Deez Nuts – This Ones for You



This Ones for You


Roadrunner Records




For Fans Of

Madball – 50 Lions – Louie Knuxx


There is no sitting on the fence


70 / 100

Often album titles offer no literal translations or apparent meanings. They are merely a means to label the release itself. Deez Nuts’s second studio album is perhaps, in many ways, the obvious exception. ‘This One’s for You’ is both reflective and symbolic of what the band and their sound is about – that is, music played by mates for mates. It is not about technicality or grandeur, instead it is purely about having fun. This social element gives Deez Nuts an assured charm. The music may not be littered with much substance but this is made up for by a certain ‘if you don’t like it, don’t listen’ mentality.

In an ironic way, JJ Peters who enjoyed significant acclaim with his previous and notable musical endeavour (I Killed the Prom Queen) is now in an act that maintains a highly polarising response. Let’s face it, listeners are going to either love or hate this release. There is no middle ground. Those not taken by debut offering, ‘Stay True’ and preceding EP ‘Rep Your Hood’ will discover that ‘This One’s for You’ still offers no reason to jump on board. However, for those who are after a few easy thrills, something to crank up while drinking beers or just looking for an album to play loud will enjoy studio album number two.

Signed with Roadrunner Records, even by the group’s own admissions, no one thought the band would get this far. One refreshing quality Deez Nuts has going for it though is its honesty and brutal sincerity. On face value the lyrics, at times, may seem extreme and/or vulgar but much like the band themselves this is purely in a ‘tongue and cheek’ manner.

‘Don’t Call it a Comeback’ is fast, direct and indicative of the band’s punk-hardcore roots. If the album was entirely filled with songs of the same ilk, then we might start viewing Deez Nuts as one of Australia’s more promising hardcore acts. ‘This One’s for You’ is fluent and reliable while ‘If You Don’t Know, Now You Know’, which features guest vocals from BMTH front man Oli Sykes is a little hit and miss.

On the opposite side of things, some songs essentially offer nothing. Moreover, there is not much in the way of musical progression. There is a prevailing feeling that we have heard this all before. However, this is tempered by the band’s outgoing and confident musical approach.

No matter how this album is analysed, ‘This One’s for You’ is going to be received with either a ‘loved it’ or ‘loathed it’ response. Pre-existing fans will enjoy cranking this album loud. Those who detest the group should not bother because something tells me the band certainly does not care.


Do not let the sight of fifteen-year-old girls sporting Deez Nuts merch cloud your considered judgement. There is some merit and enjoyment to be found on ‘This One’s for You’. Perhaps not as good as predecessor ‘Stay True’, but still consistent with the group’s previous standards.


1. How About Some Hardcore?
2. Don’t Call It a Comeback
3. This One’s For You
4. Can’t Resist
5. DTD
6. Go Veg
7. I Don’t Give a Mother F**k
8. If You Don’t Know Now You Know
9. Pigs is Pigs
10. Party Song
11. Free Music

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