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This Road Takes Me Home


Disconnect Records




For Fans Of

A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out, Comeback Kid


Mercury cider makes you win at shit.


78 / 100

It’s common knowledge that bands from Tasmania are good because they have extra fingers and can play better. So even though this band was new to me I was pretty keen on them as soon as I saw they were on Disconnect Records, because that means they’re definitely fast, melodic 90’s style punk and probably have solos. Granted having said that, the disc isn’t exactly a surprise package, but who gives a fucking shit? 
It’s all systems go from the outset here, with Push And Pull flying off the mark and throwing everything these dudes have got into the ring- it’s all gang vocals and dual harmonies and wailing guitars from start to finish, which is all rad, but for me it wasn’t the strongest track to open with- it does have a pretty sweet intro- but further listening showcases some incredible songwriting from this band. And so enter Local Anaesthetic, for me this was where the CD really got started. It’s more of the same, but with more structure, more balls, and heaps of people going “whoahhh” which is always going to own. The remaining tracks deliver the same punches in similar ways and while this might get tedious on a full length, it works perfectly on such a short record. 
My only real gripe is some of the recording sounds a bit sketchy at times. While the overall production is passable, certain parts fall a little flat, most notably when a few of the harmonies don’t quite nail it and end up sounding rushed and careless, which in turn detracts from the energy that’s otherwise so solidly maintained. Fuck, listen to me talking about a punk record being too careless. Jesus Christ.  
All up this thing kicks ass and you’d be an idiot not to get something out of listening to it, what it lacks in originality it makes up for in heart, well worth your time.


Tasmaniacs doing what they do best. Spend your money on this instead of the English band with the same name.


      1. Push And Pull
      2. Local Anaesthetic
      3. Sedition Laws
      4. Night Vision
      5. Bridges
      6. This Road Takes Me Home

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