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Theory of Endless Sacrifice






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70 / 100

Italy might be a Mecca for all things holy (depending on your religious alignment) but if 2010 is to be used as a binding trend, the country appears anything but sacred – at least in music terms.

Anyone whose ears are still ringing from Hour of Penance’s crushing and exclusively heavy release, ‘Paradogma’ earlier in the year can attest to this. Those still in the dark might find further evidence on new EP from Ravenna quartet Bad More Ending. The old adage never judge a book by it cover might be true but if the album art here is anything to go by there is definitely a provocative point made.

Entitled ‘Theory of Endless Sacrifice’, the five track offering channels a modern American feel but with the European sensibilities that have pioneered the genre for some time. There is a bit of groove and the odd melody thrown in for good measure but ultimately the release focuses on a fast-paced style, which subsequently comes off as sounding like Fear Factory or Chimaira.

Yes, ‘Theory of Endless Sacrifice’ employs a very typical style that does not generate much in the way of originality or innovation yet the overall delivery does enough to gain a pass mark. It is somewhere in the middle. The release is not entirely derivative but it does lack a bit of individuality as well.

Opener ‘Who is the Victim Now?’ is forceful and assertive with a heavy introduction and disparate lighter periods, starting the EP on a strong note. ‘The Burning Process’ employs a thrash-oriented rhythmic pulse with some guttural vocals. However, the only thing plaguing the EP is that there is not much variety present. The range essentially stays in the same musical parametres throughout. Although, the dependable execution and production quality works to slightly appease this fault.

The band must be careful in the future. Five tracks make the EP an adequate length but a studio album with double the content would probably become drab and repetitive. The potential is there but this EP should be viewed as the bare minimum next time around, with an aim to improve what is a workmanlike but nevertheless satisfactory release.


When proceedings have filtered through to the listener, ‘Theory of Endless Sacrifice’ will offer some solid moments but ultimately still fall into the growing pile of contemporary metal releases that inevitably blend in to one another.


1. Who Is The Victim Now?
2. A World on Fire
3. The Burning Process
4. Lie To Exist
5. Beyond Flesh

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