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Minus The Bear, Bodyjar


Another great rock act from Perth.


75 / 100

Perth’s music scene never ceases to amaze me by spawning quality bands that seem to have a wealth of experience behind them before appearing on the radar. Perhaps because the band scene over there is a little removed from the rest of the country due to distance, all of these bands have the opportunity to perfect and hone their craft a little more before steeping out the front door. Whatever the reason, Perth locals Lacey are another little gem that the Western Australians have to offer, with their debut EP ‘Ropes.’

The record begins with Afraid Yet?, chanting melodies supported by a thumping drum beat and intricate guitar work all wrapped up in a style of rock that has it’s throwbacks to early Regurgitator and Bodyjar, with vocals reminiscent of Minus The Bear. A pretty mixed bag, but above all the songwriting and recording is solid and shows great potential.

Unfamiliar Places follows and picks up the pace whilst keeping things on the mellow rock level, the vocal melodies and chorus’ are the catchiest on the entire record. Distractions takes a brighter pop route, with all instruments creating a busy sound and that familiar constant drum beat carrying the song the entire time. One of the highlights is Cool Kids, which sticks to a similar pattern as the other songs but contains more energy and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for a long time.

The EP ends on a softer note with Set, an atmospheric, piano driven song laid over a pulsing kick drum that gives the track an electronic feel, certainly the most diverse song on the record and a nice glimpse at what this band are capable of.


‘Ropes‘ is a fantastic first release for Lacey as it demonstrates their ability to write catchy pop hooks without sounding too commercial, it is for this reason that they will no doubt appeal to many, and possibly becomes Perth’s next big act.


1. Afraid Yet?
2. Unfamiliar Places
3. Distractions
4. Cool Kids
5. Set

2 Responses to “Lacey – Ropes”

  1. flips354

    haha I think you’r right, we Perthites tend to hide our bands until they can justify getting on a plane (or a very long bus ride..). I had to chuckle as you hunted around for who they sound like (I like MTB and ‘gurg, but there is definitely other stuff going on ).. it is a pretty unique sound, and lacey has a devoted following here. Glad you like em, also go see their two new videos which have been on rage the past two Sat mornings and myspace featured artist.

  2. joshie

    They’re starting to play more gigs, from Xpress mag two weeks ago as last-minute addition to Tim & Jean:
    “Although brooding indie-rock outfit Lacey were an interesting first-billed choice for two other electro acts, they nonetheless blew the crowd away with a ferociously loud rocking set. Although the quartet have, in the past, struggled to translate the vigour of their recorded tunes in the live setting, tonight they proved an amazing live act, roaring through their solid 30 minute set with ease.”
    Seriously killed it.

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