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Dark Storm






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Near perfect release.


95 / 100

Sydney four piece The Jezabels have proven something with the release of ‘Dark Storm,’ the final EP in a trilogy series that also includes the ‘The Man Is Dead’ and ‘She’s So Hard’ Eps, that were released last year. They have proven their brilliance as one of Australia’s most exciting new bands, and they have proven it five times, with each of the five songs on the record.

The EP opens with the title track Dark Storm, a single guitar with a subtle groove that introduces the band’s most treasured possession, the vocal abilities of Hayley Mary, sweet but strong and an easy rival for the indie queen crown that Florence Welch currently wears. The song builds like a wave that crashes during the chorus, then recedes for the verse, in one smooth motion.

The standout of the five songs is the single Mace Spray, in which a simple beat is the landscape for a glittering guitar and big sounding piano. The chorus, flying the social narration flag that the band claim in all of their lyrics, sees Mary wailing “She keeps mace spray, for you can’t rely on the common man” with a powerful falsetto harmony.

The playlist’s centrepiece, Sahara Mahala, begins with a more aggressive drum beat and the booming piano that seems to be somewhat of a trademark for this record. The pace is quickened during this number and a sense or urgency is given by shimmering cymbals and reverb heavy guitar solo. Each of these songs is perfectly crafted and recorded to give the EP a natural feel, you can hear the room noise at the beginning of each track, as with A Little Piece, that builds its layers and it rumbles along. The final song, She’s So Hard, summarises the simplicity of this band with simple piano chords and a strong vocal melody, tempting itself to explode but never quite doing so and ending with a programmed beats and eerie synthesiser.

The journey that this EP takes you on is one that you will not grow bored of, its dynamics are perfectly set to mirror a range of emotions and keep you glued to the speaker for it’s entire duration. 


The Jezabels own their unique style of indie pop and will be a name that will no doubt be heard plenty of when it comes time for a debut album.


1. Dark Storm
2. Mace Spray
3. Sahara Mahala
4. A Little Piece
5. She’s So Hard 

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