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Stack is the New Black


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For Fans Of

Jonas Brothers and other shitty tween music


Please GTFO of my life.


1 / 100

Sigh. Deep breaths.


There’s only so much I can say about this album without pulling my hair out and getting admitted to a psychiatric hospital.


Everything you need to hear in this album is in the first 2 seconds of the opening track. The simple words ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ will leave your ears cringing, burning and begging for something else.


Sure, maybe I’m a bit biased. But to me, Short Stack is everything I hate about music rolled into one little 3-piece band. They are hollow, lack actual musical talent, and have altered their “sound” to the ‘Tween’ market – 14-year old girls who have convinced themselves that each of the members is their ‘true love’ and have no idea what real music is. Although at least this means they won’t be around for long when those girls finally grow up. 


Diviney’s vocals are terrible. They’re gritty, out-of-key (to a point where he’s practically tone-deaf) and piercing, like nails on a blackboard. Usually I’m against this, but, haven’t you heard of auto-tune? Although, I’m not sure if all the auto-tune in the world would be able to help these guys.


Looking at their MySpace page, you can see that their musical “influences” range from Blink 182, Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy – these bands however, actually have some form of talent, and the only talent Short Stack have is the ability to apply make-up better then most girls, and to squeeze themselves into their little sisters skinny-leg jeans.


One glance at any photo of this band, and you immediately get the impression that they’ve started a band for the wrong reasons – focusing on their image more then their musicianship, and on fame more then fans. 

The album cover even manages to encompass this, skull and crossbones with a heart? That’s the way to win 14-year old girls affections. No joke there. 


The chord progression is simple, the lyrics are terrible, and the overall execution of the songs is even worse. I am unable to comprehend how they actually managed to score a record deal, let alone reach number one on the ARIA charts on the first week of the debut release.


But in order to try and remain whatever amount of objectivity I have left, I took the album to a few friends, and tried to get their opinions. Many refused to listen, covering their ears and screaming expletives. One listened to exactly 13 seconds of ‘Princess’ before tearing the headphones away and saying he’d “rather grind my testicles in a garlic crusher then listen to this shit.” And yes, that is a direct quote folks. 


So, yes, bring on the comments saying how wrong I am and how shit this review is and how Short Stack are “amazing and talented” musicians. I apologies in advance if this review offends you in some degree, I just dislike it so much. It’s another example of a ‘trend’ band taking advantage of young and impressionable teens who think that clothing from Jay-Jays is punk or that playing music from your mobile-phone on public transport is badass. I can only hope that this will not last much longer.


Definitely not worth listening to if you’d like to keep your ears.


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen – 3.27
  2. Princess – 3.18
  3. Shimmy A Go Go – 4.04
  4. Sway Sway Baby – 2.51
  5. In This Place – 3.31
  6. Drop Dead Gorgeous – 2.54
  7. Counting the Stars – 3.26
  8. Before Angels Fall – 3.13
  9. The Back of My Head – 4.02
  10. One Step Closer – 3.28
  11. It’s4U – 3.02
  12. 17 – 4.14
  13. We All Know – 3.26
  14. Thick As Thieves – 5.20

800 Responses to “Short Stack – Stack is the New Black”

  1. istack

    hm, to actually want to go out of your way & write all this hate about short stack..
    you are most deffinately in need of a life.
    i dont want to start some internet war (which is most probably what your looking for) but short stack did get oz artist of the year in 08 & are one of the finalists for this years oz artist. so, that says different.
    you may not like them, but, you HAVE heard of them.
    soo.. go die in a hole. kthanks (:

  2. Javana

    shaun diviny can’t sing to save his own life nor can i but you don’t see me making a terrible record out of it
    istack, go die in a hole, k thanks πŸ™‚

  3. dookie.

    read your interview and decided to listen for myself and i agree. i listened to the first track on their myspace and turned it off within 30 seconds. its horrible, terrible and out of tune in so many ways. i tried listening to another sone, same. another song, same again. who would listen to this shit? is it only 14 year old fat scene kids? thats the only people i could imagine listen to this. there image is all they worry about because there music sucks and thats the only way they can get idiots to listen to them.

  4. amymaree

    istack: I highly doubt she’s plotting to wage some shitty internet war over Short Stack. A review is one persons opinion, is it not?

  5. sammi-liz

    istack; winning oz artist of the year doesn’t necessarily mean they are ‘good’ musicians. In short stack’s case, it just means they have a really big (and highly shitty) fan base. It was sorta sad to walk through west end a couple of months ago and see all the 12-year-olds getting ready to ‘mosh’ in their fluro coloured skinny jeans, converse shoes and short stack tee’s.

    brilliant review, i must say.

  6. sdivulgence

    Not only is he always out of tune, but I heard that when he’s on stage he speaks with an american accent. Oh yes. That sounds about right. Not obsessed with image at all.

  7. Pugsley32

    ISTACK! ur saying they have won Oz artist of the year and are nominees this year…but thats in a world of corporate music….there is so much fucking talent out there that is not yet known…not yet destroyed….and the lame part is that short stack played along side these bands a year or 2 ago and they are the ones that deserve to be recognised not this piece of manufactured shit. so before trying to follow up this guys “war starter” atleast do some real research. Wanker!

  8. the fringe

    OMG I DOUBT YOU HAVE EVEN TAKEN THE TIME TO LISTEN TO SHORT STACK!!! they are the best band ever from australia just cos they are better looking then yu guys doesnt mean you have to say there gay they only wear makeup on stage and for photos its not like you dont ish you were them! i dont hear any screamo crap geting on the radio you know why cos it has no talent you should try to write lyrics as deep and meaning full as shuan or play drums like bradie! and if you dont like his vocals then maybe you should get your ears chekd becouse he is amazing!

  9. edenmariee

    Sure, I like Short Stack. They are my favorite band. I agree with this review a bit, I don’t really like the album. It’s not all that great, and this is coming from someone who is a big fan. I just don’t understand how you’ve just stereotyped anyone who listens to them being a “14year old teenybopper girl”, as I have seen a lady in her mid to late 30’s early 40’s buy the album for herself and not her daughter. I also know quite a few fans who don’t go around saying Short Stack are their “true loves”, that’s just quite stupid. Sure some people do, don’t get me wrong.
    In the end, everyone has their own opinion on it.
    Oh and Short Stack are nothing like the Jonas Brothers, as they have more talent then them.

  10. ashlee93xo

    uh, is it really necessary to be so rude and judge all their fans based on one particular stereotype? i think not.
    and it may just be a review and its your own opinion. but theres no need to ridicule someone based on your own opinion.
    and of you hate them so much, why waste your time writing a review about them?

  11. emmad8

    i disagree, i like short stack and also want to say that it says that “Short Stack focus fame more then fans” and this isnt true, they are always talking to us on myspace and twitter, and it’s really great cos it gives you a sense of friendship with the band, rather than feeling like “a 14 year old teenybopper girl”
    im not saying that this review is wrong, i like the album, but you are entitled to your opinion. and i really dont care that everybody here is criticizing short stack, but you can’t sum up all the fans as “14 year old fat scene kids” etc. because not all of the fans are. i know plenty of people that like short stack, and arent necessarily big fans of them. sorry if u disagree, thats just my opinion.

  12. gillbertgrape

    I’m a fan of Short Stack and there music has changed and just to go and stereo type the people that listen to there music is completely fucked up, I know it is only one persons opinion but when you think about it some people like you and some people don’t so it is the same for a band to, and by saying Shaun can’t sing is your opinion and yours only so there is no real reason to go post this stuff about them when some people like them and people who say that they are there true loves are idiots. LEARN TO SPELL DIVINEY

  13. emmad8

    gillbertgrape has a good point too, you wouldnt be posting this stuff about just any person you dont like, so why are you? and stereotyping all fans into one group is really stupid because there are lots of different types of people who listen to short stack. NOT “14 year old fat scene kids”

  14. Grant1985

    i work next to ent. center in sydney, when they played there the other month, it was full of 14yr old fat scene kids. god this band is fucking shit btw

  15. mitchymouse

    It’s good to see that everyone has an opinion and there aren’t a million comments about hating short stack, even though i think they’re the most untalented band Australia has ever produced.As fuking atrocious as this is to listen to, you shouldn’t stereotype every single fan.Some people just don’t like real music.Oh and ‘the fringe’ i ask you to produce ONE meaningful lyric from one of Short Stacks songs that you so fondly speak of.

  16. RichyRiot108

    The reason that Short Stack are even remotely popular and famous is because of their parents and the financial backing from said parents…i dislike them a lot, and actually have a reason that isn’t just that they are talentless idiots, but we wont go into that.

    Short Stack have become successful…i never ever EVER plan on listening to this album but no one can take away from the fact that they are popular.

    Unfortunately these days in the industry there are too many untalented bands taking the spotlight away from real musicians. Having played in band comps against short stack…WHICH WAS RUN BY THEIR PARENTS!!!…i can thankfully say that they have neither grown or matured as musicians…so they will not be around for too long.

    Yup that’s my rant…

  17. kiara_rok

    hmmm, i don’t think people should be hating on this review as for the most part a lot of it is true. diviney’s vocals are mostly shocking, alot of their lyrics have no meaning and are senseless, and their look isn’t who they really are.

    i’ve been a short stack fan for 3 years now, and have seen them evolve into what they are today, so i have some experience with their music.

    for one, blink and fob are their “influences”, means they had an impact on them creating music..and can be seen in some lyrics. it doesn’t meant that they’ll live up to the standards that those bands have set.

    secondly short stack do not dress themselves, their manager buys all their clothes. they used to wear cartoon shirts, and now they’ve “evolved” to these new clothes. i hardly like the clothes myself but they have to change with the trends.

    thirdly this “skull and crossbones with a heart” that you talk of is called Maurice. he’s been a part of short stack almost since they started! it’s become pretty much the mascot/logo of the band. it’s like how blink have their own unique logo…

    and for “mitchymouse” agreed most of the lyrics are senseless but i know the ones that have stuck with me through my 3 years of being a fan are.
    “tell me anything and everything will be okay”
    “you’re everything that i will ever need, and i won’t go if you will never leave”
    “i write your name in bullets, so you’re the last thing through my head”
    you might not find them meaningful. but they are to me.

  18. gsidave

    I saw them support Simple Plan, and they were even more horrible live. I yelled abuse at them and got glares from all the 12 year old. One of the worst bands in Melbourne.

  19. aamelia

    i disagree with everything here but the 14 year old teen girls. man fuck they anoy me like asjfkljskfjsaklfjaklsfjlak they need to die. z0mG sH@uN h@v3 mY b4bi3S!!!!!!! fucking annoying >< but i dont love them for there looks and shit. i love them for them there actually nice people.

  20. oheyhayley

    i have to say, some of these points made me laugh, and im a short stack fan. but i really think bagging them for their looks is getting quite old. and fyi, they have many fans who are over the age of 14. and most of them aren’t fat thank you very much. also id just like to add, that theres just something about a short stack show that never fails to wipe the smile off my face. they are just such nice boys.

  21. ponyy

    oheyhayley. i agree with everything you said πŸ˜‰

    and as for all the haters;; you can suck my non-existant dick!
    you all talk a lot of shit.

  22. kriis__xx

    best review ever
    theres a reason why the general public doesn’t dress and look like this band
    cause their look is retarded along with their music

  23. icecreamheadaches

    HAHA @ istack They won Ch V Artist of the year in 08 because their fans have nothing better to do than sit on their arse for hours on end. The other three bands got close because their fans simply wanted to see the complete depression on crap stack’s fans faces if they were to lose.

    Everything is completely true about this review. Everything.
    They are the most money hungry band in existence.
    I have unfortunately seen them live twice, not by choice. I think stubbing my toe a million and 1 times would be more enjoyable.

  24. ponyy

    icecreamheadaches. considering you can only vote 20times a day on Oz artist of the year, i dont see how that could involves sitting on yr ass for hours on end a day.
    get your facts right first ayy?

  25. cusstard

    yeah icecreamheadaches was right on the money. and yeah well there not necessarily all fat….just 14 year old teenyboper fuckers who don’t know what music is and is caught up in the fucking fashion show.

  26. NATTY

    Short Stack are the worst band I have ever heard. I used to work at the Austereo Radio Station in Newcastle, when the music director at the time interviewed them. I quit my job a few days later because I felt like vomitting when the music director repeatedly wore his dirty fucking pink midriff girls T-Shirt that they gave to him. Yep, worst band in the world.

