Capulet – We Won’t Let Go



We Won't Let Go


Taperjean Records




For Fans Of

Closure In Moscow, There For Tomorrow, Sasoin


A perfect balance of pop-punk and progressive post-hardcore.


81 / 100

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Capulet are one of the most recent bands to have been embraced by Taperjean Records – an indie label that boasts such artists as Closure In Moscow, Mission In Motion and City Escape.
Having a similar genre to its labelmates – Capulet’s debut EP ‘We Won’t Let Go’ boasts a dazzling array of both musicianship and prominent potential that has the ability to blast them forward into the Australian alternative music scene.

The opening track ‘We Were Here’ introduces Capulet’s distinct sound – although the opener gives the impression that Capulet are a typical post-hardcore band, this is not the case. The almost-aggressive introduction is quickly opposed by vocalist Tim Bartels vocals.

Though this seems like an unusual juxtaposition at first, several drumbeat tempo changes are made, making way for Bartel’s appealing vocals, heard between passages of hard and vigorous rock – the combination becoming the defining sound of Capulet’s debut EP.

The second track, ‘Scratching the Walls’ displays Capulet’s ability to flow smoothly into more pop-punk sounding tracks. The track manages to draw in a wider audience; its lively, catchy and upbeat vibe is incredibly infectious and evokes the option of second listen.

The next track, similar to the previous in its pop-punk vibe, manages to display more of Bartels vocal ability and Tom Hamilton’s continuously gratifying lead guitar riffs, along with a forceful drum beat – showcasing the defining sound of this young quintet.

However, I’m certain that no-one would disagree in me saying, that it is the last two tracks that really make the EP.

‘Prosthetic’ encapsulates a deeper sound, not yet explored on this debut EP – it displays a drop in guitar tone, and more persistent bass lines, as delivered by Josh Hext, which matches fittingly with Ben Ortmann’s drumming.
This track, a mere 2.46 minutes long, appears shorter – due to its fast-paced nature.
It manages to display Capulet’s songwriting and composing maturity that has seemed to develop from the opening track of this EP.

The EP closes fittingly with the final track ‘Machines’ which is another example of Bartels incredible vocal range. He manages to move his vocals from higher ranges to ones more powerful and dark, almost effortlessly and to a point where they are almost captivating.

As the song builds, the guitars and beats become more prominent, but the tempo and utmost control of the song, is still in the hands of Bartel – leading the others through his vocals. It is a demonstration of the perfectly balanced songwriting that Capulet has managed to develop. As the EP fades out, a piano can be heard, along with the band chanting its title.


Capulet have managed to put together an extremely solid debut EP that will surpass the expectations of many. They effortlessly blend the elements of pop-sensibility with that of rock, along with vocals typically found in progressive post-hardcore. However, they’ve found a balance between these elements which will ensure that this EP becomes a sturdy stepping stone for them.


1. We Were Here – 2.54
2. Scratching The Walls – 3.20
3. Iron in the Blood – 3.18
4. Prosthetic – 2.46
5. Machines – 3.46

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