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Hailing from the Western suburbs of Sydney, metal core group Vegas in Ruins have had a large six months supporting Confession in Sydney in addition to headlining shows within their area. Wolves mark their first well recorded EP release and while it became available late last year, it would be a shame to let this gem go without some notice on this site.

Wolves consists of five above par heavy tracks, that can be likened to fellow Australians Parkway Drive and core heavy weights Unearth. Vegas in Ruins lean a touch more to the hardcore side of this genre which is reflected in their lyrics and the gutsier aggressive approach they have taken towards writing.

The breakdowns don’t thud along and actually carry some extremely groovy rhythms which a pleasant reminder that there is some creative juices flowing in the Australian metal scene. These beat downs often pop up and lock down at the most surprising moments throughout the tracks which add to the punishment. The opening track Sixteen Years provides an excellent example of this.

The Drumming is an exceptionally admirable aspect of Wolves and while it’s technically impressive the manner in which it complements the other instruments definitely commands respect from the listener. The shred contained should also be noted, but a bit more thought into the transitions and a few well placed solos could only bolster the already impressive sound occurring.

The EP is not without its flaws. The method in which the vocals sit in the mix doesn’t truly capture the raw aggression that the band broadcasts in its live environment. Also, while I understand the point of an EP the under 20 minute running time leaves you craving more by the time it concludes.


Wolves is an extremely well rounded metal core release and can only be destined for big things on our shore and beyond.


1. Sixteen Years
2. Wolves
3. The Haunting
4. Endless Days
5. Shipwreck

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