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86 / 100

Australia is currently the fortunate. Never has heavy music enjoyed a brighter spot in the sun. In the past, you’d have a better time arguing that penguins could fly than contending there was a legitimate heavy scene down under. However, things change.

It can be put forward that young Melbourne up-starts House Vs Hurricane are the poster boys for this recent emergence and musical prosperity. Thus, the anticipation for debut album ‘Perspectives’ was always going to generate an equal level of interest.

If 2008’s EP ‘Forfeiture’ was promising, then debut offering ‘Perspectives’ is affirming. Let this release do a lap in your mind and you will appreciate its subtly and layered charm. On face value one could be forgiven for thinking this album is symptomatic of the metalcore syndrome afflicting many bands today. That is to say, albums predicated and marked by continuous repetition and clichéd song structures.

Therefore, the question is raised: Are HVH another fish trying to fit into a small and already overcrowded pond?

Recorded in Baltimore, ‘Perspectives’ hits its peak early and sustains the delivery. ‘Off the Wall’, the album’s main highlight works well to isolate the HVH sound neatly into a four-minute dose of musical angst. Everything the band prides themselves on is self-evident and executed fluently – the throaty vocals, the precisely placed breakdown, and the catchy chorus.

Other notable tracks such as ‘We the Reserveless’ and ‘Lessons Learnt’ demonstrate the group’s potential with the juxtaposition of metalcore styled chugging and electronic sampling echoing the resonance of an Enter Shikari. It is this addition of keys that gives the band an understated depth, creating an atmospheric and ambient sub-tone.

To highlight one fault, it is at times certain songs amalgam to a point where there is a sense of sameness. As a general rule, the breakdown-laden structure can wear a little thin the longer an album runs.

‘Perspectives’ is sure to be one of 2010’s best local releases but let’s stop short of making any excessive and grandiose appraisals further to this claim.


We must be careful – yes, ‘Perspectives’ is representative of the youthful, brash and raw edge of a young band garnering critical local praise but it is not entirely flawless. There is still room for improvement. The foundations were laid with ‘Forfeiture’, the structures formed with ‘Perspectives’, let us now see what the final coating ends up looking like.


1. Leaps & Bounds
2. We the Reserveless
3. Lessons Learnt
4. Off the Wall
5. Experiences
6. So They Say
7. Complexing the Simple
8. Orphan
9. Positively Shifted
10. I. Sinister in Many Forms
11. II. Softlight
12. III. Nevermore

21 Responses to “House Vs Hurricane – Perspectives”

  1. Elan

    Good review but 86 is a bit high, 75 maybe. A lot of the songs sound identical – still gonna give it a chance to grow on me though.

  2. jaydennn

    This record I think I definitely have to give more time to grow on me.

    The only promblems I have with it is that there are (as above stated) so many songs that feel identical like this.
    However saying that – there are some pretty cool moments, mainly” off the wall” and “we, the reserveless” (is that an actual word too?) and “so they say” are pretty impressive.

    The other problem is the actual production of the record. It’s not THAT amazing sounding really. Considering the same producer did Circa Survives 2nd album and Thrice Alchemy Index, I was really expecting something a lot bigger sounding. Maybe Kris Krummet would of been more appropriate for this sort of sound?

    But whats also really cool is the lyrics and how positive they are really – mainly about personal identity I noticed a lot as a theme – also look at the last page of the booklet and there is something really great to read that has a decent message. Maybe some people know what i mean?

    I’d give it a good 70, but who knows maybe I’m being a bit harsh still. i really want to like this more, maybe a few days later I’ll be raving about this.

  3. Anonymous

    Good review. I pretty much agree with everything, except maybe that 86 is a tad high. I prefer them live to the album, none-the-less a solid aussie release

  4. brendan

    I agree. There is no way a negative review of a D.A.L / Staple / Boomtown band would ever receive a bad review on this website. You might as well cut and paste their bio and put a number in the 80’s on the bottom.

    Given KYS is a rip off of, why don’t you run a Full Disclosure section: ( that mentions the writers affiliation with bands.)

  5. KYS-Josh

    Ummmm Kane doesn’t work for dal/staple/boomtown. Neither do I or 3/4 of the people who own KYS. The way that we run reviews is we let the contributors pick whatever cd they want, and review it. Remember this is a punk/hardcore/metal site and this is an extremely popular band soooooooo there are people out there that love this record and not cause it has anything to do with who they are affiliated with. This always happens in every industry though. I remember when BCE released our first record we asked that our cd be reviewed at least by someone who likes that kind of music, not some hater that would right it off just based on the name.

    Anyway here at KYS we will be implementing a user based score very soon. So everyone having a cry can have their say in the overall score of a record! This review was nicely written however, so credit where credit is due.

  6. davidas

    i don’t get why people aren’t saying much about track 9 ‘positively shifted’ the song is seriously good the whole way through

  7. mattydods

    86 is a little generous, although i thought it was a pretty good start for these blokes, it gets a little repetitive

  8. KYS-Cam

    just a heads up, i’m the only dude on the site involved with the band, have nothing to do with the review and the reason there’s even a KYS attached to my username is because when the site first started a few years back (before I booked the band) I was handling a lot of content. Dudes still sooking about the scissor file review need to get over it, band and CD both sucked so it got slammed, no other reason.

  9. josh238

    8 paragraph review; 5 paragraphs of a rehashed press release, 3 sentences on the actual content of the album. not giving much reason for an 86 score… must confess, i havent heard the album at all, so it could be absolutely mind-blowing for all i know, but you really gotta give some explanation for slapping it with such a great score.

  10. GedVsTheWorld

    good review, maybe a little bit generous?? An amazing album but i feel as if its just an add on to Forfeiture. Not much has changed and if you showed someone a song from Forfeiture then one from Perspectives, one wouldnt be able to see much different. BUT then again, HvH completely nailed their first album and people would want it to stay that way. Interested to hear what else these guys can bring out

  11. Marcus_attheend

    Sorry Im not convinced. I bought both. The EP was awsome, and the production value was insaine. I would say its one of the best “sounding” albums I own….. I own alot of cds. The LP just didnt do it for me, it sounded as if they had put HvH in a box, just didn’t had the same sort of impact. My other issue is the writing, and its seems that most people are like minded, to an extent, the songs all sound the same! Have they ran out of ideas, or did they feel pressured to confine themselves. beats the hell outta me!

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