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To say that Tonight Alive have had a large 12 months would be a hefty miss understatement and an insult to the band. In addition to completing a national run of dates in May with radio sensation Amy Meredith they have signed an Australian / Japanese distribution deal, had a song appear on US TV show The Hills and successfully scored an endorsement with Famous Stars and Straps.

Hype can be a wonderful thing, but it also draws an unwarranted scrutinizing eye from those who are envious of the bands quick success. Given that All Shapes and Disguises is the band’s debut CD release, the 8 tracks present are surprisingly well written and of a mature nature. The production on the disc is fantastic and is easily one of the best mixed records I have heard from an Australian band this year.

The main and most prominent draw card for Tonight Alive is the young female fronted vocalist Jenna McDougall. Obvious comparisons aside, Jenna is more than capable of handling herself in both recorded fashion as well a live environment. If you have been fortunate enough to see the band perform you can attest to how well her voice carries throughout the venue and just how ridiculously tight the string section is.

Some gas is lost amidst the slower ballads such as My Favourite Thing and Rooftop to the Street but the tracks serve their purpose and appease the throng of underage fans who will definitely appreciate the softer moments. In My Eyes is a ridiculously infectious closer and really does justice to Rufio. Much speculation has been conducted on internet wormholes that it may actually sound better than the original version of the song.


Smooth on all sides, I can’t wait to see how this band ages and watch their song writing progress over the next few years.


1. To Die for (3:27)
2. Invincible (2:31)
3. Wasting Away (2:53)
4. Closer (2:59)
5. My Favourite Thing (3:12)
6. Ten Times Better (2:58)
7. Rooftop to the Street (3:36)
8. In My Eyes (Rufio Cover) (3:07)

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