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Majesty DVD


Metal Blade/Riot



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All Shall Perish – Job for a Cowboy – Psycroptic


Thrash Death gurus like you’ve never seen them before.


80 / 100

I tip my hat to Metal Blade/Riot as they haven’t done a half arsed job at a DVD yet (see the As I Lay Dying documentary) and thankfully they haven’t skipped a beat on the production of the first Black Dahlia Murder DVD release entitled ‘Majesty’. 
Most Black Dahlia areas of interest are covered including how the band formed, ways to kill time on tour and thankfully a full section devoted to the now famous Ape from the Statutory Ape film clip.  It becomes apparent early in the film that all the members seemingly always relaxed, which is surprising considering the high stress environment that comes with being at the fore front of one of the world’s most admired extreme metal bands.  This may be linked to the excessive amounts of weed the band seems to punish before each set (and still shred, gurus!) 

While the band has a mostly tongue and cheek attitude towards their music, it also shows a different side in how devoted and serious they are when approaching the writing process and also when performing live.  An excellent example of this is Bassist Bart modifies a cast on his recently broken arm to ensure he can play that night. The only downside in this release is how foggy and left out information is regarding to how the band went about writing each release and what they hoped to achieve.   
To complete the package is live footage of over ten songs including ‘I’m Charming’, ‘Miasma’ and ‘A Vulgar Picture’ to name a few gems present. 

The live shots are taken from all over the world as opposed to one single concert, which is a somewhat refreshing perspective to see the scenery change every few songs.  There doesn’t seem much point in mentioning how tight the tracks are, as those who have seen Black Dahlia on their recent two runs through our country stand testament to how very brutal and precise the band is.


Humorous insight showing being in a metal band isn’t just about corpse paint and looking serious.  Those who liked The Black Dahlia Murder before will more than likely find their love rekindled or extended, bring on their new album Deflorate in September!


1. Elder Misanthropy  
2. Funeral Thirst  
3. I’m Charming  
4. Flies  
5. A Vulgar Picture  
6. Statutory Ape  
7. Miasma  
8. Everything Went Black  
9. Worship  
10. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse  
11. Deathmask Divine

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