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Continuity is never something to be underestimated. Having a revolving door of band members and subsequent line-up changes can rob you of much needed stability and musicianship. For a band like Through the Eyes of the Dead, you get the feeling there is going to be no arguments with the aforementioned contention. New album ‘Skepsis’ marks the third straight TTEOTD album to feature a new vocalist.

While 2005’s acclaimed breakthrough album ‘Bloodlust’ set the pace, with TTEOTD establishing themselves as death metal’s little brothers – essentially channelling a sound similar to Cannibal Corpse but with more breakdowns, the band never seemed to take the next step that not only seemed assumed but also assured.

At the time, the ‘deathcore’ sound was fresh and relative new in comparison to the diminishing ‘metalcore’ genre, having not yet been corrupted by the myriad of bands content to add breakdowns in between every death metal riff and machine gun double kick work.

However, sophomore album ‘Malice’ seemed to lack a sense of assertiveness. While the riffs were fiercer, the vocals deeper and the music unashamedly heavier, the band’s sound did not seem to carry any resonance over the other groups trying their hand at a similar sound.

Fast forward to third album ‘Skepsis’ and the South Carolina quintet are in an interesting position, with new singer Danny Rodriguez stepping into a role that until now has had a short life expectancy. ‘Skepsis’ is characterised by a predominant death metal sound minus the ‘core’. The drum work is as fast as ever, the vocals solid, and the riffs driving. Songs such as ‘Dementia’ and ‘No Haven’ highlight well a sense of strong musicality. Through the agency of a principal American metal sound that is punctuated by Rodriguez guttural growls and stern screams, TTEOTD display their true worth. Other standout tracks include, ‘Perpetual Defilement’.

‘Skepsis’ see’s TTEOD stay on track and proves the persistent nature of the band – where lesser bands would have packed it in by now, TTEOD continue to endure.


‘Skepsis’ is indicative of the progression and musical development we expected after TTEOTD’s debut album albeit a little belated. Let’s hope this current line-up sticks together for more than one album so we can finally see the bands true potential.


1. Parasite Throne
2. Dementia
3. No Haven
4. Perpetual Defilement
5. Inherit Obscurity
6. The Manifest
7. Defaced Reality
8. Siphonaptera from Within
9. Insomnium
10. Skepsis

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