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No Justice No Peace


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Madball, No Warning, Killing Time


An even weightier effort from one of Australia's most concrete-heavy bands.


89 / 100

The fact that Blkout have opted to produce the No Justice No Peace EP in only the vinyl format is refreshing in itself – vinyl remains one of the most personal mediums to share music on. But even more invigorating is the fact that despite concerns that this record would bring nothing new to the table, Blkout have managed to further develop their already perfected brand of hardcore.

While still capturing the same callous swagger of previous Blkout releases, new members Pete Bursky and Pete Abordi are clearly an asset to the creative side of the group. Some flashy lead guitar work in ‘Matter Of Time‘ shows off Bursky‘s technical skill, an element that raises the Blkout sound to new heights. Without straying from his unique style, vocalist Scott Angel‘s delivery is more vicious than ever before.

Lyrically, No Justice No Peace is based heavily on the issues of social dislocation and injustice. Building upon the sentiments explored throughout the band’s prior release Total Depravity, Angel addresses the contrast of rich and poor and revolution against controlling power. Though the record does not deviate a great deal from earlier material, it is most certainly a significant improvement. Be sure to catch Blkout on their next tour – with four tours of Australia in the past twelve months alone, it’s only a matter of time (no pun intended) before we will be seeing them on the road again.


While the four tracks that make up Blkout’s No Justice No Peace 7” are definitely cast from the same mould as the material we heard on their 2009 release Total Depravity, it would be folly to assume that these songs could be slotted in amongst the LP tracks unnoticed. Rather, this record is everything that the album provided and more – a remarkable improvement on an already esteemed style of hardcore.


1. ‘Freedom For None’
2. ‘Life At The Top’
3. ‘Matter Of Time’
4. ‘No Justice No Peace’

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