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87 / 100

I must admit, when this reviewer received Young Heretics debut EP, The Dreamers, I was very skeptical. Young Heretics, consisting of Kitty Hart and Matthew Wright (formerly of the now broken up, The Getaway Plan), I was unsure of what to expect, and honestly did not expect anything from it at all.


I was mistaken.


Upon listening to the opening track, ‘Bones of a Rabbit’, the listener is subjected to Kitty’s almost eerie and mysterious vocals, along with a steady piano introduction when Matthew chimes in. Their voices together are almost haunting, yet are merged with the incredible melody to form an incredibly artistic and beautiful song. The lyrics are intricately composed, sounding more like dreamy prose then other substandard words posing as lyrics that are found in other bands today.


‘The Lost Loves’ is the clear winner of the EP, in my opinion. Kitty Harts vocals sound pure and melodic, and the song manages to take hold of its own. Soft and powerful, the track is outstanding. Even though it sounds light-hearted, there is an air of mystery, passion and darkness to it – almost impossible to describe unless you listen to the track. It has the perfect balance of piano, synthesizers, guitar and vocals, which leave you only wanting more.


‘Dark Prince’ takes on the role of the EP’s ballad. Met with more dreamy prose and Kitty’s vocals, the song is exceedingly intimate.


My only problem with this EP is the closing track ‘Winter Makes a Sleeper’. The vocals are muffled and almost ruined by a “winter wind” that was edited in during the mixing process. For me, this completely ruined my opinion of the final and closing track. It still manages to retain some kind of mystery as its comrades do, but is nothing compared to them either. 



This EP is unlike anything I have heard before, so much so that I had an incredibly hard time trying to find bands similar for the ‘Fans of:’ section of this review – and ended up just putting down The Hush Sound, as I couldn’t think of anything else.


But I digress.



The Dreamers EP manages to show exactly how much musical chemistry Kitty and Matthew share, and that is a fuckload of chemistry. It encompasses so many aspects of mystery, darkness, suspense and dreamy prose that manage to come together flawlessly withKitty and Matthews pure vocals in a way that’s almost haunting and full of magic at the same time.


It will leave you lost for words, and wanting more.


  1. Bones of a Rabbit – 4.57
  2. The Lost Loves – 3.45
  3. Dark Prince – 3.07
  4. Winter Makes a Sleeper – 2.59

13 Responses to “Young Heretics – The Dreamers”

  1. goldenphoenix1

    atmospheric and ambient

    problem is, is if you have a real big look around, there are bands/artists that do this work regularly, mix and produce songs of similar sounding
    massive attack has been doing it for years

    the melodies are definitely emotionally stirring, and their voices are unique for our small australian scene, but all over the world there are releases of par quality and creativity, with years over these two.

    in a way its not THAT original.

    just a bit pissed that the whole tone of this review seemed like you hadn’t had a listen of anything similar, and it was as if you just jumped off the getaway plan bandwagon onto yh.

  2. KYS-Cam

    there is a valid point in amongst all that Jared (the comparison to Massive Attack) but the YH Cd is a fucking corker, that’s for sure

  3. maggie

    winter makes a sleeper is a home recorded demo done in 2006, they probably should of written that somewhere but apparently couldn’t be fucked.

  4. amymaree

    Probably because they liked this one. Short Stack review was awesome cause they ripped into them – and look what it provided, hilarity in the form of fan comments.

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