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Since their inception in Montreal in 2002, Canada’s Despised Icon has been a relative success in the metal world and is hailed by many as the founders of Deathcore.  While apparently they have spawned this shit heap of a genre, there are several positive aspects which mark improvement on their woeful previous record “The Ills of Modern Man” and help separate them from their legion of peers. 


Upon delving in the bands history a little more (which involves a thorough reading of Wikipedia) I was perplexed to find that the band is fronted by not one, but two singers.  Listening to Day of Mourning there is little inclination of this fact as both seem to cover the same relative vocal range.  To their credit it certainly bolsters the heavier screams in certain sections, such as the immediate song favourite MVP.  


Certain sections, for the lack of a superior and wittier analogy are simply tiresome and uninspiring to sit through.    The ends of several songs are reverted to a plain drawn out break down which adds absolutely nothing to the mix.  Clearly they are all more than apt musicians, so I can’t see why most of the time they limit themselves to triple picking runs and performing inside the box. 


With the dirty laundry aired Day of Mourning certainly has its fair share of positives to discuss, so I don’t sound like a jaded cunt writing them off for the sake of it.  Firstly, the drum sound on this record is phenomenal, and is quite possibly the largest and most filling sound I have come across in recent memory.  The rolls are tight, and the inclusion of quick lashings of the splash and chyna help fill out for a satisfying sound.  I also found it admirable that they have basically removed brees from their vocal repertoire. 


Black Lungs and Diva of Disgust show a band is definitely capable of operating alongside metal juggernaughts The Black Dahlia Murder, but need to free themselves of the confinements which are shackled to this style of music, I mean, The Faceless did a pretty epic job right?


While I am aware there is now a new generation of musical entrepreneurs who like their music fast and heavy, I suggest you listen to the latest Behemoth or the Strapping Young lad back catalogue to discover the true power behind “brutal” music.


1. Les Temps Changent

2. Day of Mourning

3. MVP

4. All for Nothing

5. Eulogy

6. Made Of Glass

7. Black Lungs

8. Diva of Disgust

9. Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal

10. Sleepless

3 Responses to “Despised Icon – Day of Mourning”

  1. Deimos_Anomally

    have to disagree luke
    the album is a decent ‘deathcore’ offering, as was ‘the ills of modern man’
    the key to the band is the drummer…dude is a machine
    and thankfully the brees are gone
    they go decent

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