  27. oheyhayley

    oh sorry, i apologize for having a life and not sitting here refreshing my page every five seconds to see if someone i dont give a shit about has said something i dont care about. sorry if i ruined your night.

  28. ponyy

    hahaha hayley nice one πŸ˜‰
    but seriously ‘icecreamheadaches’ what did you say about stack fans” sitting on their arse for hours on end:” seems your doing exactly that refreshing this page every five seconds looking for a reply!

  29. amychasy

    if this article doesnt get every single thing about this so-called ‘band’ correct, then i have no idea what does or even stands a chance of doing so.
    this review is PERFECT.

  30. icecreamheadaches

    If you didn’t give a shit about me, why would you continue talk to me oheyhayley? I care about you love, I genuinely feel sorry for you liking a band like that. You obviously haven’t developed your taste to the point where you can engage in intelligent conversation regarding music, considering the fact you are one of the sad tweenies who worship these ‘musicians’

  31. Chrissay

    im gunna flame you. cause i got too lazy to read everyone elses comments. its a review. therefore an opinion. and also being a review means the author probably fucked up somehow at work and was forced to review the album. im a fan of short stack, i have been for a while. but this album shits me so bad. its crap. you also have to realise though that killyourstereo focuses more on hardcore music, not “pop punk” as SS like to label themselves. but yeah. if youre so upset about a review, youre probably part of the fan base that everyone loves to hate πŸ™‚

  32. ronstoppable

    62 comments for a pathetic excuse of a band, the more people carry on about these fucks the more coverage they’re going to get yes?

  33. tnuc

    Oooooooooooh i love whoever wrote this review!!
    I effing hate short stack.
    I went to their concert ( to see ellington their support band who are sooper awsome and actually talented by the ways) and erghhhh they suck!!!!!
    they had fans so younge that their parents came and stood in the mosh with them cause they werent allowed to be in there alone and then short stack were screaming stuff like “I bet all you sexy bitches are wet” i was like dude, they’re like 9. i bet they dont even know what you mean!
    the best thing they played was riverside.. which was simply a cd with the drummer playing along.
    I HATE SHORTSTACK, and i hate stupid short stack fan girls.

  34. :)

    I took my sister to the Simple Plan concert.
    When short stack came on, I said to my sister “this is an embarrassment to the American music industry”
    The guy behind me laughed and said “nah, they’re Australian.”
    I was so embarrassed I had to leave until they stopped playing.

    The only thing short stack are good for, are the reviews they get about how shit they are.

  35. scoobz_23

    fucking horrible band…..but the dudes are making plenty of money, and maybe getting a few gobbies along the way
    saw their sway sway video clip once…..shit was catchy as, and consisted of sum bangin chicks in red lingerie… for the singer geting the shit beaten outa him….as much as we might wont to, he definetely doesnt deserve this for dressing like a homo

  36. SlaughterTheSick

    I live in the suburb next to short stack i used to hear them practice all the time and actuly hung with shawn at a party this is when he didnt have a mobile phone, and gave me his home phone number
    so to all u short stack haters and lovers hear is shaun divenys home number
    4397616 and if u want i can get his home adress for you if u ask

  37. sdivulgence

    I have a serious question;
    I’ve read a couple of times in these responses people saying “I’m a fan but I hate the album.”
    Well if the album contains the songs that are the product of this band, and this is their only album, what exactly are you a fan of?

  38. liamodonnell

    I gave them a listen, I had to turn it off after 15 seconds. Mass produced, corporate tween shit, making music for all the wrong reasons I’m afraid… This band brings the wrong kind of attention to the Australian music scene.

  39. matthewfordftw

    All Short Stack fans should be rounded up and thrown into a meat grinder or slowly suffocated in the gas ovens. And if that doesn’t work, have SSFAG [Short Stack Fan] engraved in their forehead so everyone knows who to kick the shit outta if seen in public. Short Stack are pathetic fails.

  40. richardev

    OH HOW I FUCKING AGREE!!! thanks amy for this marvelous review. the word music doesnt apply to this band. all they are is a bunch of fuckwits who claim fame when 14yo lil girls get the gineys tingling. this band is the puss that is on the music scene and im glad that they will die in the arse quicker then they come out of one. anyone who thinks this band is real music should really wake up and realise how much of a manufactured bullshit product they are of a major label. once the music industry gets rid of this shit and gives real talented musos a chance rather than these make up wearing fuckwits the music scene will be better off. once again you rock amy. so much fucking respect!

  41. blacklabel750

    I am in the ‘i refuse to listen to this’ category… for shits n giggles i had a look on their lead singers myspace…. and one of his ‘likes’ is redtube…. yeah real good role model he is for his fans….

  42. island_babe29

    hahah some of this stuff is so true. the only reason these guys actually won oz artist of the year, are in the running this year, and got this album on the charts is cause of their little teeny fans. one tweet from the band saying vote for us and they all use whatever means necessary to vote for them 20 times.
    ive always wanted to go to one of their gigs, bash the shit out of their teeny fans and then we’ll see who votes for them.

  43. Inferno

    I think Short Stack just got jibbed by getting a tough reviewer. Cam Chambers would have given this a solid 80 if the band had just given him side stage access to their next headline tour.

  44. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Oh how I love Reading reviews from people that obviously know nothing about music, or the musicians they are reviewing! How can you even call this a good review when you don’t know anything about the band and are judging them souly on looks. First of all they have been playing the same style of music for their whole doing a review that will make some people laugh. But all you have to do is look at the facts, number two single and NUMBER 1 album haha. They chose a Market and went for it. And they are doing a damn good job of it!band carreer so I don’t know how you no bodyan say they have adapted their music.. Hmm seems like you know alot! Oh and they have a different look and care what they look like.. Hmm that’s weird hey, it’s not like any other artist don’t. Talent? I’m not sure if you have been to a gig, probably not judging by your minimal knowledge on anything about them. But their drummer is regarded as one of the best in Australia. Shauns voice suits their genre and I’m sure alot of famous artist would stuggle to have anywhere near perfect pitch!
    The bottom line is your just another no bodyThats writting another nothing review about something you know nothing about! Number one album! Number 2 single! They chose a Market and they went for it, and they are making it =D just wanted to let you know, don’t quit your day job darling xx

  45. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Oh and to people judging their image, yes it’s changed since they started. Coz they were 15 when they started. Hmmm look back when you were that age, did your clothing style change from 15 to 20? That’s what I thawt. And their managers don’t dress them. They wear the same clothes day in day out, and it what they like!
    I hate to burst eveeyones bubble saying they only got V aus artist coz of fan votes. But um isn’t it the fans that make any band successful haha name one band that has made it big without fans? Oh that’s right there arnt any!
    And short stack are one of the best bands in the country not only beacause they are good at what they do but because they talk with their fans. They sign every last autograph and make sure everyone has an awesome time. Just because your jealous or think there crap doesn’t mean you can’t have an open mind. I dislike alot of bands and artists but I can give them credit where credit is due. Like studio made bands that can’t perform live, if they are hitting a Market and doing it successfully good on them. Short stack put 110% into everything they do and their live shows are nothing short of exceptional. But hey you review did make me laugh, at the fact you do little reserch before writting total crap haha

  46. sime619

    First of all listened to only one song by them so far, thought it was quite fucking ordinary, terrible in-fact but saw they went number 1 so I thought id check out the online review.

    I know that there must have been a large amount of pressure to make sure u have looked cool among ur peers in this review but come on. The fact that it gave it 1/100 just takes all credibility out of the review straight away, much like when this site gave A secret death 100/100. Yah fucking oath it may suck, but please review the actual album, not the bands image. I already knew that they dress like trannys and hav teenie bopper fans.

  47. nick3123

    taken from a comment on short stack’s myspace page

    “”meow my sexy boys(:

    i asked my mum asked who do you think is the most attractive out of short stack?
    mum: oh that brandon seems like such a nice young man.

    hahaha brandon *bradie*

    and you have a nice hair cut…

    awww mothers ^_^

    haha congrats in getting into the final for(:

    cant go in December casuse im going away:(

    but have fun(Y)

    i loveee you. “”


  48. Spiderman2211

    i here endless talk on short stack due to the fact that everyone knows everyone on the central coast.
    on the subject of young fans here is a nice little story for you all.
    a friend of many friends of mine is a major part of short stack…lets just call him JIMMY. oops cats out of the bag. now jimmy as all you short stack fans will know goes around taking pics of short stack and other things im sure. well it would seem he has hundreds and hundreds of girls just as obsessed with him as they are members of the band. how do i know this? i get updates on myspace everytime i log in saying- “james has been tagged in 20 new photos” all being from 14 yr olds at short stack concerts, signings etc.
    this is nothing to do with “jimmy” but i just thought it would be nice to point out how insane and might i say retarded all these 14 yr old short stack fans are.
    these girls then add friends because they are friends of jimmy.
    they are now becoming obsessed with friends of a friend of short stack. WOW

    conclusion: why. they sound like absolute fucking shit anyway, wear more makeup then there 14 yr old fans and wear tighter clothes? all up i woul;d say any female fan of short stack can basically call themselves a lesbian.

  49. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Hxcmosh4172: wow did you think of that all by yourself or did you and a group of you’re friends have to brainstorm for a while? One smart man you must be

  50. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Spiderman2211: aw someone just sounds like their a little jealous they arnt friends with the band?!? Haha sweety you don’t make much sense if you don’t like them and you dot like all the teenie fans then why are you a part of the hundreds of girls that follow them and their friends. Who by the looks of things don’t mind all the fans.

    Aw yea it’s true they do dress nice and sometimes wear eyeliner but honey have you been living under a rock. Name any famous pop punk rock or post hardcore band these days that isn’t wearing makeup or atleast eyeliner haha it’s what’s in, get with the tomes grandma!

  51. Bengine_Clothing

    LOL at dudes having a crack at dudes in a band that is already more succesfull than they will ever be. Haven’t really listened the band to be honest but good on them.

  52. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Xangelxlisax yes everyone is entitled to an opinion and I’m giving mine. This isn’t a review, and if it is it’s a shit one. It focuses more on the ban members than the album. This isn’t a fashion web site my dear, it’s a music web site. And quite frankly I don’t think the person that did this review has much knowledge in either haha

  53. amymaree

    Haha, at all these comments.
    I know this reviewer, and trust me, she’s right on the money.
    Sure, Short Stack may have been number 1 on the ARIA charts for the first week of release, but where are they now? They’ve plummeted down to number 30, or even lower already.
    All of their social-networking, and “interaction” with fans, yeah, thats all apart of the image making. What you don’t understand is EVERYTHING that this band does is perfectly timed and meticulously planned by their label and management.
    Take your time, and carefully listen to this album. It has to be the most unoriginal piece of work ever. It is simple, messy and the vocals are terrible and forced.
    And they’re worse live.
    So, Youropiniondoesntcount, you’re right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thats what a review is – one persons opinion. But, saying this review “isn’t a review and if it is, its a shit one” doesn’t that make you a hypocrite? Yes, it does.

    Why do you care so much about one persons thoughts over a silly little band? Maybe you should get a real life instead of fretting over the fact that someone dissed your favourite band.

  54. amymaree

    Oh and Youropiniondoesntcount, when you said “And quite frankly I don’t think the person that did this review has much knowledge in either haha”, trust me, she’s been in this industry for longer then you’ve been alive. So go back and play with your MySpace and pretend to know what real music is, and let those who actually know do their jobs.

