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Killing The Dream – Dead Swans - Blacklisted


Great debut, hope to see this band do more soon.


86 / 100

When Melbourne hardcore outfit Vultures announced in late May that their vocalist Tyson Daniel was leaving the band, just weeks after the band completed recording their debut EP, many could have thought that the band would be out of action for a while. Not wasting any time at all, the band recruited new vocalist Sean Walton (ex-The Fierce) and lay down a new set of vocal tracks to complete the EP.

The effort was named “I Don’t Blame You” and features six tracks of melodic hardcore in the vein of Killing The Dream, Dead Swans and early Blacklisted before they lost the plot.

From the opening guitar riff in the first, and best track on the EP, “Departures (I.D.B.Y.)”, it is obvious that Vultures have matured a lot musically since the release of their second demo over a year ago. Walton’s voice is a lot stronger than Daniel’s, making the change in voices a positive one for the band. The vocal lines of “She said “I know you like the back of my hand and the only time I’ll miss you is when I’m gone or dead”” is one that will be stuck in your head long after the song has finished. Walton and bass player Rhys Baillie send the song out by broadcasting the EP’s title “I don’t blame you”, with the chemistry between the two voices being something that the band should capitalize upon more often. “Pipe Dreams” is a heavier and more haunting effort, and “Paper Soldiers” is set to become a staple in the band’s live set as this song is made to be played live. I am predicting that this song will get a huge response in the future due to the catchy vocal lines.

Re-recorded from the band’s 2009 demo, “Prodigal Son” has been stepped up immensely on this recording, with Walton’s vocals giving this song a new breath of fresh air. “Lead Belly” features a guest vocal spot by The Broderick’s Logan Fewster, with Fewster’s vocals making that section of the song the most intense part of the record. The following breakdown is the heaviest thing the band has produced to date, making this song one of the highlights of the record. Closing out the EP is “The Express”, which is the longest track on the EP, clocking in at just over five minutes. Ending the track is an acoustic outro accompanied by the sounds of sirens, ending the EP by making everyone eager to discover what the band will do next.


“I Don’t Blame You” is proof that Vultures are up with the best bands in the country playing this style of hardcore, and if this release is any indication of the band’s potential, something really great is in the works for this band.


1. Departures (I.D.B.Y.)
2. Pipe Dreams
3. Paper Soldiers
4. Prodigal Son
5. Lead Belly
6. The Express

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