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Hellbilly Deluxe 2






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More sludge rock from the horror king.


60 / 100

Twelve years after the first ‘Hellbilly Deluxe‘ and four years since his last solo release ‘Educated Horses‘, Rob Zombie has released his latest effort ‘Hellbilly Deluxe 2’. With a new band by his side the master of gore has recorded eleven tracks of blistering rock and lyrical content full of characters that are similar to those usually found in his films.

The most notable difference between the new record and the first instalment is the lack of quick paced, electronic infused thrash rock which has been traded for a more straight forward style of rock with hints of banjo and slide guitars which essentially suits the album’s name a lot more. Don’t think for a second that this means the music on this record is any less gritty than Zombie’s usual offerings as opening track Jesus Frankenstein will set the record straight with it’s doom beat introduction that is quickly followed by Zombie’s scary vocals and piercing guitars.

Most similar to the original Hellbilly tracks is the single Sick Bubblegum which even nods back to the White Zombie days. The pace changes a little with the stabbing What? which sounds strangely similar to a Rouge Traders song, and then slows for the acoustic guitar duelling introduction of Mars Needs Women which quickly picks back up to reveal some of the weirdest lyrics direct from the brain of Zombie.

One of the record’s highlights is the final track The Man Who Laughs, a ten minute epic that ends with one of the least technical but still totally awesome drum solo’s ever recorded.


This album will never become as classic as the original, but it is still another enjoyable and interesting view into the twisted world of Rob Zombie.


1. Jesus Frankenstein
2. Sick Bubblegum
3. What?
4. Mars Needs Women
5. Werewolf, Baby!
6. Virgin Witch
7. Death and Destiny Inside the Dream Factory
8. Burn
9. Cease to Exist
10. Werewolf Women of the SS
11. The Man Who Laughs

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