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92 / 100

With 2009 fast coming to end, Buffalo’s most colourful quartet return with a thirteen track musical beast – ‘New Junk Aesthetic’. New drummer, new permanent bass player, and a new album. Same old trademark Every Time I Die.   


On studio album five, the band takes ‘The Big Dirty’ sound and goes to town on it – evolving, re-shaping and improving what was already an unrivalled style. The small few that believe ETID tapered off after ‘Hot Damn’ may again be annoyed with the southern rock/metal sound that has replaced the straight up hardcore found in the bands infancy. But really, that mindset is moot (and something tells me the band thinks so too). ETID are seemingly at the forefront of any metal or hardcore scene, and like a fine wine appear to be getting better with age.  


Opener, ‘Roman Holiday’, goes against the current. The fast-paced album introduction found on previous releases is replaced by an atmospheric and alternative tune. Concurrently, standut track ‘The Marvelous Slut’, which features guest vocals from Dillinger Escape Plan front man Greg Puciato is the quintessential party tune that is short, fast and lively, daring you to crank up the stereo.  


Other tracks such ‘After One Quarter of a Revolution’; the albums fastest song and ‘For the Record’ highlight the band still has strong hardcore sensibilities. While ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘The Sweet Life’ demonstrate ETID’s effective take on Southern rock – with Buckley and Williams’s riffs dirtier than a two-dollar hooker.  


Some may find fault in the lack of diversity and fresh musical mannerisms but ‘New Junk Aesthetic’ is nevertheless easily one of this year’s true highlights. 


With ‘New Junk Aesthetic’ featuring an impressive array of song related artwork courtesy of guitarist Jordan Buckley, and containing iconic ETID lyrics through the agency of social satirist and chief piss taker Keith Buckley don’t download the thing just go out and buy the bloody disc. 


  1. Roman Holiday
  2. The Marvelous Slut
  3. Who Invited the Russian Soldier?
  4. Wanderlust
  5. For the Record
  6. White Smoke
  7. Turtles All the Way Down
  8. Organ Grinder
  9. Host Disorder
  10. After One Quarter of a Revolution
  11. The Sweet Life
  12. Buffalo 666
  13. Goddam Kids These Days

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