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Internationally inspired homegrown metal.


72 / 100

Western Australia might have been the last state to join the country in federation but they are certainly wasting no time getting involved in the local metal scene. Perth’s Nexus join established peers such as Karnivool, Miles Away and Extortion in proving there is actually something mildly interesting happening on the west coast of the nation.  

The quartet may not exactly be the first name to pop up when referencing Australian metal but there are little signs of deterrence. After all, it is not the size of the dog in the fight, rather the size of the fight in the dog. New album, ‘The Paradise Complex’ is an eight track offering that is both raw, sharp and straight to the point. Drummer/vocalist Dan Grainger multi-tasks well combining blasts beats and a vicious vocal styling that draws on the influences of Nile and Death.  

Tracks such as ‘Ultimate Knowledge’, a discordant and dynamic affair with strong progressive undertones and ‘The War of Thought’, which showcases an atmospheric approach coupled with brutal tendencies highlight the persistent nature of Nexus’s music.  

Nexus offer a sincere and defined angle. What the band lacks in production and status they more than make up for in overall effort. Local music is continuing its rapid growth; here is another album that is worth a listen.


‘The Paradise Complex’ may still have a way to go before stacking up against international contemporaries however, if we are to look at the album in isolation, we see a band with potential and an overriding musical will. Having already supported bands such as Behemoth and Bloodduster, Perth’s Nexus seem well on their way.


  1. The Paradise Complex I. The Reckoning
  2. Ultimate Knowledge
  3. Genesis
  4. The Paradise Complex II. The Reasoning
  5. Twelve Minds
  6. The War of Thought
  7. The Paradise Complex III. The Reawakening
  8. Lhaarn’dhrr

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