  55. Youropiniondoesntcount

    This is a shit review in regards to a music review. It’s still a review and yes it states her opinion. Geez I think I might have offended some people haa settle down. Oh an you have been in the industrie longer than I’ve been alive haha I doubt that very much amymaree. I know alot about music and alot about people that write these half brained reviews haha. And no short stack are by far my favourite band. Like I said I just have a wide spectrum of genres. Personal opinion yeah but make it bout the topic. I don’t wanna read what they dress like or what they eat for breakfast. It’s a music review I want to know about the music. So research a bit better amd maybe have another crack haha. The drummer in thi band is by far one of the best I have seen in Australia and if you think you know so much about music you would know that! But I’m obviously talking to a bunch of one sided desk dickheads that don’t know much πŸ˜‰

  56. Spiderman2211

    well this is my actual opinion of there music.
    music is good- lyrics and singer bad! and unfortunatly it is impossible to have a good album/songs/band when your lyrics and singer somewhat resembles cindy lauper choking

  57. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Aw I know spiderman2211 it must be terrible acing an album like that. Just because you think the lyricsare bad must mean they are πŸ˜‰ but once again alot of bands that are massive also have what you would probably call bad lyrics. Try must be doing something right to get a number 2 single and a number 1 album but maybe we could pass it on to the lead singer and tell him he’s doing a shit job? I’m sure he think he can improve from number one.. And probably the biggest up and coming band in Australia haha I’m sure you could do much better though hey πŸ˜‰

  58. Spiderman2211

    no obviously i couldnt as im not a musician/in a band/ a singer. im not claiming to be better am i?? thats because im not good hence not do it. the singer should prob do the same.

    i have listened to this album before and the only song that is vocally good is the slow one where he sounds completly different and doesnt squel.

    we have all heard your opinion now- you think there awesome and they cant go wrong. why dont you let everyone have theres without shoving your opinion down there throats.
    and let me guess you will say ” im just giving my opinion too” yer we know you have given it plenty of times now.
    there is only so many times one person can give the same opinion over and over and over.

    i have now given mine on there appearence and there music and i am done. the only comments i will be writing on here from now on will be me commenting on how fucking dumb you are.

  59. GraceEmma_

    totally agree with Youropiniondoesntcount
    also why do you feel the need to stereotype their fans as “14 year old teenybopper girls” and I’ve also seen comments saying “fat scene girls.”
    yes I may be 14 and a fan but I sure as hell am none of those. Reviews like this are pathetic as they concentrate soley on image, I’ve watched the guys grow up as I’ve been a fan for a long time and live in the next suburb along from them, pretty much a 3 minute drive from them and meet them alot, they’re great guys and have good personalities, they also make great music, if you don’t like it get over it.
    did you even take the time to listen to the album? I’m sure you didn’t

  60. Chrissay

    sdivulgence: i became a fan of them when they first started out, and werent famous. then they got famous and released an epic shit album. most of the songs on it are new. yup

  61. kkaatteebroo


    are you manteally ill?
    they’re really, really good.
    and you probably know that, you’re probably just a sad little talentless weirdo.

    short stack rip up any music you listen to.

    erg, someone needs to hit you with a brick.

  62. allyMEOW

    OMFG ! ide have to say; i totes agree with you πŸ™‚
    ahah “Short Stack have is the ability to apply make-up better then most girls”

  63. @princess_chloee

    omfg!!! u r alll fucking crazy!!!!!!!! SHORT STACK r the best freeking band ever!!!!!!! i admit i am obsessed. they r hot, make great music nd the lyrics r sooo catchy! they keep contact with fans, i hav met them twice and they r really nice πŸ™‚ im also going to their concert in december, dont say shit about them, wots so perfect about you all???
    ill love short stack forever, so leave them the FUCK alone

  64. ztnewetnorbb

    i just have to say
    if there so bad why are they like making it big and have so many fans
    i think there great
    i love the music
    and its not just about how they look gosh.

  65. maddiekelly_

    totally agreeing with Youropiniondoesntcount.
    Not everyone that listens to Short Stack isn’t a as you say “4-year old girls who have convinced themselves that each of the members is their β€˜true love’ and have no idea what real music is”. Most of the friggen people who listen aren’t remotly tween. And why just 14 year olds? im 16 and i love them. Not just them, as in their looks. But the music itself, i mean Shaun Diviney wrote ALL those songs himself. You’d be hard pressed to find a teenage boy from the age of 15 writing such deep songs as those. And the pitch, the way they sing, its not meant to be fucking perfect. Go get a life stupid fucking douche. Just beucase your stuck just listening to your music, doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t listen to the music we like. Multiple other people have reviewed this and said this was a good album. And hey, people do change over time; with looks and personality. But at least these boys are going after what they love. It mighten be perfect. But atleast they are fucking doing something with their lives unlike you fucker .

  66. tylerELISE

    Ohk i completely agree with comment 91 & 92.. you know nothing about this band and u say its for people who like jonas brother and other shit tween bands.. Well SS hates Jonas brothers and they sound nothing like the fricken jonas brother you know nothing and ur just jealous about everything about them!

  67. maddehbabe

    i hate you..
    SHORT STACK ARE THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD TO ME and i love them all….. if the fans think they are good LEAVE THEM BE do not insult their music outher wise i will gather my mafia friends and will protest…. you suck monkey balls
    love short stack 4 life

  68. charlotteSTACKK

    two words mate..
    fuck you.
    short stack are absolutely incredible.
    did you even listen to the album? because with these reviews, you couldn’t possibly have paid attention to the lyrics.
    clearly, you have absolutley NO idea what actual music is & it would help if you actually knew something about the 3 guys who made this a-mazing album.

    and, their look? you wish you looked like them. at the end of the day, it really is about the music & THEIR music is great. so next time you write a review on someone you know little or nothing about, please research them.

    oh & for the record, they’re really nice guys. i met them at one of their instores and they’re 3 of the nicest guys you will ever meet. this review, wouldn’t get them down. they’ll laugh it off & keep going because..

    (to anyone should be underlined)

    good luck in ya life

  69. allyMEOW

    just because andy says comment 91&92 iloveyou doesnt mean you gotta love it too GOSH! everyone has there own opinions they suck just face it !

  70. BrinnyAllen

    I Remember One Night i Ran Away from Home, all i had was my iPod. all i listened to al night was Counting the Stars, that somg helped me through that night, short stack helped me through that night. there music is amazing and original.
    & How many Bands that are as big as short stack Talk to there Fans as much as they can? None. You clearly havnt watched short stack TV either, maybe you should. so you can see how funny, out going and nice boys they are. most of all im wasting my time writing this comment, because they dont care what anyone thinks, and your crazy writing this, short stack have crazy fans, your gunna get it πŸ™‚
    Do you Want World War 3?

  71. nikki

    i fuckin love short stack most amazing music and voices i have ever heard you don’t know what to expect which is a good things i was so excited when the album came out i love the guitar solo in 17 it rocks u guys rock peace out keep the good music up can’t wait for the next album its gonna be just as good as the first one short stack! short stack! short stack! short stack! short stack! short stack! xoxox bye

  72. alii19

    i would love to see you come up with a band and get a number one album whilst being so young and get thousands of fans.

    almost every single band in the world wears tight jeans btw, well at least the ones where you can actually hear what there saying.

    if you looked into there lyrics some more you would see that shaun has amazing talent.

    just leave them alone, they didnt make the album for you they dont want you to listen to it.

  73. squiggles

    i’m 14 and love short stack which in your eyes automaticaly classifys me and a dumb-ass teenage fan right … well i like lots of music that u prob like too, so does that make your tastes in music crap if i like it as well… short stack work hard to get where they are, shaun writes his own songs (lets see you do that)and they all know an instrument, and without image every celebraty would be stuffed, who wants to turn on the arias and see celebraties with zits and bed hair ??? and short stack are one of those bands where fans actualy are important, they answer fan mail and make an effort to appear more than distant puppets, so next time you decide to bitch abotu a band try being them first!!! and p.s so what if they have people thinking their hot… is that not a good thing??

  74. BROntee:)

    short stark are awesomee:)i dont care what you writee causeee clearlly your opinion doesnt matter to anyonee and your a nothingg soo why do people even care what you writtee? LOL im only on this site cause i love short stackk and andyy tweeted thiss bah and i was boredd so go stickk your “opinion”up your arsee. Theyy have made it and you havent so get the fuckk over it ayy theyre awesome and your nott! byee xx

  75. erinbethgrigg

    To all those people who love Short Stack. I LOVE YOU πŸ™‚ As for those who dont like Short Stack, why bother even saying anything negative about them. That just shows how much of a lame ass life you have! These guys are the best band from Australia I’ve heard because they relate to the genre of music I listen to AND they have the best voices. They’re all really funny (from what i’ve seen on short stack tv)& Bradie is by far the BEST drummer I’ve ever seen. And so what if 14 yr old grls love them? I’m pretty sure older girls like them to for example I DO and im older than 14! Shows how negative your facts are dickheads.

  76. jordieee

    Not only have you stereotyped Short Stack and singled out Shaun Diviney, but you have stereotyped their fans. You need to learn how to not judge a book by it’s cover, you need to read in between the lines. Twitter – @quotejordann

  77. nsa!

    i agree with this review, and to people who compare shortstack to the jonas brothers and say that shortstack is better then you are obviously tone deaf and should get out more and listen to. I agree shaun diveney sounds like a kitten being run over.

  78. DJLol

    Short Stack fans…when you saw that he gave Short Stack a rating of 1, why did you bother reading further? Why would you want to read something negative towards your precious band? Why did you bother wasting your time commenting stuff like “OhhhMyyyStack! U so did NOT just diss mii Baaabiies!!! :@” when you could have been jacking off to a shitty poster of them?

  79. Killyyy

    this is just rediculous.i bet if you made up a band you couldnt do any better than what these boys have done.And the fact that your dissing them for what they wear is just plan stupid. Its called judging a book by its cover and its your sort of people that annoy me. And the fact that shaun the lead singer can strike a high note and sing really well. Well whats wrong with that? And the drummer is one of the greatest drummers ever and im not just saying that. They’re the funniest and nicest guys that you could ever meet. So I think you should just get over yourself instead of being an ignorant person. and by the way they care about the fans enough to make thousands of stack packs by hand. how many bands would that?hmm?

  80. Lamahh

    Man you really need to get a life , if all you can do is sit aorund on your arse and hack shit on a really good band , least there out there doing shit whilst your shit around doing nothing , and you obviously know nothing about them and have no idea what type of music it is , and yer they actually do appreciate their fans since they always do meet and greets after the shows and such , and so what if they like to look their best there is nothing wrong with that , least they don’t look like dirty scruffo’s . and most people who normally hack shit on a band are mostly jelous pricks . and you should really keep your opions to yourself because most people don’t give a shit about what you think so keep it to yourself, and most of their fans are not 14 yr old girls so stop generalising, yer maybe a few but not most , so grow a dick , get over it and get a life while your at it cuase you obviously don’t have one right now !!! LOSER

  81. meowcat

    All of you need lives, especially stack fans. Go outside and run around k? πŸ™‚ The ones that are in serious need of a life is those that come on here hating on a band and stereotyping everyone that likes them.. I’m 14 and I aint obsessed with them. I don’t like them coz of their looks. I like stack because they write great songs THEMSELVES. And yes they do talk to fans sometimes.

    If you hate a band, don’t freaking do reviews on it saying they are shit, you hate them etc.. instead go and talk about it to your friends..

    And fans, dont become like those stupid twilighters that obsess over them and hate on everyone that doesn’t like twilight. Freedom of speech remember? Everyone has opinions, don’t hate them for that. Okay sure I don’t mind it that someone did a hate review on a band but it’s just stupid that most of you are fighting among each other. I like the band, my sister doesn’t mind them, my dad thinks they are girls.. People can say if they don’t like stack. Don’t just stereotyping the fans and saying that they must be 14yr old obsessed fangirls.

    My old english teacher likes them. Is she 14? No she aint.
    Fans, everyone has a right to say their opinions. And you have a right to say your opinions but this is just a freaking joke. Not everyone likes Short Stack, GET OVER IT.

    This is just a bloody joke.. Why can’t you all talk about this without fighting and hating people? That’s the whole point of this site isnt it? Everyone has a right to say their opinions freely about music.

    Yes, the reviewer was a bit cruel, I know that. Maybe they shouldn’t have said it that way but it’s her opinion on the band. Leave it alone. If you don’t like what people say, then argue in a MATURE way or just fucking get lost and not read this again.

    If you want to hurt the band or their friends, I doubt it’s working.

    So how about we all just calm down and try to be teenagers and talk about this without getting all angry in our comments. I know some of you may not like what people say but just don’t jump in and start showing your anger at someone trying to say their opinions. Most of these comments aren’t needed..
    For example: #136, #132, #46, #48, #4.

    Also let’s not express that we want people to die k? That’s just unnecessary.

  82. Maddie Stack

    Seriosuly, this is so mean. If you dont like em keep it to yourselves. You probably have nothing to do but go around putting people down because you have nothing better to do. You dont have to like them, but you dont have to write reviews like this, either. Keep it to your self.

