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Extremley original sounds from an extremley original band.


70 / 100

New Zealand indie punks Die Die Die had one of those debut releases that made people talk, two albums later they have confirmed that their grunge tinged punk-rock style is theirs and theirs alone. With each new release the band exhibit a new set of rules that they can follow or break as they please. Back on the scene with a new record label and third album ‘Form,’ it would appear that the band have decided to put more focus on their song structures, in what is a maturing of sorts.

The guitars work beautifully well with the vocals throughout this record and are the standout feature, backed strongly by the rhythm section. If there is one thing to admire about this band it is the simplicity of their instrument choices, happy to stick with the uncomplicated guitar, drum and bass formula, they create a whirlwind of sound with only a few tools. Let’s begin with the end for something a little different, the reason being that the final song Frame is the standout of the entire record.

The dynamics are used brilliantly as the soft and spaced out verses are just a mere stepping stone for the thunderous chorus. One can’t help but think that the band recognise the greatness in this song and have made the listener earn it by paying attention for the album’s duration. The group have slowed things down a little on this new record, songs such as the single We Built Our Own Oppressors, are at a much slower pace than the band’s usual frantic run.

All of the elements in the band are given their chances to shine, be it the powerful drum beat in Daze, or the thick bass guitar in HowYe. The melodies in Wasted Lands are amongst the best on the record, and a sense of commercial intent is hinted at by the guitars being a touch cleaner than usual.


The album is short but packs enough of a punch to swing with the big boys, the only problem Die Die Die have is finding a suitable opponent, as at the moment, nobody sounds anything like this.


01. Caseman
02. Lil Ships
03. Howye
04. Daze
05. We Bulit Our Own Oppresors
06. Paquin
07. Shine Through
08. Wasted Lands
09. Ht
10. Frame

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