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Everything Collide






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Motion City Soundtrack/All Time Low


A little bit too safe.


65 / 100

Sing It Loud‘s debut album ‘Come Around‘ was a pleasant surprise considering it could have been full of recycled predictable pop rock but instead contained well written, catchy tunes. The follow up ‘Everything Collide‘ picks up where the last record left off whilst heading down the more rock influenced road with a sound similar to Californian punk bands like The Ataris.

The record begins with Sugar Sweet, which relies on guitars as opposed to the synthesiser heavy songs of old, the catchy chorus and simple song construction however is still as evident as it was in the past. This is the main risk that Sing It Loud run with this release, complacency, and to be honest it’s a bit of a problem. The group have a way of making it very hard to argue against them with songs this damn catchy, it’s like talking to someone you hate because they are buying you drinks, the band offer no new take on the alternative rock genre but the music is so pleasing to hear you can’t turn it off.

The most obvious difference is the inclusion of what seems like a country influence over the lead guitar parts, Here With You is a good example of this. The track starts out almost sounding like a Van Halen rock opus then changes to a late 80’s early 90’s sitcom theme song full of shimmering acoustic verses and falsetto vocal parts. Things slow and down and a sense of mature song writing appears in Believe In Me just before the vocal melodies hit their strongest point in Light It Up. The record ends with Wonder Why, a fast paced dance track and one of the album standouts.


The only flaw with this record is it’s a bit too safe but still worthy of a listen, as Sing It Loud have just announced their break up it seems they will never get to realise their full potential.


1. Sugar Sweet
2. Thunderstorms
3. Here With You
4. Only One
5. Addicted To When You’re Gone
6. Shadows
7. Believe In Me
8. Light It Up
9. Letting Go
10. I Can’t
11. Wonder Why

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