  83. rubyybabyy

    Okay i only read a few of these comments but so many of you are so judgmental. Deadset. Someone put that their show at the entertainment center was full of “14year old fat scene kids”, and i am 16 not 14, or fat, OR a scene kid.
    Your obviously posting it to get a internet war,
    so maybe go and fuck yourself,
    and stop making people go on about how short stack is shit,. and only “14 year old teenyboppers” like it and that its music for fat kids.
    I do like them, as you can tell, but im not going to sit here and defend them because if they cared enough about some persons opinion who has not sat there and listened to the entire album to acquire an actual opinion on the band, then im sure they would defend themselves.
    So how about you stop with all your shitty reviewing, and if you dont like a band, you dont need to tell the entire world, infact, you dont need to tell anyone.

  84. amymaree

    Haha, people are getting so butthurt. It obviously wasn’t a ploy by the reviewer to “mess” with SS’s fanbase. It was just her opinion.
    Get over it. Who cares if one person doesn’t like it?

  85. allyMEOW


  86. GraceEmma_

    okay, I really just don’t get why if you hate the album so much you bother reviewing it, you obvs have no life and want attention.

  87. gracee_

    haha this is hilarious. the reviewer and all the haters are such low loves. what i don’t understand is why you’d waste your time with such a pointless review, all the time and effort the reviewer went through to make this. thats just sad ha. you hate them yet you have time to make this…gee, get a life maybe? hmm ok? if you have never met them, know nothing about them at all or their music and how they came to be then you are wrong, which makes you look like a total dick πŸ™‚ haa good on all the short stack fans, im one of them and age is irrelevant. and even more, good on short stack…shaun your an awesome singer, your voice is strong and powerful, your lyrics actually have meanings, bradie just kicks ass on the drums, more than any of you haters could ever do, and andy, well he’s incredibly funny and has a kick ass voice too πŸ™‚ so SHUT UP YOU LOW LIFE HATERS! YOUR GAY! hahaha πŸ™‚ i love short stack! you guys rock, dont stop doing what your doing because its awesome, and haha ss tv is pretty cool too πŸ™‚ and btw, to post 98, shut up because JIMMY KICKS ASS! love graciee πŸ™‚ xx

  88. amymaree

    Do people not know how reviewing works? You get sent albums to review. You don’t get to choose. You just do what your given.
    Everyone’s getting all angry over nothing. lol

  89. GraceEmma_

    you know people wouldn’t get angry over “nothing” if the reviewers didn’t stereotype their fans or their looks, its fucking pathetic, if AMY is such a good reviewer and is actually reviewing the album you’d think there would be more talk about the music itself.

  90. ninja_pickles_bby

    i have a question.
    if you hate them soo much why do you waste your time writing this bullshit??
    you obviously don’t know anything about music. read your info cause your all wrong. i don’t like many bands but i still give them credit its not that hard to do you know. shaun can sing so if you think that its hurting your ears you might wanna turn it down a notch cause obviously you have sensitive ears or you dont listen to much music and his voice suits their kind of music.
    so get a life and waste your time on things you like!!!!!
    hahaha πŸ™‚

  91. nsa!

    all the shitstack fans that are saying that the reviewer needs to get a life why dont you? why not instead of sitting on your computer all day reading reviews about shortstack and sitting on myspace waiting for shortstack to reply to your comment you could be listening to bands with talent. haha and to all those people who say they are the best band in australia seriously havent you ever listened to any other australian bands who can actually sing without deafening people.

  92. ShortStackFan

    Haha.. this is a little confusing.
    So these guys just magically appeared out of no-where, have thousands of fans (of all ages), are going to tour for the 4th time this year, and release their own album after 3 singles. & i must admit that there a very few guy fans, but the girls aren’t 14 year old scene girls! WTF is with that? If this band was so bad, like you say.. why were they number one in the first week of their album? I dont think the music industry would let such an awful band come into this world! and yes, i say that Bradie (the drummer) is the love of my life.. because he is so talented and looks very pretty πŸ™‚ but let me tell you, a whole lot of other girls say that about others too. FYI, theyre not as bad as the freaking jonas brothers and twilight… every girl calls them their love of their life. So why single out Short Stack? I think the have some meaningless lyrics and that. but i find that they are my favourite band because they produce catchy music that sounds awesome! they have the best personality, and they take the time to write back to you on myspace and twitter. my opinion. short stack

  93. the fringe

    I Just want to state that everyone is Sterotypeing short stack fans there not all fat 14 year olds alot of them are 13, 12 and even 11 i swear if the hi-fi actually aplyed there age restriction of 15 and over short stacks show would of had a small crowed ( of Elington and My Future Lies supports) becouse yes i went to the show but not to see short stack i went for elington and My Future Lies and i hope they never support short stack again

  94. :) ..

    lolol..unnecessary,, much!! wtf:) their songs are good.. lol well some are a bit gay and maybe they like to dress like girls but thats their choice.. they have talent no matter what they look like..

  95. ShortStackFan

    & Im pretty sure that Andy has disguised himself and said shit about his own band. But hey, they find it fun to do so, and to read all the hate comments. Cause they believe that they are not shit.

  96. nsa!

    all the shortstack fans probably agree that shortstack has no talent but stick up for them because they are oh so “hot” and that shortstack is their true love.

  97. meowcat

    Did no one take notice of my reply?
    Get fuck ver this and discuss it maturely. Most of you ahters are probably just looking for a big internet war.
    And to nsa!: We have lives. We don’t sit around waiting for the band to reply to us on myspace. Well I don’t and most people I talk to on twitter dont. We listen to other bands and not just stack. I don;t spend all day reading reviews. Most of my day is either out or watching some TV or playing with my puppy.
    And when I am on the computer I do other stuff, like talk to people I may never meet. I don’t hardly even talk to andy, bradie and shaun.. So stop thinking of all the stack fans like that when possibly only a few would sit around all day waiting for replies. And we listen to bands just because WE WANT TO COZ WE LIKE THEM. So stop fucking telling us that we shouldnt listen to bands just because you hate thme BCAUSE NOT EVERYONE HATES BANDS YOU HATE. What would you do if people told you not to listen to bands you like because they hate them???

  98. GraceEmma_

    alteair: actually, I don’t, i like them because they have great music not because of looks, get the fuck over yourself, please 😐

  99. Bebaby

    you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.
    have you not heard that their drummer is practically the best in the country,
    and really i have to deal with all my friends who hate short stack as well.
    but seriously not everyone likes everykind of music.
    but really you dont have too share your hate with the whole freaking world.
    really wouldn’t you just love it if i posted a reveiw about how much i hate your favourite band or just about how much i hate you?

    really deal with your hate on the inside not the outside
    stop saying things and guessing things with absolutely no proof.

    making inferences that aren’t true is just sad and depressing

    oh and your conclusion is fabulous, wanna hear my conclusion?


  100. hannahstack.

    oh my god! whoever wrote this reveiw knows absolutely nothing. you ar judeing them on their clothes and the firts 2 seconds of their album. i bet you didn’t even listen to it all. short stack are epic, and they have more tallent than any indie band and lots of other rock bands. they are the best in australia and i’m sorry if you don’t like them, but thats your opinion, you can’t tell everyone else to hate them because you do, thats wrong. all your doing is focusing on their flaws, and not saying anything positive. this isn’t a real or good reveiw, a real one would say at least one thing positive, even if its the tiniest thing. you say that they focus on their image too much, but all your doing is talking about their image and not their actual music. and i know pleanty of people who aren’t a fourteen year old girl, and some that aren’t even girls, who love short stack. so what if their music aims at teenagers, they were probably fourteen when they wrote half of it. they picked their genre and they play it pretty good arcording to most people who aren’t negitive faggots. shaun divineys voice is beautiful and you would know that if you bothered to listen to songs other than the first one. bradie webb is definately one of the best drummers i have ever heard, and definately the best in the country & andy clemmensen is an awesome bass play and a beautiful singer. leave short stack alone, what did they ever do to you?

  101. aliciagai


  102. stephhstackk

    OMFG!!!! im gonna track all of you idiots down who are bagging short stack. short stack are totally awsome and if you dont like them then why the hell are you wasting your time writing stuff about them. that kinda shows you have no lifee. and they care more about their fans than fame like everyone who has a life knows that. obiously all of the gay shit ppl bagging them have been living under a rock. shaun diviney, andy clemmensen, bradie webb = BEST BAND EVAA!!! so get the fuck ova it goshh!! when they went to their first concert together they deceided they wanted to be a band and they just didnt do it coz they knew they were sexy geeze. they actully did it coz they wanted to and have inspiration for music. i know everyone has different opinions but keep them to yourself if theyre not nice coz short stack actully have heaps of other fans that just arnt 14 and fat (wtf!!) i dont know why anyone bothers to actully write shit about them, im pre sure anyone who does just wants attention!! ohh and just to put it out there…maurice the pirate is totally awsomee seriously dont bag him.

  103. graciegraciegogo

    before i start, ill say YEAAH, I LOVE THE BOYS TO BITS.

    just because you’re jealous that your favourite band isnt as freakin hot as shaun, andy & bradie are, doesnt mean you have to say people only like them because there hot. yes, they are hot, but they also make wonderful music.

    all their songs have awesome, witty lyrics, which make me smile. DONT YOU DARE SAY THERE BAD MUSICIANS. Bradie Webb is definatley one of the best drummers in australia. yeah, shauns voice can be a bit annoying sometimes, but its also good to see that there not completely computerised.

    Ladies & Gentlemen is one of the best songs on the cd, from one of the most successful aussie bands around. they dont look like girls either, and they look fkn sexaay with eyeliner, if you dont like them… go f**k yourself.

  104. DaniLoves

    i dont think you should go around calling them Bad musicians,
    i mean you only give them a crap review coz you have no talent obviously otherwise you wouldnt be a critic you’d be doing something better.

  105. icecreamheadaches

    So many of these comments have brought me so much humor, rather than anger me which is what I think us shit stack fans are meant to feel.
    But the best of all is,
    “haha ok guys correction: bradie isnt the best drummer in the country, hes the best in the world ;D”

    I’ve never been told a funnier joke. Watch out Dave Hughes etc. you have competition on your hands.

  106. FoTizzle

    I think it’s hilarious how that almost all the comments on here were agreeing with this review.. until Andy posted it on twitter & now all you can see is heaps of people on here with stack at the end of their name saying how awesome they are. Haha, kind of expected though.. πŸ™‚

  107. @princess_chloee

    yer, sure short stack r really attractive, but their music is sooooo good. seriously if u hate them whats the use in wasting ur time bagging the shit out of them? if u hate them, youve got something seriously wrong with you,. but why cant you just get over the fact that people will hate and love you too. people dont even know them personallly (if they do they r extremely lucky) but why bag the shit out of someone you dont know? its not like theyve sed shit about u and made a freeking hate site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people need to learn to grow up. 14 year olds do like them but they r round 20 years old! seriously all ages will like them, (or hate them if they weird). yer, people say they r the best band in history (i agree) but its not like we all have the same taste, the world would be boring if we did, but dont bag people just because ur jealous that ur not them. these guys have feelings too, shouldnt u all take a step back and stop being so FUCKING SELFISH && BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT, if ur that depressed bout hating short stack, go kill ur boyfriend, the u and short stack could be 2gether, if u do get together then break u,p ull hav known them personally, and they can make a hate site bout u!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  108. hxcmosh4172

    I posted on BGO for like one day and then bailed because I wasn’t going to waste my time on internet hate lords who seemed to be filling the place at the time

  109. life goes on

    firstly WTF you dickheads just insulted the fans aswell wtf have we done to you just because we like there music and you dont,we no this is a step up from ur usual music ie the wiggles,hi-5 ect but come on the drummer bradie in my eyes is the best drummer in australia and andy the bass player and back up vocals kills it onstage and shaun diviney he is a good singer and guitarist !
    thats my opinion stated many times that im alowwed to have one
    you say the fans are 14 yr old fat scene chicks,and thats down right rude as if you would say that,what cause you think there bad all there fans are fat get a life i bet use are computer geeks sittin behind your computer desk with ur masive arse thick glasses thinking how badass you are well your not
    and to spiderman2211 your so badass omg howd you think of ur name are you watchin spiderman and whoever brought jimmy into this WHY what did he do are you jelouse u cant be friendds with the band and tour with them i mean im jelous but i dnt really give a flying cow turd and i dont really give a flying cow turd what you think this iss my opinion and im given it and btw all u girls sayin I LOVE SHORT STACK i say i dnt think ur making this any better lol they already think were crazy but theres how many fans and then theres just them arguing against all the fans they must think there “spider man” or something HA HA HA im going back to my life now considerin i actually have one !!! australia have a band america can be jelous over πŸ™‚ in my eyes anyway and they got famouse off myspace they didnt just pop ouutta no were xx

  110. like knives

    they had more than twice the votes of 2nd place to win OZ artist last year and at the time had only played outside newcastle on the simple plan tour

  111. indie2201

    The fact that you go out of your way to write this and you hate them so much? If you hate them so much why would you write a review about their album?

