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Truest Of Colours


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Fantastic debut LP from Sydney Siders


79 / 100

Currently based in New South Wales Sienna Skies have managed to garner a reasonable amount of attention within the last 12 months while building a large fan base of under 18 music goers. This can be portrayed as good or bad factor depending on what side of the fence you are currently sitting on.

Recorded at the ever increasingly popular Electric Sun Studios, the sound quality on The Truest of Colours is certainly something to behold. The bass and keyboard sound is exceptional and the manner in which the album has been mixed is without doubt up to an international standard. It just goes to show you can get a fantastic sounding record without resorting to flying the entire band to a different continent.

Each song follows a specific formula typically sticking to a screaming clean singing exchange with some keyboard thrown in over the top. While this particular niche of music is becoming increasingly saturated with each passing year Sienna Skies manage to pull it off without the incessant repetition that could inhibit the replay ability of the album. Heartquake! and Sea Of Smiles struck me as two stand out songs which must go down a treat in a live environment.

The album could have done without the Intro and the unnecessary synth interlude (Amydgala) slotted in towards the latter half of the album which adds nothing to the listening experience. Redundant filler material is a problem that most bands with a keyboard and at this point like to clarify that a 2 minutes sample/layered as all fuck song does not qualify as an album worthy track.

If you’re not down with records that are sound a million bucks or a hater stuck in a crevasse in the lower regions of Sydney you should probably give Truest of Colours a miss and stick to the latest.


If you can appreciate Truest of Colours for what it is, and not hold an increasingly younger fan base against the band this might really tickle your fancy if you’re after a fantastically infectious record.


1. Commence
2. Worth It?
3. Heartquake!
4. Sea Of Smiles
5. Laughing Time Is Over
6. Daylight Through The Night Life
7. Amygdala
8. Part With Pride
9. iOpener
10. Poetry’s Not So Pretty
11. To All Aspiring
12. Breathe

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