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Much better than the majority of the crap coming out of the USA.


75 / 100

Danko Jones is a three piece heavy rock outfit hailing from Toronto, Canada. While I am more acquainted with the heavier side of music than Danko Jones has to offer, it doesn’t require a writer at Rolling Stone to recognize the brilliance hidden in their tenth and latest studio release Never Too Loud.

Never Too Loud Was released overseas quite some time ago, 18 months in fact but has only just managed to make its way to our shores in the last quarter of 2009. This timing may be prove to be a blessing in disguise as the thick tunes present on Never Too Loud will surely find a home as the anthems of Australian piss ups across the hot summer days.

It would be a shame to label the group as a straight up Hard Rock band, as there is actually quite a bit to sift through in this intelligent rock/alternative release. Showcasing the benefits of recording as a three piece, the album is somewhat stripped back (well when you compare it to most of the bullocks blasting through the radio now!) allowing a much clearly vision of how the songs were intended to sound rather than being covered up with studio fluff employed to mask how rubbish the songs really.

A bass heavy situation, loud booming hums help to drive the songs home while giving your ear drums a monstrous thumping along the way. Take Me Home tries to be a bit too radio friendly with its airy chorus clearly written as a single. Forrest for the Trees does the grunge era justice feeling slow, thick and sludgy while also showing off the sweet set of pipes singer/guitarist Danko has singing “If I never see you again, it’ll be too soon to make amense”.

The production easily competes with their US counterparts with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver) showing why he is paid the big bucks. There is an undeniable Foo Fighters vibe happening so anyone who is a fan of The Colour and the Shape era of the band will be stoked on this release.


Danko Jones has pulled off a sweet left of centre hard rock album, which is worth of checking out if you weren’t sold on the Fooies greatest hits.


1. Code of the Road
2. City Streets
3. Still in High School
4. Take Me Home
5. Let’s Get Undressed
6. King of Magazines
7. Forest for the Trees
8. Your Tears My Smile
9. Something Better
10. Ravenous
11. Never Too Loud

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