    There is a world outside of the computer. Go find some friends.

    And maybe you should turn the radio and listen to so music from at least this century.

  112. arielle

    The most meaningful lyric Diviney can come up with is “watch the world, let it bleed, as i lay you took my breath away,” and they changed it to “watch them fall, to their knees, as i lay i think im flat lining” so they could play the shit on radio. They’ve done the same with their music tracks. Remastered them so there’s no climaxes or rises/falls, just simple notes and chords. Short Stack have always craved a mainstream audience, and now they’ve got it, their original fans are scarce and the only idiots that will listen to the music hear it on stations like 2dayfm, who can’t tell apart quality music anyway. Don’t get me wrong, they seem like alright guys, the drummer’s decent at what he does and the others might even have some musical talent underneath those HAWWWWT hairstyles which take hours to produce and use multiple cans of hairspray. You never know…

  113. smiles

    im just going to go ahead and say one great big LOL.
    like literally? do you get paid to do this ? or do you just get your kicks lagging out at musicians πŸ˜‰
    whatever . short stack are pree awsoume. and if you dont think so whatevs thats cool. prepare for tweenie hates. which i persume have already begun.. but yea. dont just say they have gotten their fan base based on looks. because thats honestly not true.
    look back at pics. they where not all that goodlooking. and a fair few of their fans STILL liked them , and it couldnt be based on looks..
    but i do agree a majority of their fans “love” them for their looks. which indeed is stupid.

    chyeaa πŸ™‚

  114. aliciagai

    @indie2201 maybe you should read all the comments before commenting yourself.
    the reviewer didn’t have a choice in the matter. they review what the get told to review.
    and as far as i can tell, your sitting inside on your computer. practice what you preach darling.

  115. meowcat

    Fucking hell.. Haters, stop fucking insulting or being rude to those that like the band and wants to stick up for me. And fans, stop being rude and hating on the haters k?
    So people like short stack, get over it. And so people don’t like the band, once again.. GET THE FUCK OVER IT.
    Haters, you guys are complaining about how much attention the band is getting. They are getting this attention because of you haters that post on the internet about how much you hate them and you spend you’re time hating them and telling people that they should stop listening to such bad music.
    If you don’t like them, why bother wasting time listening to them, hating them, stereotyping fans and all that when you could actually be hanging around in sites you like and adding to more better conversations??

    Fans, stop arguing with the haters. You can’t stop them hating stack and they cant stop you liking stack so instead of waiting for the haters to end it and be the better person and stop arguing with them. Sure I know you want to stick up for short stack but i doubt all the haters bother them. If YOU don’t stop then you are just showing the haters that you get too pissed off about this sort of thing.

  116. sime619

    Lets put aside ur feelings about teh stack atm. I want to adress a pet peeve with this site.

    A user i think, amymaree says that a review is just a persons opinion. Thats bullshit. A review should be an interpretation of the music by a person learned among the music industry who is able to give us a ‘review’ of what the album is about, its weaknesses its highpoints, how they went about making the album etc etc. Something that is somewhat of a good read and provides us a feel of what the album is about. I come to this site for my reviews but unless its user ALLSHALLPERISH or a few others doin the review all i seem to get is bullshit.

    If i want to get faggots opinions i go to the forum, not the fucking reviews.

  117. CrystalStack

    look this review is really annoying.i love these guys and they are probabally the most loyalist people to their fans but i wouldn’t expect u to know because u don’t like them.but unlike you i have met them and they are very dedicated to their fans and their music is great.

  118. amymaree

    Whoops, what I should have said was:
    @sime619 Hey! Don’t pull me in this! I didn’t write the review. I was just expressing that I was taught that a review is an opinion.

  119. jam_cam22

    hahahahaha um i seriously think that some people who have commented are the biggest fails of all time. do you not realise that by saying stupid shit about short stack and how much you hate them and ragging on their music is just giving them more and more publicity? guys GROW UP! why dont you write a song about how much you hate them see if you get thousands of fans and then go shove it up your arse. if i offend whoever wrote this review then fantastic coz they have offended me “14 year old fat scene kids” i am 15 and i am overweight so SORRY if im not perfect but NEWS FLASH: no one is including short stack. the fact that i fit the category has NOTHING to do with my taste in music, NOTHING! i am a short stack fan and im proud of it.

  120. amymaree

    @jam_cam22: Read the review again darling. I found no parts in which the reviewer said “14 year old fat scene kids”.
    Ctrl+F also failed to find the word ‘FAT’ in the review. It’s only in the comments.

  121. sime619

    @ amymaree. Thats fair. I was just using ur comment to bring up something that has been annoying me. I think that you should be able to express a part of your opinion through your score and rating of the album but as far as English goes i thought a review was an evaluation of the album not just a chance for u to rat on the band. Thats my personal opinion, in the comments seciton. lol.

  122. bridgetstack

    gosh i think you should get your facts correct before you write something! ummm…. if they are that bad then they wouldn’t have gotten there DEBUT! album to NUMBER 1!!!! on the ARIA charts!!! i think you should take a look at some music from this century!! obviously they have fans other wise they wouldn’t have gotten so far…. and you just watch in a couple of years they will be HUGE!! and then you look at where you are and realise that they are so much better than you! they are very loyal to there fans they talk to us and they will not leave an instore or whatever until they have signed and seen every single fan!! they are obviously no doing it for the money or the fame they are doing it coz they have a PASSION FOR MUSIC AND ARE GOOD AT IT!!! go get your facts right before you say BULLSHIT! and how dare you say that about us 14 year olds where allowed to have crushes i bet that most women when they were our age had some kind of obsession just leave us out of it and by they way i don’t think they will be gone anytime soon so maybe you should move to mars if you don’t want to hear about them!!! k thanks πŸ™‚

  123. meowcat

    not everyone defending stack types like that chrissay. I don’t. Only when I accidentally leave out a few words coz sometimes i type fast and i normally have because as coz and aren’t as aint. It’s who I am.
    And yes, stack is getting publicity. The KYS twitter has tweeted about this fans vs haters thing. And fans have been tweeting the link to the band.

  124. Chrissay

    i know meowcat. but the majority seem to. its when theres a majority that a stereotype is created (in response to everyone hating on the stereotype)

  125. jam_cam22

    oops well then i hope i offended the person who said that then. my bad i guess like alot of people i should of got my info right still dosnt change my opinion though

  126. pleasedontjump


    oh and you 14 year old girls probably won’t listen to me (or you’re clever trolls from /b/) but there is a reason they got to first on the ARIA charts. it’s simple. they’re ARIA charts. the ARIA charts cater to radio-friendly bands (and to call short stack radio-friendly is stretching it). OF COURSE they’re popular! they look like they can make girls orgasm by flicking their hair. the ‘words’ that diviny croons make girls believe they’re good! it’s all in the lyrics…
    anyway, get off myspace, get onto, and look for your short stack. you’ll find they’re outshined by other bands such as radiohead and modest mouse. might wanna learn some music too…

    tl;dr, short stack isn’t good music, it’s attractive young men masquerading under a guise of musicians.

  127. meowcat

    I’m with smiles. Pleasedontjump and Paik.. Please, don’t starting insulting the fans. Not all fans are fat or 14 and 13. And not all fans are just fans for the looks. I personally couldn’t give a fuck if they were ugly. I love their music and that they write their own songs. And I don’t care if those bands outshine them. I like short stack and I do believe everyone has a right to their own opinions AND to like whatever band they fucking wish to like.

    and chrissay, I know. It’s just a mean to those that aren’t 14 or obsessed that people are saying that all the fans must be 14 and obsessed. I’m 14 and I aint obssesed. Fuck, Short Stack isn’t even in my top 5 most fave bands. It’s Ellington, For Our Hero, All Time Low, Paramore and Finabah.

  128. Chrissay

    meowcat, yeah i know. but again, everyones entitled to their opinion, but its the obsessed fans that are keeping this thread going. jam_cam22 you havent heard of the game? You lost it!

  129. nsa!

    wow you just stereotyped jonas brothers fans as 8year olds? and people are getting angry because the reviewer stereotyped shortstack fans. oh and btw im 14 i like the jonas brothers, are you going to stereotype the jonas brothers fans from 8-14 year olds now?

  130. smiles

    also most short stack fans HATE the jonas brothers..
    and PLEASEDONTJUMP didnt win . they faild. πŸ˜€
    some of their fans liked them 05-06;; look at pics they werent hottties then πŸ˜›

  131. meowcat

    I kniw chrissay. My friend(the real owner of this account :P) was so close to stop being a fan of stack because of how many obsessed fans make being a stack liker bad.. It’s like Slytherin in Harry Potter. It’s mostly just the ones that are known that make it bad. But there are some real decent fans that do understand everyone has opinions and are really sick of the obsessive losers.

    I’m Tori btw πŸ˜‰

  132. Bebaby

    hahah no, i was just making a joke not sterotyping, and i apologized
    i have two points here, some people can just make jokes and you dont have to bag them out just ignore them and two yes i agree with the people here that this reveiw is just disgusting totally over crossing the line of ‘joke’ but if people just apologize then it would be fine.

  133. rachel1289

    i am a massive short stack fan and i think there album is great! sure everyone can have there opinion but to write a whole article about your hatred for stort stack is waste of time! they are one of the best bands in australia so of course your gonna start a war with fans and others! oh and how can people say ‘im a fan of the band but i dont like the album” haha WTF! that confused me, then what are you fans of?? anyways…Andy Shaun and Bradie are very talented and no i dont think they just concerned about there looks, its just very fortunate that they are EXTREAMLY beautiful as well as talented!! ps. your a fuck!! (are we aloud to swear on this,, i didnt read most of the comments coz i get real made with all the haters!)

  134. Chrissay

    meowcat hahaha yup i was one of them. short stack is like, bottom 100 of favourite bands now. i went to a show of theirs when they first started out and it was so good, and then they got heaps of fans and crap and their shows got so shit cause all the girls are all ‘OMG SHORT STACK’ and the screaming is horrible! Im Chrissy by the way haha πŸ™‚ / Bebaby why should people apologise for having an opinion? its the internet, freedom of speech rules here. if you dont like it, leave. simple as.

  135. FoTizzle

    Haha, you people make me laugh. I love watching this never ending fight πŸ™‚ yeah.. i know. I’m lame. I could so be using my time to do more important things, but no. D: Shame on you people and your bitchy discussions. πŸ˜€

  136. meowcat

    rachel, i’m a fan of paramore but i don’t like some of their songs. Some stack fans may only like a few of the album songs and not the full album.. Gte over it. I mean, you have all three singles and the album and most of the album is just repeats with the only real new songs being 17, counting the stars, ladies and gents and in this place.

  137. jam_cam22

    thats great B friendly ;). ill admit im a new fan but i have an open mind. im not saying that they are the best band in the world i just dont think that people bagging fans out for liking them is fair people have a right to like what ever they want.

  138. Bebaby

    hahah no i was just saying like if someone said something that like REALLY REALLY offended them they should just say sorry if i offended you but it’s my opinion.
    and also i agree with what you’re saying i used to be obsessed with short stack like 2 years ago, then everyone at my school was like im gonna marry shaun or short stack is my thing i love them and no one else can. so now i’ve started liking them less.

  139. Chrissay

    i agree with you in a sense. but im just trying to say like i think people are wasting their time here if they’re chasing aplogies. and it happens with every band. when they get famous, the fans that were with them from the very beginning generally dont like them anymore. to be honest though i think its happened on a heaps bigger scale with Short Stack

  140. hxcmosh4172

    Wholey Fuck; this is getting ridiculous.
    Everyone who isn’t a complete fucking sweater post your Twitter and we’ll make this shit a trending topic, #killyourshortstack ?? Someone come up with a good hashtag and get it going

  141. Bebaby

    haha yeah, i’ll take back my apology thing now, it’s just what i though of then, haha never thinking before i speak thats me……. i agree, it’s the aussie girls first taste of a real, hot, good music aussie band and they have all just taken it too far, i miss the good old days of short stack.

