The Story So Far – While You Were Sleeping


While You Were Sleeping


Pure Noise Entertainment




For Fans Of

Such Gold - This Time Next Year - Set Your Goals


A slab of fast, catchy, energetic pop punk


88 / 100

Released by the band earlier this year under the original name "We Walked Through Arbo" , The Story So Far‘s new EP "While You Were Sleeping" was finally given a proper release by Pure Noise Entertainment in May.

Not to be confused with the less than desirable power-pop punk band of the same name from the UK, the Californian band play pop punk in the similar vain to This Time Next Year and New Found Glory creating the perfect mix for a pop punk band.The band’s guitarist Kevin Ambrose is also the younger brother to Set Your Goals drummer Michael Ambrose.

The EPs opening track "Just Like You Said" is the perfect opener, especially on the subject of the vocal delivery from vocalist Parker Cannon who seems to drive the band immensely throughout this song and whole EP. For such a young band the stucture and originality is a stand out in this particular track.

"Spark Fires" is easily one of the most solid tracks on the EP,it opens with a New Found Glory inspired guitar riff that could easily fit on the selftitled album. The "Spark Fires" chorus is one of those choruses where after hearing the whole EP minutes later this chorus will still be stuck in your head for days. From start to finish you are into every second of the song.

After hearing the first two songs you think to yourself things are only going to get better from here, and they sure do. The last three tracks are some of the bands finest material to date. "Compare And Conform" is a fiery instant brand of pop punk that keeps its energy throughout the whole song,consisting of impressive guitar riffs, mixed with strong, hook filled vocals which are at all times favourable.

Up next is "Ali" which is another fine example of energetic pop punk, the thriving drums are the highlight of this track with the fast guitar pacing the song, which work well together whilst creating a perfect blend.

Some bands tend to fail when they try go for a lighter ballad sound, but The Story So Far show how well they can pull it off in the track titled "Snyder St". The use of structure on this song especially in the slower moments is what makes the band stand out from the rest of the many band in this genre. Through the middle section of the song it is driven by keys which adds an effective dynamic, plus the guitars which also have a distinctive element which then builds up to a favourable conclusion.


"While You Were Sleeping" is definetly worth giving a listen, it’s not just "another" pop punk record. For such a young and upcoming band their sound is already maturing more than most other bands would. The Story So Far are definetly a band to look out for, for future releases.


1. Just Like You Said
2. Spark Fires
3. Ali
4. Compare And Conform
5. Snyder St

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