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Angry and bitter, must be another Hatebreed record.


77 / 100

Upon an initial listen to Connecticut quintet, Hatebreed’s fifth studio album it feels like someone has just run over the band’s dog – the music is pissed off, dirty and deliberately bitter.  On the band’s eponymous titled album Hatebreed add another chapter of trademark metal inspired hardcore to their pre-existing repertoire. 


Hatebreed have never been characterised as a band with diversity ingrained in their sound. It is more or less a case of adopting and maintaining a tried and true formulaic approach. However, the band does attempt to mix things up on album five. Old school metal riffs quickly replace any punk stylings, with an inherent old school sound present. 


Opener, ‘Become the Fuse’ asserts a strong metal front with its driving riffs and prominent tempos. When combined with vocalist Jamey Jasta’s guttural delivery the album is sure to get the redneck in the oversized Slayer t-shirt moving.  


Other tracks, including ‘No Halos for the Heartless’, which feature some background group vocal harmony and ‘Through the Thorns’, a strong old school metal throwback, continue the band’s unrelenting stance as a group intent on one thing – brutality.  


This offering will satisfy long-time fans. There are pit calls, mosh parts and straightforward metal that you suspect will be well received in a live setting. 


If we are to isolate a fault though, perhaps at fourteen songs the ‘tough guy’ persona Hatebreed purports starts to wear a little thin. Nevertheless, this album stands equally with any of the bands past efforts. 


Studio album five is much of the same from the American five piece. However, attempts are made at adding some diversity. Not without fault, but not without enjoyment either. 


  1. Become the Fuse
  2. Not My Monster
  3. Between Hell and a Heartbeat
  4. In Ashes They Shall Reap
  5. Hands of a Dying Man
  6. Everyone Bleeds Now
  7. No Halos For the Heartless
  8. Through the Thorns
  9. Every Lasting Scar
  10. As Damaged As Me
  11. Words Became Untruth
  12. Undiminished
  13. Merciless Tide
  14. Pollution of the Soul

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  1. B Friendly

    To ignore above mentioned point in the Review is criminal. His failed efforts should have smashed at least ten points off the review. Im an old-school hatebreed fan, and this is easily my least favourite to the point that I dont even think I like it.

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