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Parkway Drive is a band who has been continuously on the rise while decimating any hurdle since their inception in 2002.  The consistent and often ruthless work ethic that surrounds the band has finally been revealed in a documentary spanning their entire existence up to and including the recent Sweat Fest tour with A Day to Remember and The Acacia Strain. 

It’s amazing to see what started off as such a small band born from a tiny surf town on the coast of NSW to develop into arguably Australia’s biggest heavy band. Along the way all the struggles that come from the touring lifestyle are displayed and range from sleeping outdoors in paddocks in Europe, replacing members, relentlessly touring Australia as well as signing to Epitaph Records in America. 

Possibly the most overwhelming and slightly surreal moment is watching 3500 payers go ape shit at the River Stage in Queensland, an outdoor arena which usually caters for the likes of Eskimo Joe and other radio friendly groups.  The fact that a band of such humble beginnings is able to play a venue of this size and get such a response is amazing.  Testimonials are given from various members of the hardcore and metal community including Adam D (KSE), Pete Abordi (No Apologies) and of course Michael Crafter.   A bonus section is also included on the disc showing how they go about writing songs, their stance on substance abuse as well as how they spend their time off.  

In addition to the documentary token live footage is contained which is now essential for any music DVD release (duh).  The set is faultless and includes everything from circle pits, head walks and stage dives from a first person perspective. Songs like “Carrion”, “Mutiny” and “Romance is dead” should keep even the pickiest punter impressed and warm the kids for the upcoming DVD tour with Architects and August Burns Red.   


At a measly $ 19.99 from JB HI FI, why the fuck wouldn’t you!?


Live DVD:

1. Boneyards  
2. Gimme AD  
3. Idols And Anchors  
4. Carrion 
5. Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro  
6. The Siren Song  
7. Mutiny  
8. Feed ‘Em To The Pigs  
9. Dead Man’s Chest  
10. Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Go

13 Responses to “Parkway Drive – The DVD”

  1. jordan10

    people who don’t even listen to parkway or like the music should buy it and watch it
    it’s the most amazingest thing ever, pie is the funniest kid but hahahahahaahah “booong!”

  2. Anonymous

    DVD is sensational. Saw them last night and they were fucking awesome. heard a new track and they’re still killin’ it. Can’t wait for the new album

  3. NickBennettESP

    yeah my girl friends who hate the music still love the dvd, the dudes (especially pie) and shit….how could u not fucking love them???

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