There For Tomorrow – A Little Faster


A Little Faster


Hopeless Records




For Fans Of

All Time Low, Capulet


The quintessential pop-punk, radio-friendly album.


74 / 100

Having independently persevered for the past 5 years, it was no surprise that Hopeless Records signed There For Tomorrow to their already strong roster of artists. With these years of development under their belts, the band has returned with their debut album, A Little Faster.

This album has two sides essentially: the first consisting of integrates boisterous riffs with bouncy, interesting hooks, whilst the second sees a softer side to There For Tomorrow; one which is almost saturated with emotion. The lyrical progression the band has made is evident throughout.

‘A Little Faster’ is the record that is destined to take There For Tomorrow to the next level and there is no reason why it should not. It boasts clean production from James Paul Wisner (Paramore, New Found Glory) mixed with catchy radio-friendly songs throughout with ‘The Remedy’ and ‘A Little Faster’ setting the standard; songs that are filled with both adrenaline and a hint of angst.

Whilst ‘Wish You Away’ has towering vocals from Maika Maile and strong beat which proves to be a striking combination.

As the album continues, you soon realise this band are practically made for radio, with an extraordinary ability to write tight and catchy songs. The tracks ‘Stories’ and ‘Deathbed’ are good examples of this.
Nevertheless the tempo is slowed down again with ‘Just In Time’ with its soft guitar and vocal melody. Whereas ‘I Can’t Decide’ is acoustic ballad that builds to a passionate full band conclusion.

"The World Calling" ends up the record. This track is possibly the most powerful one on this record. The driving drums and the spinning-guitar-play make this track attractive to listen to.

Overall ‘A Little Faster’ is a fairly impressive effort from the Orlando four-piece and it manages to serve its purpose and achieve its aim of being a efficient, clean record with songs that will be played on repeat throughout the summer months.


There For Tomorrow have a great formula for success; catchy, radio-friendly hooks, a smooth, clean image and a passion for writing great songs.


01. The Remedy ( 3:36)
02. A Little Faster ( 3:04)
03. Wish You Away ( 3:40)
04. Backbone ( 2:46)
05. Deathbed ( 3:13)
06. Just In Time ( 3:35)
07. Stories ( 3:05)
08. I Can’t Decide ( 4:50)
09. Sore Winner ( 3:31)
10. Burn The Night Away ( 3:24)
11. The World Calling ( 4:41).

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