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Sub Rosa






For Fans Of

The Butterfly Effect – Birds of Tokyo – Dead Letter Circus


Debut EP from WA Alt-rockers.


75 / 100

The structure is formulaic. The execution standard. However, while there is nothing groundbreaking, ‘Sub Rosa’, the debut EP from WA’s Ravior is rather enjoyable. 


Ravior combines that right blend of downtrodden melancholy with fiercer upbeat musical moments. Vocalist Trent Petersen muses sincere lyrics that are supported well by consistent Australian alt-rock backbeats in the vein of a Butterfly Effect or Birds of Tokyo.  


Opener, Lethalogica serves as an initial musical buffet condensing everything the EP has to offer in four minutes. Tranquil verses sections are juxtaposed with menacing rock choruses. Conversely, other tracks such as ‘I’m Carrying’ and ‘SDP’ highlight the bands slower and more earnest side. 


The album does tend to taper off slightly, to the point where you feel anymore than five songs may make the Ravior sound a little redundant. Nevertheless, the seeds have been planted. As a starting point, ‘Sub Rosa’ is consistently effective and derivative of the alt-rock success Perth and for that matter, Australian acts are enjoying at the moment.  


In essence, ‘Sub Rosa’ is indicative of the debut EP paradigm. That is to say, the songs are raw and rough around the edges with apparent flaws. However, these are tempered by the potential and solid elements Ravior display. It is short, sharp and precise. If your expectations are not exceedingly high, give this one a listen.


‘Sub Rosa’ is a five-track composite of rhythm, groove and discordant rock. Nothing new but nothing bland either – just something in between. It is worth a run in the stereo.


  1. Lethalogica
  2. Animal
  3. Age of Reason
  4. I’m Carrying
  5. SDP

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