Touche Amore / La Dispute – Searching For A Pulse / The Worth Of The World


Searching For A Pulse / The Worth Of The World


No Sleep Records



For Fans Of

mewithoutYou, Fucked Up, Last Lights


one of the best split CDs to date


95 / 100

This split sees the meeting of two equally amazing, equally undefinable bands. Hailing from Michigan, La Dispute have made a name for themselves with their distinctive brand of post-hardcore which couples emotive spoken word poetry with experimental, hardcore-infused tunes. Los Angeles locals Touche Amore have also recently developed a dedicated following, their sound equally unique in its juxtaposition of raw angst and musical chaos. Astoundingly, the split came out on the 29th of July and has already sold out (probably because of pre-ordering, but still), reflecting the increasingly widespread appreciation of these two bands.

“Searching…” has been released through California-based No Sleep Records which seems to be fast becoming the most diverse and interesting label out there. The release is a thoroughly collaborative effort, unlike many split EPs which seem to be more for economy or convenience than anything else. It was recorded simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York, and features album-art from both La Dispute‘s Adam Vass and Touche Amore‘s Nick Steinhardt. Both bands have significantly expanded their musical boundaries for the EP, all four songs gelling perfectly because of a hybridised musical style between the two groups. There are vocal collaborations on the tracks of either band, adding yet another dimension to the music and confirming the deeply considered nature of the song-writing for this release.

The EP opens with Touche Amore’s “I’ll Get My Just Deserve” which masterfully combines beautiful guitar melodies with their signature chaotic heaviness and desperate vocal style. As already noted, the vocal cameo from La Dispute’s Jordan Dreyer undeniably makes this song even better. The influence of La Dispute is apparent in the beginning of TA’s “I’ll Deserve Just That”, starting with just vocals and a languid drumbeat. This song also features the most melodic riffage that the band has ever written, however they seamlessly weave it into their characteristically intense style.

The aptly titled “How I Feel” has a distinctly La Dispute riff, creating a sense of urgency reminiscent of older tracks like “Damaged Goods”. This is a personal favourite of the release, combining La Dispute’s signature sound with a subtle indie rock influence. “Why It Scares Me” is perhaps the weakest track, however that’s not saying much. La Dispute’s poignant lyrics are arguably some of the more intelligent and original of any band in the scene, however the lyrics on this song are somewhat annoyingly melodramatic. Nevertheless this is quality fucking music, and nothing’s perfect.


This is an absolutely outstanding CD from two of the scene’s most interesting and promising acts. It is a “split” EP in the fullest sense, with vocal collaborations and musical exploration indicating genuine consideration in the song-writing process. The entire release oozes with raw emotion, ingenuity and talent. In short, I’m ridiculously excited to see what both La Dispute and Touche Amore do next, especially if it builds upon the undoubtedly positive musical progression of either outfit on this release.


1. Touche Amore – I’ll Get My Just Deserve
2. Touche Amore – And I’ll Deserve Just That
3. La Dispute – How I Feel
4. La Dispute – Why It Scares Me

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