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Gods & Devils


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Cro-Mags - Leeway - Trapped Under Ice


New York hardcore from Richmond.


85 / 100

Boston’s Triple B Records seems have their finger on the pulse when it comes to quality, upcoming hardcore bands. In the last 12 months they’ve released new records by Downpresser, The Rival Mob, Bane and have countless good releases coming up. Richmond’s Fire & Ice are no exception to this. The band has been gaining momentum since the release of this record, and will continue to do so during the year.

The record’s “Intro” sounds tough as nails and it leads into the record’s first proper song, the title track, “Gods & Devils”. The band’s front man David Herzing delivers each line passionately, while his voice is fairly clean, it still sounds tough and mixes well with the music. Some of the guitar riffs in this song are great, making them stand out from a lot of the other bands playing this style of hardcore. The next track “Vices” is my favourite song on the record. The song has some really good guitar riffs, and the guitars sound great. The song’s breakdown sounds huge, which I can see dudes going mental for when the band plays the song live.

The first song on the b-side, “Grave Digger”, is one of the strongest songs on the record. The clean vocals in this song remind me of the likes of Leeway, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. The record’s final song, “The Other Side Of The Dirt”, has an intro reminiscent of a Trapped Under Ice song, but the song comes into it’s own shortly after. The song once again features a little bit of clean singing and some serious hard riffing.


Impressive debut record by the band. Expecting big things to come in the future. Look out for their new record on Triple B Records this year.


1. Intro
2. Gods & Devils
3. Vices
4. Grave Digger
5. Other Side Of The Dirt

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