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Upon listening to In This Defence’s debut EP, Survivors, it is almost impossible to ignore the pure passion and determination that are being emitted from the speakers.
For a band that hasn’t been around the Sydney-circuit for very long, and for a band who is only just beginning to realise their own potential – this EP is phenomenal.
Their songs are elegantly well crafted, and whilst some seem to be glossed over by a studio-constructed sound, it is easy to determine that this band is one that you need to see live, in order to see exactly what they are capable of.

Lead vocalist, Sebastien Fournier, effortlessly shows off his astonishing range – Reminiscent of songs featured on Alexisonfires 2006 album release ‘Crisis’.
Guitars, bass and drums are almost perfectly timed and placed on every track featured on this EP, showing off each member’s undisputed skill.
The second track on the EP ‘City of God’ manages to delve straight into the genre In This Defence have nestled themselves into. The lyrics seem to mirror the bands ultimate dream and goal, “This is the city that we came from/This is the only place we thought we’d ever know/But I won’t be stuck here.”
The song manages to express the desire to break out from constraints of a hometown, and to become somebody. One feeling that many people will find familiar

Whilst ‘Undead’ might not be the strongest track featured on the debut, it still manages to encompass a melody and riff that seem to require a second listen before making your final decision. Joshua Concepcion manages to show off his drumming ability with perfect precision and execution in this track. Josh’s skill allows ‘Undead’ to become a slightly stronger track – but still not reaching the bar as high as its contemporaries featured on the debut.

The EP closes with ‘Survivors’, of which the EP is aptly named after.
In my opinion, as a lowly reviewer, ‘Survivor’ is without a doubt the strongest track constructed by In This Defence to date. Michael Bautista (guitar/vocals), Jason Carpen (guitar/vocals) and Albert de Castro (bass) really hit their stride in this track. The guitar chords melding harmoniously with a strong bass undertone is an explosive combination.
Sebastien’s vocals are once again both alluring and effortlessly moving from one tone to the other, whilst Josh manages once again to execute drumbeats with perfect timing and precision.


Listening to this EP several times, I am able to say with confidence that In This Defence are one of the new breed of Australian Hardcore/Rock bands that are destined to change the current Australian music scene.
Their recorded music is nothing to the energy and power that they convey as a group when seen on a live stage. I would highly recommend everyone give this EP a spin.
In This Defence are undeniably here to stay.

Upcoming Shows:
11 Feb 2010 – Hot Damn! EP launch! Sydney, New South Wales
17 Feb 2010 – Bar 32 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
27 Feb 2010 – Bang Nightclub, Melbourne, Victoria
5 Mar 2010 – Candys Apartment, Kings Cross, New South Wales
27 Mar 2010 –  IVORYINE (US) Blacktown Masonic Center, Blacktown, New South Wales


1. Introduction
2. City of God
3. Breaking the Chain
4. Interlude
5. Velvet Blue
6. Undead
7. Survivors

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