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Hold Me Down





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Mediocre, and a little bland. But still catchy.


69 / 100

Pop-Punk is a universal genre, and still is overcoming in its popularity. So much so, that the genre itself, is almost becoming a little stale- and a fresher perspective would bring the genre to a new strength.
Unfortunately, whilst this album is relatively good- this British based band stick to the traditional pop-punk formula.
You Me At Six’s debut LP gave them an opportunity to break through the limited barriers of the pop-punk genre. ‘Take Off Your Colours’ displayed a maturity that was well-beyond their own teenage years. But this album doesn’t really live up to the standards that its predecessor had set.

The album is not a total disappointment however. It is clearly evident that Josh Franceschi’s vocals have graduated from slightly whiney to one that harmonises perfectly with the much fuller sound on this album. Albeit, with a slight more Americanised feel then the albums predecessor.
‘Hold Me Down’ does begin and end exceptionally well. ‘The Consequence’ is a great album opener, with its energetic rapid-fire approach, and is completed with a gang vocal outro that really make the song.

Though the lyricism is slightly undercut, and not perfect, it is easily outdone with the catchy pop-punk melodies featured on lead single ‘Underdog’ and other tracks such as ‘Trophy Eyes’, ‘Playing the Blame Game’ and a few others. ‘Fireworks’ ends the album with a roaring ballad, and it’s the only the middle section of the album that feels lost and a little misguided- and not to mention completely unmemorable.
Though it is a tad disappointing, knowing what this exceptionally talented band could have achieved. Though, you have to be mindful that this band is still only just emerging from their teenage years. It is still an enjoyable release.


You Me At Six have clearly tried to evolve and grow, but the direction they have taken is hardly a change from normal, and the song depth are a little questionable.
As someone else had mentioned, it seemed as if this album was created with the intention of gaining a larger fan base.

However, the better songs on the album still provide a multitude of catchy hooks which will keep you singing along, and there is nothing on this album that will bring you down.
I just hope that with their next release, there is a little more innovation.


1. "The Consequence"— 4:27
2. "Underdog" — 2:23
3. "Playing the Blame Game" — 3:06
4. "Stay with Me" — 3:15
5. "Safer to Hate Her" — 3:18
6. "Take Your Breath Away" — 3:03
7. "Liquid Confidence" — 3:12
8. "Hard to Swallow" — 3:25
9. "Contagious Chemistry" — 3:30
10. "There’s No Such Thing as Accidental Infidelity" — 3:47
11. "Trophy Eyes" — 2:51
12. "Fireworks" — 4:20

2 Responses to “You Me At Six – Hold Me Down”

  1. GedVsTheWorld

    Good review, love this band and love the album but i must agree that these guys should have done more. Take Off Your Colours was amazing, and i think Hold Me Down is better, but could have been alot better. Great live band btw!

  2. GedVsTheWorld

    Amazing band, live and studio. 2 Absolutely amazing albums that have stayed some of my favourite. I reckon this album deserved more than 69, but agreed they could have done a little more. Great album by a great band

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