Burning Brooklyn – Where the Heart Stops


Where the Heart Stops






For Fans Of

Anberlin, Sasoin, Set Your Goals


Almost there. Pretty good for an EP – I’d be keeping an eye out for them.


72 / 100

This EP definitely caught me by surprise. Being just in the newborn stages of their career (they formed in October ‘08) Burning Brooklyn have cited their influences as Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday, and they’re definitely evident in the EP ‘Where the Heart Stops’.


Although it feels as if there’s something missing musically, (a slightly dirtier or maybe heavier sound would have been nice – similar to A Day To Remember), this is one of the best unsigned Australian alternative-rock bands I’ve heard in a while. 

They manage to deliver a fairly solid 7-track EP, with some definite stand out songs. ‘Sleepless’ is one, a melancholy pseudo-ballad and the single ‘Half Past Easy’ which will inevitably get stuck in your head after the first few listens.


These tracks manage to encapsulate elements of both pop-punk and hardcore smoothly and almost effortlessly to create an enjoyable music experience.


Although it’s rough, and there’s definitely a lot of work needed, there is something there.


The only gripe is the final track ‘Untitled’ which is listed as being 13.21 minutes long, although is completely blank until 10 minutes in. Even then you’re just treated to a different version of the EPs opening track ‘Where the Heart Stops’ – Maybe they just needed to fill in time, I don’t know. 


Having already managed to gather a stable following of loyal fans and a reputation for being fantastic live, I’d say that these guys are something to start looking out for. 


Look out for these guys – they’re something to watch.


  1. Where the Heart Stops – 3.16
  2. Half Past Easy – 3.31
  3. The Straw That Broke My Back – 3.45
  4. Your Introduction – 3.26
  5. The Raven – 4.28
  6. Sleepless – 4.36
  7. Untitled – 13.21

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