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Superb second offering from Melbourne mosh lords.


85 / 100

Ranked amongst the most eagerly anticipated heavy Australian releases of 2009, Melbourne based Nu Mosh Metal super group have returned offering a full length second time around to appease the now legion sized crowd following the bands every move. Anyone familiar with action movies from the early 80’s will recognize a common theme amongst the song titles, which are consistent with quotes from the popular cult Australian Movie series Mad Max. 


The production quality is huge and heavy, with Dan Brown (the bands former guitarist come bass player) taking over the role of producing and mixing Cancer. This has clearly been a wise choice, relieving the band of any restrictions and time constraints that may have limited the band earlier resulting in a far superior sound.   


Those worried that Cancer is too much of a far reach from the well received Can’t Live Can’t Breathe EP released late last year can rest at ease, as all the heavy moments have been captured and amplified tenfold.  The biggest change Confession has undergone is the introduction of a cleaner vocal delivery.  To most this approach would have been scoffed at when used in conjunction with frontman Micheal Crafter, but the end result is far from laughable.


The second half of the album is much more thought provoking than the former, with melodic guitars riffs being prevalent over loose opens.  Songs like “Chewed up and Spat Out” and “People don’t believe in Heroes anymore” cover foreign ground, presenting nu metal anthems for a modern age.  While many of the songs are based around one rhythmic pattern that is continuous throughout the entire track, the drum patterns and the syncopation of the lyrics make sure the songs remain groovy without becoming tiresome.


The album is sure to have its haters, more so hell bent on writing off anything the former IKTPQ front man does rather than the actual integrity of the music.   There is however no denying that Cancer marks a positive step forward for Australian metal and with its inception should see Confession make their move on a global scale.


1.- Intro
2.- Send a Meat Truck
3.- Must’ve Cut His Heart Out
4.- Anarchy Road
5.- That Scag and His Floozie, They’re Gonna Die
6.- That’s Not the Goose
7.- I Am the Nightrider
8.- The Bitch Is Born to Run
9.- Cundalini Wants His Hand Back!
10.- She’s Not What She Seems
11.- Chewed Up and Spat Out
12.- People Don’t Believe In Heroes Anymore

7 Responses to “Confession – Cancer”

  1. burgo

    some of the clean vocals kills this album. not because i hate clean vocals, its just that a lot of the time they sound like the band has a vocoder festish. just sounds so over-produced at times. will have to wait to see it live.

  2. Hellblazer

    I saw them live last sunday with ParkwayDrive, both PWD & Confession are fucking amazing live, so brootal, the mosh was amazing, and i got back up to the front and high fived Crafter and Winston 🙂 Best day of my life.

    Aussie Hardcore For Life

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