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Congregation of the Damned


Roadrunner Records



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Avenged Sevenfold – Bullet for My Valentine – Wearing Eyeliner


About as eventful as watching the cricket.


38 / 100

It’s hard to shake a shitty mindset when you’re about to listen to the new Atreyu release knowing a number of facts surrounding the band. First and foremost, they are astoundingly rubbish live and the reality is the last few releases have been completely pants. Hailed as a return to form by the bands fans who don’t actually realize you have to actually be IN form first to make a return. While sounding like I wrote this while trying to devour a particularly spiteful lemon Congregation does mark improvement on the abysmal Lead Sails Paper Anchor.

The overall sound quality of the CD is pretty huge and one of the few positive points to make, with super heavy weight producer Bob Marlette (Ozzy Osbourne) taking the band under his wing to produce. Clearly taking advantage of a bloke with a vast wealth of knowledge, Atreyu seemingly incorporated every studio effect at the start of each track, ranging from stadium chants to wailing violins.

Most of the tracks are basically frill free and reek of complete and utter predictability at almost every corner. The album titled track has some nice vocal harmonies but is spoiled by a riff that sounds like it came off an Avenged Sevenfold b-side album. Coffin Nails, despite the ridiculous track title is a little beauty. The chorus is huge, and the guitars truly sing making you feel like a dirty bastard while you bob your head along.

There are a few points in each song that make you think, hey this might actually not suck so much as I thought but are quickly extinguished by a quick drum build up followed by a big farty long clean chorus. If the clean bits were clipped back a bit, and the growls actually showed some evolution over the past decade this might actually be ok.

If you’re not looking for anything to exciting, are under the age of 15 or walk around the house in your mothers thrashed knickers you might like it, but for the rest of the musical community I would stick to singing bleeding massacre when nobody is around.


Not keen…


01. Stop! Before It’s Too Late and We’ve Destroyed it All
02. Bleeding is a Luxury
03. Carried Away
04. Coffin Nails
05. Black Days Begin
06. Gallows
07. Storm to Pass
08. You Were King Now You’re Unconscious
09. Insatiable
10. So Wrong
11. Ravenous
12. Lonely
13. Wait For You

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  1. Jamescrimson

    walk around the house in your mothers thrashed knickers you might like it..HAHA, loved that. Good review, one or two okay tracks but it lacks substance.

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