The City And Skyway – Everything Looks Worse in Black And White


Everything Looks Worse in Black And White






For Fans Of

Angela’s Dish, Kisschasy


Not very adventurous.


40 / 100

The sort of music my Grandmother would have described as punk, The City and Skyway sound unfortunately generic, flat, and lack imagination in Everything Looks Worse in Black And White.

When I was 12 I probably would have enjoyed this album, but that was back when Foo Fighters just released their self-titled debut and I thought that was heavy. ELWIBAW (that’s a long acronym to describe rubbish) isn’t too bad for an undeveloped ear or people new to punk – overall their album is bland and, well, unmoving.

The vocals are clean in Stepson and the lyrics are memorable – an easy one to passively enjoy – but the range offered to listeners in the vocals and instruments are limited.

For the record: I can’t sing and the shower is my domain full of imaginary screaming fans. Mitch Lyon, the vocalist, does well to put me to shame and his fans probably aren’t imaginary like my own, but in the scheme of pop punk vocalists he doesn’t measure up to the likes of Darren from Kisschasy, or even Chris Scott from Stealing O’ Neal (those guys are pretty good and it‘s a shame they‘re not bigger).

I did enjoy Doctor We Need Healing because it has some screams and emotion was apparent in the song. 1111 East Main wasn’t too bad either with some layered vocals and a ballad-feel.


Overall this full length album could have been an EP and still offered the same variety to listeners. Good for an older age bracket who don’t like their music too adventurous.


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