of hardcore’s best new bands among the NYC revival. And finally the closer, Title Fight’s “Dreamcatchers”, caps off probably the best compilation of the year. This youthful Pennsylvanian group, whose blend of 90s emo, pop punk and melodic hardcore has kids captivated worldwide, again show off their uncanny ability to write a damn good song.


Triple B Records has truly put out a compilation to remember, featuring of the best tracks the various bands have ever put out. “America’s Hardcore” signals that this relatively young label is soon to join the hardcore big leagues alongside respected names like Deathwish, Malfunction, Revelation and Bridge Nine Records. For anybody who takes themself to be a fan of hardcore in 2010, get your hands on this release any way you can.


1. Free Spirit – Everbody Else
2. Foundation – Devotion
3. Backtrack – Soul Sucker
4. Eightfifteen – Disconnect
5. Violent Side – All For All
6. Rotting Out – Happy At Home
7. Bitter End – Disguised
8. Wolf Whistle – MA Glory
9. Cruel Hand – Intro/Face To Face
10. Fire & Ice – Half Empty
11. Thought Crusade – No Remorse
12. Power Trip – Hammer Of Doubt
13. The Rival Mob – Nice Try
14. Title Fight – Dreamcatchers

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