  142. jam_cam22

    Bebay- i like short stack but im not that obsessed. people who say that kinda creep me out a little but if thats the way they feel then good for them.
    meowcat- i kinda agree, there are some songs on the album that i dont like and the original versions were way better then the new ones

  143. meowcat

    #stackfansvshaters?? its more better. both fans and haters can use it and neither would be insulted. or something. with that one hxc, you will def start a war. but with my one, anyone could use it.

  144. Bebaby

    i agree, some people at my school only like short stack because it’s like the newest fad, like i liked them for ages then i told my best friend about them, she started likeing them and it all spread from there, i just get pissed sometimes about the fake fans who are only obsessed to fit in with everyone else

  145. amymaree

    If you make it a trending topic, you gotta make sure you link the review. Or people will be like ‘Wut’? lol I like #stackhatersvsfans

  146. meowcat

    trending topics are just trends that people like. the top 10 trends are ones people tweet about heaps. Basically, someone or some people start up a trend and then start getting their followers to tweet it. Like if enough people said fuck in their tweets, it’ll most likely become a trend. It’s ways for bands to get more publicity on twitter. Short Stack has been on the top 10 trends a few times. #teamtaylor became one after the VMAs

  147. jam_cam22

    ah ok thanks. now i realise why my friends tweeted stackisthenewblack like 50 times. i didnt get it then but it all makes sense now

  148. meowcat

    stackhatersvsfans it is πŸ™‚
    And follow @coookie_monster @toriikitten and@earthquakemay
    Plus give credit to the first two. coookie is me and torii is Tori. the onme that just took over my account here..

  149. Vaderstack

    How can you judge Short stack if you β€œcant” even listen to more than 13 seconds of it! Your ears are probably damaged from your father AKA Hitler singing.
    How can you can say they have no talent when the only thing you can do is pay these people out.
    Your probably upset because they are not gay but even is they turned that way the definitely wouldn’t swing your way so you should stay with your blow up doll.

    You obviously have nothing to do with your time but pay these poor kids out who are more successful then you will be in 100000000000000 years Get a job you low life

    They have more love from 1 fan on myspace then you will ever get in your life you fucking prick

    Why don’t you save me the trouble and go kill yourself!!!!!!

  150. carli_lostinstereo

    This is the worst review I have ever read.
    I am up for different opinions, but this is the most biased non-constructive review ever.
    I’ve been a fan of Stack way before sitnb came out, but I guess become I’m a teenager I must automatically be a teenie right? Don’t be a stereotypical idiot.
    Yes, there may be a few teenies, but that doesn’t mean the band thrives off them.

  151. carli_lostinstereo

    @inferno what the hell is wrong with that?
    I’m around 80kg (but I’m tall) and from frankston and 15 and a female, does that make my opinion not good enough.

  152. Ebonykeys

    Yes we get, you don’t like short stack and this is your review but it is on the band and their music… not the fan’s. Saying that β€œ14-year old girls who have convinced themselves that each of the members is their β€˜true love’ and have no idea what real music is.” Is quite insulting, which was probably your intention.

    What you are not realizing is that the reason boy and girls listen (yes boy’s listen to it to) to short stack is because their music is a new style. It is light, careless and fun to sing and dance to. So which would you rather young people listen to? Lady Gaga singing about sex, dugs and jumping some guy’s β€œdisco stick” or short stack whose β€œterrible lyrics” really have no bad influence on young… β€œtweens” as you put them.

    This may seem like dwelling on it but β€œno idea what real music is” I pride myself on the fact I know music, ask anyone who knows me, has ever met me or anyone who has even had a brief conversation with me.

    And on the topic of no talent? Well that would be you. I would like to see you try and become a success in the music industry whilst still in high school, by simply using the internet to market yourself. I highly doubt you could. Also the drummer of the band is considered one of the best by other bands and musicians.

    If you going to say β€œno idea what real music is” well I think you should update you’re own knowledge. Short Stack’s style of music is a new market making millions and even if you think it’s not real music the millions who listen to it would have something to say about that. I think before you do any more review’s maybe you should go out and get in touch with the music world because obviously you’re out of it.

  153. your all gay


    u r d@ bomb ur so kool 4 speakin lyk dis.

    learn correct english.

    and also whoever posted this is review is so right its funny.

  154. Chrissay

    Ebonykeys: they wouldnt prefer Lady Gaga. Have you even looked at the type of music this site is about? Research, please! / your all gay; theyre making a joke!

  155. aliciagai

    @vaderstack i would also like to say that before you go around shooting your mouth off telling people to kill themselves, think about it. someone saying your favorite band is shit does not compare to someone losing a life.
    you are a shit human.

  156. meowcat

    @coookie_monster πŸ˜‰

    Ebonykeys, vaderstack, carli_lostinstereo: stack is good. stack is stupid. everyone has their own opinions. live with it.,

  157. carli_lostinstereo

    I said that I’m okay with peoples opinions aslong as they don’t say that they have no talent are tone-deaf etc. It’s just worthless.

  158. Kasee

    respecting all your opinions but im sorry short stack do have talent, and to say they dont is just outright mean. Way to make someone feel good about themselves. Seeing as they do have talent, and as they have the guts to actually make music worth listening to, they are a great band and dont deserve this shit, no one does. Short stack are awesome, and i know all of you that say they arent, know they are.

  159. Bebaby

    one thing i just have to say, if short stack didnt have talent then how did they get a recording deal?
    that’s right, (:
    they have talent so deal with it

  160. cooba

    do you guys reckon that the people on here sticking up for short stack are actually short stack under a number of different usernames?

    they suck balls, id rather stick my dick in blender.

  161. Vaderstack

    Meowcat I know everyone has their own opinions but its sometimes best to keep such large ones to yourself and not pick on these young boys who haven’t done anything wrong they are not hurting anyone I mean I don’t like the Jonas brothers but I don’t go around trying to destroy there career.

  162. Youropiniondoesntcount

    Hey I’m back, comments 91 and 92 sum ypbthis review quite well. If I wanted a review on the band dress sense or style I would read a fucking fashion mag you stupid reviewer! Learn to do your job. You said that you were taught a review was an opinion. An this is a musically based website soooooo that would suggest you should review their music, not how they look or dress =S so stop trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about! Review the music like you’re supposed to idiot haha and give your opinion on the music! Simple

  163. GraceEmma_

    paik: you’re such a fuckwit, i bet you’re some fat old man sitting in front of yr computer and the only kicks you get are from insulting short stack fans. p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c. so what if someones over weight, does it affect you? mind your own business for fucks sake.

  164. cooba

    them posing as others, was the only understandable way that they could have all these people sticking up for them.

    they made it one less contract unavailable for a talented band

  165. GraceEmma_

    following @Be372 @toriikitten @earthquakemay @chrissaayyyyy @Coookie_Monster @jam_cam22 @benmosh_dcm8, for #stackfansvshaters my twitter is @GraceEmma_

  166. nikki

    fuck all you short stack haters what the fucks wrong with you take a good look at your self first you all suck you short stack haters fuck you all piss off and stop wasting there time they have better things to to do instead of reading hate mail left by you go jump short stack haters

  167. alyssaa__stackk

    hi, yes um does your opinion matter??? noooo. because your a fag with absolute nooo taste in music. how is shauns voice scratchy?? explain that bitch?? believe it or not short stack are the nicest people i have ever met, they love their fans so much and they actually dont give a shit about people like you and fucking gay reviews. they laugh at douches like you who think their hardcore bitching about young artists. well wakeup grandpa its not the 1900s, it’s actually 2009 and this is the music of the millenuim so fuck off if u cant accept who short stack are and what they sing.

    by the way jimmy machan=sex

  168. helookssofine

    okay, i would just like to say, that this reveiw is mean. all it is doing is judging them on their looks instead of their music. i know every one is aloud to have an opinion, but some should not be told. all the people that are saying that shaun cant sing, and they are tone deaf, and all that other shit, you must be deaf, cos clearly he can sing. and he is really good at it to. so everyone just shut up and stop insulting a great band.

  169. aamelia

    its just a fucking review get over it. bands get bad reviews all the time. this person said there honest opinion. we all have diffferent opinions dont tell this person to fuck off and something just because of there different opinion are you gonna say fuck off to the rest of the people in australia who dont like stack no. so get over it.

  170. penny laane

    So I came across this review right and I didnt even bother reading every line of it. Whoever wrote this clearly knows nothing at all about music. Your most likely a angry boy/girl and you have nothing at all to do with yourself then to make people who are doing amazing things for fans and themselves feel like shit. All music should be appreciated and recongised and luckily for everyone theres not many people like you out there. Dont write a bad review on a band and then down the bottom write
    “So, yes, bring on the comments saying how wrong I am and how shit this review is and how Short Stack are β€œamazing and talented” musicians. I apologies in advance if this review offends you in some degree, I just dislike it so much. It’s another example of a β€˜trend’ band taking advantage of young and impressionable teens who think that clothing from Jay-Jays is punk or that playing music from your mobile-phone on public transport is badass. I can only hope that this will not last much longer.”
    It just makes everyone giggle at how immature and naive you are. especially the part about clothing from jay jays is punk and music on your phone is badass. The only person that needs a reality check is you. I have a feeling you think writing reviews and sounding educated is badass? you are surely mistaken.
    kindest regards, shannelle.

  171. GraceEmma_

    agreed with alyssaa__stack they are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met πŸ™‚ and helookssofine what you said is really true.

  172. Chrissay

    penny laane
    ; this review was written based on observations! have you not seen kids these days, who think theyre punk, yet havent heard of the ramones/the clash/sex pistols?! and they back their opinions up by the fact they got other people to listen to the album.

  173. stephypop212

    when i first read this a couple of hours ago there was about 100 comments now its past 300.
    in my perspective:
    the review is shit. they are a good band. very sweet, i have met them 3 times. and i love their album. and i love their music.

    but when a review is said about a band i don’t like i don’t start arguing with the fans who do like them cause its pointless and a waste of time. so shut the fuck up stack haters.

  174. courtneyruthven

    Okay, so sure Shaun goes off note sometimes and yeah some of their fans are stupid try hards. But really, who the hell cares? Every band has different age groups, but hey clearly having a fanbase around 14-18 is doing Short Stack good. Especially to once again be in the top 4 Oz Artist of the year.
    Also, don’t say they focus more on their image more then their music and their all about fame and not their fans. Of course everybody cares about how they look, it’s called having pride in your appearance, and they’re probably the only band that has ever personally called 1000 of their fans 1 by 1.

    If you don’t like their music then don’t listen to them, it’s simple. Stop trying to get all this attention by posting shitty reviews about bands who don’t give a rats ass about what you have to say.

  175. abbylaura_

    This review is pure shit . Believe it or not , music doesnt all have to sound the same , this is your opinion , and to be honest it doesnt matter what you say , your simply one person who has a big opinion . Shaun, Bradie & Andy are loyal to their fans , and believe it or not they actually do care about people who like their band . I don’t think anyone is going to go by this review as to whether they should buy the album or not . Pathetic you can’t just get over the fact that they make good music, and may not be the style you like , wake up to yourself and take it in your stride that this review isnt going to make Short Stack any less popular , it just makes you look like a complete tool , do you have no life ? Do you write ridiculous reviews because you can’t face your own life without realising how shit it is ? I personally love the fact that their music is different , that Shaun’s voice isnt perfect, that their hair is big & their jeans very tight , Bradie, Andy & Shaun are who they are & make music they like . So get fucked if you want to write something like this about them .

  176. stephanie_rose

    “14-year old girls who have convinced themselves that each of the members is their β€˜true love’ and have no idea what real music is” = generalisation much? Don’t care if you don’t like Short Stack, hate on them as much as you want because it’s people like you that probably inspire them to fight back and become a better band. But PLEASE can people stop stereotyping and insulting the fans? I like the new album – it’s not my favourite album ever but it’s fun. Not all 14 year old girls are in love with the members, and thanks but I’m pretty sure I know what ‘real music’ is. …p.s. I’m confused – why are people mentioning jimmy, he’s not in Short Stack?

