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Two drummers and a name like Sex Wizard, what’s not to like?


77 / 100

With a band and album name as provocatively titled as Sex Wizard, one is sure in for an interesting listen. Throw in members of prominent local bands Jungle Fever, Robotosaurus and A Secret Death for good measure, and the ingredients are all there for music that is untamed, discordant and highly chaotic.

While the jury may still be out on whether Sex Wizard is to be taken with a grain of salt or conversely whether it is a serious musical endeavour the result is still the same – frenzied hardcore that is effective in delivery. With songs such as ‘Holy Fuck’ clocking in at well under twenty seconds, the band sticks true to hardcore’s musical structures. One that is predicated on music that is intended to be played short and fast.

Songs such as ‘Witch Hunt’ and ‘Damnation’ best represent the Sex Wizard sound. No pretence, no subtly, just some heavy incongruity and hardcore laden beats. While it is possible for some bands to switch from metal to odd time jazz fusion to alternative melancholy in the duration of a single album, Sex Wizard stay in the same range delivering ten tracks of confident and assured hardcore.

This debut album is not going to be breaking down many doors or revolutionising the heavy scene but it certainly provides the listener with an enjoyable aural experience. Moreover, the type of music found on ‘Sex Wizard’ suggests that the band’s live show would certainly be something worth catching. To paraphrase a line from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex Wizard brings “the ruckus”.  


If you are looking for something literal that delivers exactly what it appears to promise then ‘Sex Wizard’ gets an overwhelming pass mark. There are apparent flaws and weaknesses to iron out but then again sometimes hardcore is best suited when it is rough around the edges.  


  1. Life Out of Balance
  2. Holy Fuck
  3. No Blood
  4. With Friends Like These…
  5. The Quarrel
  6. Demon Eyes
  7. Witch Hunt
  8. Redrum
  9. Such Is Life
  10. Damnation 

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