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For Fans Of

Saosin, Receiving End of Sirens, Misery Signals


You’d be nuts not to listen to this album.


84 / 100

Sights and Sounds have delivered a brave, epic, and often adventurous album in Monolith. The sort of album that needs to be listened to from start to end, and remain in your CD player for a month (or programmed to repeat on your iPod), Monolith is 14 tracks of thick, layered, atmospheric, textured and awesome hardcore come punk.

Let’s cut a long story short. Two thumbs up. For those who want a longer story: read on.

S&S is comprised of members from Comeback Kid, Sick City, and Figure Four, and the mix of musical talent that contributed to Monolith is clear throughout the entire album.

The range of S&S is evident in the opening track, Sorrows, which introduces us to the album with a dark and sometimes mysterious fusion of harmonics layered over an atmospheric musical background.

The album develops with strong punk influences that later diminish in The Sun, four tracks in. The Sun opens with what could be the start of any soft Jimmy Eat World song, with mixed string instruments as sweeteners, but later blends seamlessly into an epic ballad that would probably have an arena full of people singing along when performed live. Bound to be a favourite amongst listeners.

Andrew Neufield does well as the vocalist to present his audience with a reasonable amount of range – he can certainly sing – and the abilities of drummer Joel Neufield are clear.


Think Saosin crossed with Linkin Park crossed with Thursday crossed with Muse. S&S are difficult to describe definitively in one sentence, but without further ado they are highly recommended.


1. Sorrows
2. Shudder, St Kilda
3. Storm
4. The Sun
5. The Clutter
6. Neighbours
7. The Furthest Truth
8. Pedal Against The Wind
9. Night Train
10. Reconcile
11. Borderlines
12. Sorrows II
13. Pillars

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