  177. rachel1289

    yeah i donna why jimmy was brought into it either but i dont really car coz its pretty before when it was all tense and everyone was argueing and then rockstar69 goes iwant to have short stacks babys haha. that broke the tension a bit lol

  178. natalierox

    Youropiniondoesntcount Helloo =D i agree with you on thiss andd alsoo they do care for there fans people they go to meet and greets all the time and they stay for ages and they have everyone on twitter and myspace andd even facebook lol so this review is all wrong blurgh =D

  179. stephypop212

    jimmy was brought into it because someone was saying how people are friends with jimmy and friends with jimmys friends = being friends of a friend of the band

  180. penny laane

    grace emma thank you, you couldent have said it better.

    chrissay: god forbiden that kids are trying to fit in! Is your life that little bit harder that people havent herd of the ramones? Your observations are silly and inaccurate.

  181. iloveshortstackxx

    Worst review i have ever fucking read. You obviously have no taste in music.. Short Stack are awesome. There is nothing wrong with Shaun’s sexy voice, or the band, they are truly talented, their first album got to #1! They have a massive obsessive fan base, with people such as Camer0nTV and abcourtney. And obviously lot of people like them, this is because they are honestly the nicest guy i have ever met, they reply to comments, make awesome video’s and make sure everyone is having a good time at their shows AND ARE TALENTED!

    The way they dress is called fashion, guys in skinnys and eyeliner are hot! Just go out and look at every guy you see walking around who is not a loser with a penis stuck to his forehead!

    And Jimmy? That guy is the fucking best.. He’s just as sexy as the band and is in love with Peter Pan and to top it off.. He is and amazing photographer…

    So all the haters.. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  182. Chrissay

    penny laane; no its not. i just get irritated when kids are all IM SO PUNK OMG and have no idea of the meaning or origin. whatever happened to individuality ?

  183. stephanie_rose

    Individuality is crushed since people started labelling people who are individual as ‘indie’. Being individual is now highly mainstream. Thus, life sucks.

  184. helookssofine

    i would like to thank you for giving your opinion about short stack. this band has perfected the art of marketing themselves. kudos to them for getting to where they are and living the life that us mear mortals can only dream about. sure you don’t like the music but the key word is the teen market. they will read this review and get very angry and go out and hype up the band. without knowing it you have become short stacks tool of promotion. well done. they must be laughing over there bag of millions at you and your pathetic review

  185. ellewilliams

    Hahahaha this is just sad. Short stack tweens have managed to string this thing out for over 300 comments trying to defend their beloved band.

    Things to remember:
    1. Short stack are shit. Full stop end of story.
    2. Me saying that will not convince you to ditch your shitty infatuation
    3. In the same way, you will not be able to convince anyone that they are something worth listening to.

    So in conclusion, stop fighting, no one cares.
    A review is an opinion. If you don’t share it, deal with it.

  186. penny laane

    If someone else loves what a band does or what punk is then we should encourage it and embrace it, not try to change what someone loves because someone else loves it.

  187. lolliepop90210

    OMG I can’t belive you said that you don’t even listen to it for more the 30 fucking second and your supposed to be a reveiwest well go jump in a hole and fucking die far out I hate these fuck wits that come along and bag the shit out of things when you hardly listened to it

  188. Chrissay

    im not saying we shouldnt. but, for example, if someone decided to go straight edge, theyd get flamed for not having reasons and not knowing the history of it. you cant truly be part of a culture without knowing your shit. do you get me?

  189. ellewilliams

    1. 30 seconds is enough to tell that short stack are terrible.
    2. Learn to spell
    3. Go away, your opinion changes nothing

  190. amymaree

    @lolliepop90210 “OMG I can’t belive you said that you don’t even listen to it for more the 30 fucking seconds” – Did you not read it properly? The reviewer said that her friends said that, thus the quote.

  191. penny laane

    I do get you I just dont agree with it. I know most people feel the way you do. I just think it should change. If anyone wants to chat about shortstack (preferably not the person that wrote this review) or any subject for that matter, add me on myspace πŸ™‚

  192. stephanie_rose

    @ellewilliams lolliepop’s opinion means more than you’d think, considering every single fan is important when it comes to making a successful band like Short Stack.

  193. ellewilliams

    Yes, but she is fighting like every other fan on here to try and convince the masses that short stack are a decent band. So like i said, her opinion changes nothing. Everyone has their own opinion already, and there’s no point trying to fight for it. A review is a review, it’s not getting changed.

  194. amymaree

    @claytonSDC: She, not he.
    @ellewilliams: She can’t be fighting every fan on here! She hasn’t even commented – and of course her opinion wouldn’t change anyone elses. If it did, then they wouldn’t have really liked/hated them in the first place, if you get what I mean. I don’t think it was even her intention to try and change what others thought of them. She already said in her review that she apologises in advance if people take offense to the review- It’s just her own thoughts.

  195. ashlee93xo

    woaaaah. yes everyones entitled to their opinion. but think before you write.
    so what if some of their fans are 14. the wiggles have a target audience right? do they get dissed for it? i think not.
    and calling their fans fat, i think thats not needed. cyber bullying? pretty low.
    everyone has their right to like a band right?
    and people who are saying that their look is crap and what not, and saying their music is crap, and only get their fans from their looks.
    isn’t that a double negative? saying their ugly. but have their fans becasue their attractive? im confused.
    you can dislike a band. but atleast appreciate their dedication and hard work. and to those saying their money hungry or whatever. if you can’t tell, or know anything. bands don’t make much money these days because everyone downloads right? and if they were so rich, don’t you think they would dress in different clothes. that is all.

  196. ellewilliams

    Hahaha then why have the comments spanned for so long. Some people infuriate me. Not you, but just most of the people on here in general.

  197. ellewilliams

    The internet in general has turned into twitter.. even facebook haha. Just another sign of society going down the toilet. Ahh im so cynical

  198. amymaree

    Agreed. It’s frustrating. Yes, some people like SS. Yes, some don’t. Who cares? Let’s just get on with out lives. It’s not the most important thing in the world.

  199. amymaree

    “When did this turn into ‘ZOMG follow me on twittah?’ Oh well, I don’t care. Haha, I think i found the reviewers twitter. XD”

    Oh, nope. Wasn’t her. Oh well. lol

  200. hxcmosh4172

    @docklife it’s about fucking time you arrived, hahaha @claytonSDC I moshed and took mic grabs at MileHighMurder’s only show, stop sweating…hahahahaha

  201. bryaaa

    @stephanie_rose no it wasn’t to you, it was to everyone on this forum for taking the time to bitch about 3 boys who couldn’t give two shits what you think about them.

  202. claytonSDC


  203. jimmymachan

    Hello all. I’m jimmy and I wa mentioned in this somewht mess of crap, over a review that as far as I can see is focused more on what they look like than the actual music =S hmm strange haha thaught it was a music review. Anyways, just thaught it was funny I was mentioned lol I’m not even in te band and I didn’t ask for the ‘fans’ haha and I’m not gonna complain about it. I’m friends with the boys and I know they are awesome people and try put it 110% effort when it come to anything to do with the band. Everyone can have there opinion, I know they are amazing an that’s all that matters to me. I don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks about me or shortstack. =D evening to you all

  204. aamelia

    agree with jimmy like you people shouldnt be saying this person who rote this is a slut and stuff and other stuff of wat ive heard its just a reivew and goo on you jimmy πŸ™‚

  205. cooba

    This review is awesome, kill your stereo obviously know music as they gave this album 1 and colours live by between the buriedand me 100.

    also you can all lick my well formed balls

  206. stephmanc

    i totallly dissagree. and like most people sed, if u hate them so much why even waste you time writing this? thats actually stupid. and id like to see you ‘try’ and sing like shaun. or play drums like bradie, or bass like andy. these guys are actually amazing, who cares if 14 year old girls like them, they still mannaged to get there album to nuber one didnt they ? so i think that your the immature person and get over the fact that shortstack are better than you πŸ™‚

  207. gingerninja90

    get. a. life.

    since when is it ok to utterly diss a band based on their looks and your personal taste in music? I hate Muse, but i dont tell my friends that their singing sucks and that the lead singer is a fag for wearing shiny red pants.

    everyone is allowed an opinion. But hey, why not give a well-researched, unbiased opinion?

    ps. jimmy: ur comment pwnd. high-five.

  208. hxcmosh4172

    @gingerninja90 I don’t know where the fuck you’re from but here in Australia we have this thing called freedom of speech and as a democracy this right is protected, you fucking idiot

  209. bryaaa

    i understand this is an album review and it’s what you do, although it was a bit harsh if i do say so myself.. but to everyone else commenting on it saying you agree, you don’t review albums, so no one cares what you have to say

  210. stephanie_rose

    lol as soon as I saw jimmy’s comment I was thinking ‘I wonder how many people are gonna mention that he’s awesome etc.’. Yes his comment is true, I agree with him but it’s not like he said anything different to anything anyone else has said so far.

  211. xBrooke

    HAHAHA! short stack is the best band everr, and jimmy is pre cool ;D more than half of these people are bagging them, but there one of few bands that communicate with there fans, and there not shit, there music is amazing and so is this album. haha agree with alii19 JIMMY #1 πŸ˜€

  212. Batty_

    If u don’t like the band y r u writing reviews on them? Why not think of the positives in life and write reviews on your fave band? And don’t bring people who are trying to have some fun doing what they love down, everyone has a different taste in music, and your opinion is your opinion, but u shouldn’t generalize the fans. Yes there are fans that are like “I love them so much I wanna marry them” but it’s the same with any other thing. Take twilight for example, or all time low. Not all short stack fans are like that. I am a fan of their music, but im not a fan that loves them so much that I wanna marry them. Instead of wasting your time on writing nasty reviews about extremely nice people. Why don’t you find something better to do, because it appears you put slot of effort into this

  213. emmad8

    lol now everybody is talking about jimmy. i 100% agree with him, and also we arent just ‘fans’ of him because he id friends with the band, sure thats how most of us came to know of him, but its not why why still read his tweets and talk to him at shows. if you make friends with somebody, through another friend, you dont just stay friends with that person because they’re friends with your other friend (if you follow that, lol) jimmy has a really good point there, and hes a pretty awesome person too =D. x

  214. Zoe_Jean_Stack

    Go Jimmy Go Jimmy Go Jimmy (comment #422)

    Short Stack are awesome and I love their music πŸ™‚

    Shaun, Andy and Bradie are doing what they love and there are soooo many people out there that love what they are doing. I have been to one of their concerts and the atmosphere there is incredible, that was the best night of my life πŸ™‚

    So to the people that HATE Short Stack, I say listen to the radio for once, Short Stack are the best thing on there and seriously GET A LIFE

    xx Zoe-Jean

  215. gingerninja90

    ah whatever. everyone can say whatever the hell they want to say, because at the end of the day, its the fans of the music who support the band, and buy the music. There are always gonna be haters, no matter which band we’re talking about. so practically every comment on here = zero worth. get off your computer and get a life. *signs off*

  216. bryaaa

    you still all suck. to the ss haters, they don’t care if you bag them. they laugh at it more than anything.. and to the ss obsessed crazy ass fans who think you’re wicked awesome coz you think you know short stack and their friends, mainly jimmy, they don’t need you to defend them, they’d do it themselves if they cared that much.

  217. s13metal

    oh you guize are all foolz short stack are in my opinion, the best band evaaa from australia. there hair is awsum and there songs have the best breakdownssss!
    why cant every1 just leave them alone

  218. nnnicoleee

    Amy, how old are you? I’m just going to have a guess here and presume you’re not a teenager, therefore I don’t exactly see how you can relate to what ‘Tweens’ enjoy. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, I would love to be put in my place, that’s if I’m incorrect.

    Jimmy is correct, most of the review is focused on their fashion, not their music. Yes, Short Stack are your typical ‘scene’ band, but the way they dress and how well their music is, are two completely different things.

    For all I know, your friend could enjoy grinding his testicles in a garlic crusher, so I don’t care what he thinks. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I’m stating mine.

    Fourteen year old’s, sorry, ‘Tweens’ (including me) may actually enjoy listening to this music, and I greatly do. What, do you think that Short Stack are punk? My lord, old thing have you ever heard of Screamo? Maybe then you could comment about keeping your ears in tact, but these are hardly anything compared to what is actually out there.

