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One of 2009’s best local releases.


88 / 100

It seems almost fitting that Australian quintet Mourning Tide hail from the Gold Coast. The music is flashy and colourful with little sense that expression competes for importance with musical ideas.

Toeing the lines since 2006’s moderately successful but slightly uninspired ‘Trash N Burn’, Mourning Tide have always been the band that provides a solid support to international visitors on their touring bill. However, after almost a decade that was never going to be an adequate accomplishment. The time seemed right for the band to make the adjustment from serviceable local band to a nationally acclaimed musical group.

Thankfully and rightfully, on this self-titled album the band assert themselves as one of Australia’s premier heavy acts. If this eponymous offering is meant to be indicative of what the Mourning Tide sound represents then to say the album is promising appears a gross understatement.

Opening tracks ‘Viva Lamprey’ and ‘June 1866’ establish the tempo through the agency of some driving riffs. Mixed by Steve Evetts of Dillinger Escape Plan and Poison the Well production fame, this album immediately has credibility. It is after indifferent interlude, ‘Swamp Thing’ that the album shines brightest. ‘We the Creeple’ and the Every Time I Die inspired track ‘Battle Eater’ are fast and sharp with that right mix of heavy rock and metal undertones highly prevalent.

There is always going to be an inherent risk when pandering to a sound that spawns the clichéd music persona of ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’. In the past Mourning Tide have been found guilty of appearing as more of an imitative band. However over the past three years Mourning Tide now appear to pull this sound off with effective ease – no longer coming off as derivative or lacking integrity. This one is well worth a listen.


Mourning Tide has finally found that right niche. While in the past, the band was yet another group trying their hand at 80’s styled Motley Crue riffs and combining them with hardcore growls, the balance finally seems right. This self-titled album is a solid and welcome addition to the 2009 musical release pile – and provides a good platform for what promises to be an even better 2010 for the band.


1. Viva Lamprey
2. June 1866
3. The Inversion of John Citizen
4. Transyl-Vainia
5. Swamp Thing
6. We the Creeple
7. Doom Diary
8. Battle Eater
9. Darkroom
10. The Library Fire
11. Crow Boat

9 Responses to “Mourning Tide – Mourning Tide”

  1. lockieb

    havent heard the album but ive seen them play twice live and they are shocking………
    well more directly tyrone (singer) is shocking, horrible to say the least……..i literally clapped once and that was because they finally left the stage

  2. Anonymous

    ^^ I’m with you. I’m not into them. If you LOVE guns n roses and breakdowns, and think mixing the two is a good thing then you’ll love theses guys. Not a bad band, all can play well, just not my thing

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