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Bad Advice


No Sleep Records




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Some bad advice would be not to listen to this EP.


89 / 100

Replacing a singer is always going to be a tough task, especially when they can sing as well as I Call Fives former vocalist James Corbi, but I Call Fives have soldiered on, picked up as new voice in Jeff Todd, and released their new digital EP, “Bad Advice”.

Released by one of the best smaller labels in music today, No Sleep Records, “Bad Advice” offers six new catchy as always tracks from the band, six tracks which could quite possibly be their finest material to date. I Call Fives have always stuck out in my opinion as a band that can write a catchier tune than their pop punk peers, often catchy enough to rival the some of more feminine pop punk bands such as All Time Low.

The opening track “Hand Me Down Luck” is packed full of energy, the perfect way to kick-start the EP, and is the first proper introduction to how the band functions with Todd leading the pack. The chorus in “Elevator Music” is quite possibly one of the catchiest choruses you will hear all year, and is certain to remain in your head even after the EP has finished playing.

Featuring a guest vocal spot by The Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo, “Try Hard To Remember” shows how well the band functions with the driving drums by the band’s drummer Steve Cohen, backed up by the onslaught of guitars, all topped off by the vocal combination of Todd and Perdomo.

The real gem featured on this EP comes in the form of “Easy To Say States Away”. The song could easily slot into mainstream radio stations, and if the band can back up the song with a great music video, could easily been seen on the likes of MTV. If you must only listen to one song from this EP, make sure this is it. This song shows I Call Fives at their very best.

Two Days Or A Lifetime Of Failure” is another slab of catchy hooks that you can sing in the shower, with the second half of the song allowing Todd’s voice to shine. The EP’s final track, the mainly acoustic ballad “Take The Fall” ends the levels of energy the band had developed throughout the first five tracks, and isn’t as catchy as the previous tracks, but should incite some huge sing-a-longs regardless. The transition from acoustic to electric in the final parts of the song ends the EP on a high note once again.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Kory Gable (Strike Anywhere, The Dangerous Summer) at Pin Up Recording in Baltimore, MD and mastered by Paul Leavitt at Valencia Recording, the sound on this EP sounds fantastic, and spot on perfect for the sound the band is offering.


This EP shows that I Call Fives have the song writing ability and potential to be one of the biggest and best bands in the pop punk genre today. If the band can produce a full-length of the same quality, there will be absolutely nothing stopping them from reaching the stars.


1. Hand Me Down Luck
2. Elevator Music
3. Try Hard To Remember
4. Easy To Say States Away
5. Two Days Or A Lifetime Of Failure
6. Take The Fall

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  1. All-We-Know182

    Haha.. Wow.. I was just reading livejournal posts from Paramore from 2005/2006 or so and they were playing shows with this band.. So strange.

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