    I’m also going to take a wild guess and say that you’re not a fan (wow, I didn’t see that one coming other *sarcasm*) so you don’t know how hard these boys have worked for that place, and rightfully in my opinion. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is (that’s if you can hear me, love) music has changed since the good old days, and this is what’s popular now, so get used to it or piss off. We do enjoy Shaun’s ‘gritty’ voice, because it’s what floats our boat, not because he’s the latest trend.

    I’m also guessing you haven’t met the boys, a lot of their fans have. That’s because after every show, the boys come out and say hello to the fans. They also have recently done a regional tour and they are truly incredible, sincere guys. That’s another reason why we like them. People call the fans devoted, well I think the band’s more devoted to their fans than any of us could come to realize. They acknowledge us as real people, not like a lot of bands in their situation.

    Honey, your days are over. Get used to these boys because they’re going to be sticking around for a long time. How about some advice? Go get a lay, come back, listen to their music and you might enjoy them once you’ve relaxed.

    Cheers, love.

    *Sorry about stereotyping old people, I couldn’t resist when I saw that she had with the ‘Tween’ comment.*

  219. alanaonefoursix

    First off; GO JIMMY. (We love you for you and not because you know the boys, you know.)
    Secondly. I feel like I want to commit murder whenever I hear the Jonas Brothers.
    But Short Stack is my favourite band. There are fans who get a little over-obsessive. But we’re not all like that. They do what they love and they have worked so hard to get to where they are now and they laugh at your criticism. Just so you know.

    Good evening to you kind sir.

  220. hxcmosh4172

    “Get used to these boys because they’re going to be sticking around for a long time.”

    These guys won’t make 2010

  221. starsoverseas


  222. bryaaa

    @s13metal shouldn’t have mentioned the bit about their hair, that’s just lame. like them for their music, not for their fucking hair

  223. the_brookles

    look, ive heard this all before, being a huge short stack fan (who is 20 years old, yes i am actually their age, and i hate all the screaming 14 year olds too, yet i still love them for their music!) i do encounter lots of short stack hate, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not everyone likes the same music.

    the thing that pisses me off about this review is where its said that short stack care more about fame than they do their fans. i have been to every single one of short stacks melbourne gigs, and waited out after all of them to meet them, and every single time they come out, and not only do they sign something of everyones before leaving, they also take photos and give hugs to every single fan there. the main reason i ended up loving short stack as much as i do now is because of their dedication to their fans, they will never forget that its the fans that got them to where they are today.

    so basically, say what you want about their music, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but dont make stupid assumptions about who the band really are, cos you have no flippin idea what you are talking about.

  224. s13metal

    460. bryaaa
    15.09.2009 11:46:55
    @s13metal shouldn’t have mentioned the bit about their hair, that’s just lame. like them for their music, not for their fucking hair

    you fuckhat

  225. kellystackk

    well jimmy is cool caz he like peter pan. bradie is the sickest and world’s best drummer and he likes spiderman. andy is sexy and his lips DO CONDUCT ELECTRICITY(pitt st). shaun is an awesome song writer and the band is really cool. they have a zillion fans and every band has haters. its cool. but dont diss them caz ur gay. they have heaps of support from their friends and fans. ily short stack. ily jimmy. caz peter pan and spiderman r cool.

  226. nunnchuckz

    what the fuck is the average age of posters, must be 12-14.

    The music is shit, the review was shit, and all short stack fans are equally as shit.

    now play nicely children

  227. perfectxhell

    Oh god. Since when have this band deserved so much attention?

    Re: Short Stack fans.
    I feel sorry for you guys. I really do. Maybe one day you’ll wake up from this fantasy world that Shit Stack ACTUALLY like you (and their own lives for that matter) and actually believe their lyrics are “inspiring and amazing”. I hope you figure out what real talent is and stop wasting your time, energy and life on these talentless wussys.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thankyou and goodnight.

  228. jinglezzz

    hello alll.. im also mates with the band, and the dude who said he got his ass handed to him, yes he got hit, however, the guy punched him while his back was turned fro no reason what so ever, and then the fight was broken up, “his ass handed to him” clearly and understatement. also, this review is full o shit, yeah the bassist and the guitarist aren’t fucking amazing, but neither are most people in bands, the drummer is a freak however, the band is still young, if it aint your scene. dont listen. and the dude who said they are famous cause of funding from their parents. you are way wrong. all the funding. was all universal records. not their parents. get your shit write b4 you start accusing.

  229. BrookeyBabeh

    when will people learn, we know shaun is tone deaf THATS WHAT MAKES HIS VOICE HOT!! people are just ignorant if they wont admit that short stack are cool, i reckon their all jealous coz of shauns epic hairyness, bradies epic muscles and andys… well we love andy anyway πŸ™‚ haha nice jinglez πŸ™‚ SHORT STACK RULE TEEN MUSIC!!

  230. rainbowskiesfly.

    ‘Sup. Basically, all I’ve got to say, is that Short Stack are an epic band. No, they haven’t got the most amazing songs ever, nor are they the best band ever, but through their fan-interactions, and improvements over the years, they’ve become recognized. Who cares if not everyone likes them? Not everyone likes Britney Spears, and she’s still pretty famous.

    And to the author of this review: Short Stack isn’t for all fans of the Jonas Brothers. Personally, I hate the Jonas Brothers, and I don’t understand at all, why anyone could like them.

    Shaun Diviney’s vocals aren’t the most amazing, but who gives a fuck? Nobody’s voice is perfect, and if anyone can give me an example of a person’s voice who is perfect, good on you. Andy Clemmensen’s bass skills? Are you fucking serious? As I said about Shaun before, nobody is fucking perfect. Get that into your minds. Same with Bradie Webb.

    To me, Short Stack’s my favourite band. I genuinely appreciate their music, and their talent. I’m not following whatever “trend” is going on at the moment with “tweeny boppers” as you call us.

    I see Jimmy & Shannon’s posts πŸ™‚ Haha, you guys are epic.

  231. BrookeyBabeh

    whats with the hate on the jonas brothers? haha so now people can judge jo bros but not stack, i love short stack n im not a big job bro fan, but thats a little hypocritical.

  232. penny laane

    starsoverseas: wow i think you would be better suited somewhere you can be yourself… a mental instiution possibly?
    P.S. the capslock isnt doing nothing, darling.

  233. Batty_

    U do realize that this review isn’t gonna make the fans hate them and the haters like them, this arguing is going abit far, so what if they aren’t the most amazing band you’ve ever heard, so what if the guitarists aren’t up to scratch. Their drummer is extremely good, and they write their own songs, if you read their bio and some interviews with them, they don’t think they are a perfect band either. And if u watch an acoustic performance from an instore, watch the guitar solo in princess, that will prove that they are good guitarists. And if you think they are crap, I challenge you to be better and put a video of yourself up on YouTube so we can see how much better you are than Shaun and andy.
    Don’t put someone else down, if you aren’t better than them.. How far have you gone in life to pursue a dream?

  234. georgiaheard

    All these comments are so mean, appart from the girls who are backing up short Stack. Those who say short stack only have a large fan base becasue of their image are deffinetally wrong. They do have extreme music talent, maybe you girls just dont understand how difficult it is to play instruments, all keep in time with eachother and produce great songs. Id like to see you all attempt to do so.sure i may be your opinion that you hate them, but youre all a little harsh dont you think?

  235. mikiholmes

    well these boys do have an extreme amount of talent and i doubt that anyone can do any better. the person who wrote the interveiw obvisously didn’t do their job properly as it was more about the way they look not about their music and they are great at both! =)

  236. jordieee

    Far Out. Short Stack are a band that would do anything to make their fans happy, and thats what they do. They make their FANS happy. If you don’t like them, don’t listen to them, it’s that simple. But don’t try to turn other people away from them because of your opinion, which you are entitled to. You have judged and criticized Shaun, and only Shaun, on his vocals. He’s a 20 year old kid for crying out loud. I have never heard a person sing with perfect pitch, but Shaun’s not that far off from perfect, in my opinion. You have also tried to back up your review to make SS seem far worse, by criticizing their clothing and style. What they wear and what their album cover picture is, has got nothing to do with their music. And I have never seen a male singer or an actor for that matter, who hasn’t worn make up while they are doing their jobs. It gives them a sense of style and a sense of mystery. But, whoever you are, one of the worst things you could of done, was judge their fan base. We’re not all a bunch of 14 year old teens, who haven’t got a clue about music and just love them for their looks. So go and do some homework. And if you think Short Stack will be gone once they grow up, you’re far from wrong. They have done so much to get where they are now, and I’m confident they will keep their name heard. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  237. golden_youth

    im gunna start a short stack cover band called danny and wilfas excellent adventure. all you 14yr old fat scene girls can line up and give hand jobs to them.

  238. stephanie_rose

    I’m not at school (: HA suffeeerrrr. I’m kinda happy that jinglezzz said that shaun and andy aren’t great, I was too scared to say that before but now that he said it I guess it’s okay: Shaun & Andy are not the greatest musicians (not that they think they are anyway). I hate music where you have to analyse each aspect of it to fully appreciate it – Stack Is The New Black is simple enough to listen to and enjoy, and it sounds good overall; it doesn’t require you to analyse the musicality of each song and section.

  239. stephanie_rose

    @dannyk thanks, yes it did take a lot of self restraint to stop fisting myself so that I could post here, but I’m sure it was more difficult for you to stop jacking off for long enough to say that.

  240. golden_youth

    everyone over 15 knows that short stack only got number one because their mums bought boxes of their cds. i know shauns mums and she has boxes and boxes of cds under the house.
    wanna know how i know his mum??

    its cause she is a whore.

  241. Dannyk

    Dearest Stephanie_rose,

    I have actually mastered the fine art of masterbating, and…AND!! typing on the internet. Some might say i have found the meaning of life. Im pretty great to be perfectly honest.


    DannyK πŸ™‚

  242. natalierox

    @fotizzle hi tess again lol i wanted to tell you that you came on when andy and jimmy twiitered it as well even if u were here still cuz they posted it or u wouldnt have known that its here mhmhmh =D Andddd short stack are awesomeee =D @natalierox follloow me on twitter hahahaa =D

  243. turnitgrey

    Having been a fan of Short Stack for a few years, I disagree wholeheartedly with the comment they care more about fame than fans.
    This band makes themselves so accessible to the fans, through social networking, instores and at shows.
    I have been to nearly 50 shows, and there is not one show I have been to where the band hasn’t stuck around, often for hours, often in the early hours of the morning to make sure everyone gets the chance to say hi.
    I myself, am well over 14, proving they’re not just the ‘tween band’ they have been declared.
    Whilst i’ll admit us ‘oldies’ are in the minority, we’re still there, and we’re still every bit as much a fan as the ’14 year old scene girls’
    Yes, i’ll admit this band are incredibly well marketed. Thats not a crime.
    The management obviously have a strategy in place and its working. But what band signed to a major record label doesn’t these days?
    I respect your opinion, and i’ll admit, I did find that review quite humorous, and I don’t agree with the people flaming you for your opinion, i’m just coming here to offer mine.
    I’m not saying the album is the best album ever written, because I know its not.
    I’m just saying Short Stack have hit a niche market, and their music fits it well.
    It’s not about wether Shaun can sing, or if Andy is there to just look good.
    They are 3 very decent humans, who have put out a decent album which satisfies their target market brilliantly.
    For some reason, they just always rub people up the wrong way.
    Thats my opinion anyway ha ha.

  244. winsor

    I’m not saying that every fan of Short Stack is a 14 year old girl or fat

    But I am saying that absolutely none of them has any idea whatsoever about music and that point cannot be argued.

  245. Tran

    I think Short Stack are great. Sure the songs aren’t very good but if this many people love them then they are having a positive impact. Young people need to be passionate about music, good work guys, keep it up!

  246. katkatkat

    um im pretty sure if they didnt care about their fans they wouldnt be making appearances (meet and greets, instores etc) like every weekend!! and also make “stack packs” for people with their own hands and ring them and stuff!! im a big fan of theirs and going to their concert and i happen to love their music and you said that we dont know what real music is… what the hell! not our fault your probably prefer beethoven or something gay like that! and your obviously a REALLY old guy who doesnt know anything about them so i say QUIT MAKING SHIT REVIEWS AND DIE! bitchface. goodbye.