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When I was ten years old my old man tried to show me how to kill a chicken, but completely fucked it up and just clipped the side of its neck with the axe so it flapped around pissing blood everywhere, making this mental gurgling screaming sound which until last week was the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I say this because last week I received in the mail ‘I’m Not A Fan..But The Kids Like It’ by Brokencyde, and it’s the worst shit you could ever fucking imagine. 
They’re calling themselves “Crunkcore” but they don’t seem to have a fucking clue about hardcore or rap, they sound more like they were sucking each other off at a party one night and Enter Shikari came on and they figured they could start a band, or something, I don’t know, but it’s fucked. The music sounds like it was done entirely on a Fisher Price keyboard and the dual vocals are completely woeful, mixing super pissweak screeches with exaggerated pop singing which I guess is supposed to sound ironic but it just comes across incredibly self conscious and deliberate. 
I’m hesitant to go too bezerk ragging them out here because apart from it not being worth my time they seem to really lap up any attention they can get, good or bad, and I’m not keen on giving them the satisfaction despite the fact that they’re what’s wrong with the world. It’s not just me though, outspoken haters include Geoff Rickly, Buddy Nielson and Steve Albini, so I’m not as washed up as you think. 
Cue the comments regarding how wrong I am and how this is a shit review and all that, I’m sorry if I upset you because I said the boys with the tattoos weren’t any good, but I just hated it so much. It gets one point because it made me laugh, but only out of frustration.


If you like anything about this band I will actually fight you.


   1. "Intro" – 0:40
   2. "Freaxx" – 3:36
   3. "Skeet Skeet" – 3:57
   4. "Late Night Call (Skit)" – 0:44
   5. "Booty Call (feat. E-40)" – 3:24
   6. "Get Crunk!" – 4:23
   7. "Yellow Bus" – 3:22
   8. "Get Up (feat. Daddy X)" – 3:48
   9. "Jealousy" – 3:33
  10. "Poppin’" – 3:20
  11. "40 Oz." – 4:29
  12. "Sex Toys" – 2:58
  13. "Rockstar" – 4:06
  14. "Schitzo" – 4:08
  15. "Scene Girls" – 3:43
  16. "Tipsy" – 4:57
  17. "I’m Sorry" – 7:45

37 Responses to “Brokencyde – Im Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It”

  1. post-hardcore

    If I found anyone who actually likes this band i would punch him right in the gut.
    Apart from this bands shitty quality music and attempted “electronic nintendo” sounds, the singing sounds like a faggot who is whinging about fucking nothing and their screams sound like a pig getting stabbed with a dagger.
    How they raised enough funds to bring out ANOTHER SHITHOUSE ALBUM is beyond me.
    Who agrees?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. milliexmayhem

    I like the album, thats who Brokencyde is. If its not to your taste then don’t fucking listen to it! Yeah, the music clip for “Booty Call” sucked shit, so ameture. But I personally enjoyed the album. Go fucking suck a chode!

  3. for_all_these_times

    I hate the fact that younger kids are actaully being exposed to shit like this where all their lyrics are about getting chicks drunk then pregnant then acting like they don’t know them, getting money and spending it on drugs, selling drugs, degrading women (yet again) and a whole lot of other crap…who would actually give these guys a record deal?

  4. Dann_imamonster

    BC13 MOFO’SS! 😀 brokeNCYDE is aboslutely the most amazing screamo band noww 😀 i LOVEE themm! SE7EN I LOVEE YEWHH! LETS GET FREAKY NOW LETS GET FUCKING FREAKY NOWW! infinite starz! D: oh look its bree bree! brokeNCYDE rocks the universe

  5. theacademyiscourtney

    okay then… let’s fight.
    they’re not meant to be taken seriously.
    they’re fun and different.
    they’re just out to have fun and do what they love, give them a break.
    i know that their music isn’t amazingly written.
    but they have fans, like me, and they’re doing alright.
    honestly, to all the haters, if you don’t like ’em, don’t listen to ’em.
    nobody’s forcing you to.

    i love their music. it’s random, crazy and it makes me laugh.
    it’s great entertainment and i love se7en’s voice.
    it’s wierd but hella orig’.
    i hate anything hiphop usually, but i love bc13.
    end of story 🙂

    LOL, and i agree with milliexmayhem.

  6. A Day In Denver

    Hahahaha, Brett – your a fucking legend, this would have to be possibly the world’s greatest review.
    Horrible excuse for music imo, entirely agree with these comments haha.

  7. Anonymous

    i don’t get why people think this band is even “cool”, its pathetic really. Same with 3OH!3, to me it just sounds like some kind of desperate attempt to get into some stupid rock n roll lifestyle of sex, drugs and anything BUT the quality of the music. But I guess its working for them, but on the other hand I’m glad I’m not some monkey who has a giant pen up his ass that can make such a stupid genre title like “crunk-core”.

  8. Shauni

    Caught 2 minutes of them trekking between stages at Warped. Band blows goats. The kids in the US lap it up though. Thank fuck we have more sense.

  9. xximwatchingyouxx

    -eye twitch- Oh god they have another one? -shudders- I am going to have to burn these guys pindicks off … I’m sure their screams of pain will sound a hell of a lot better than their excuse for music

    Oh, and punk? No … Punk is good … Brokencyde is shit

  10. mynameishell

    my dad always talks about the 80s
    whever one of those bands who put more effort into their hair and clothes than they did they’re music comes on, he always says “people go on about how cool we thought it was at the time and now we see how wrong we are. well i didn’t. i always thought it was fucking shit.”

    this is how i see the future for brokencyde
    it makes me physically sick that people have commented this saying how much they love it and “mosh” to it.

    you dumb kids probably don’t know how to mosh. you’ve all been raised by bmth pits.

    go home.

  11. JadeeAliix

    Don’t like it?.. don’t listen. Not that hard. people are allowed to listen to what they wish and also they are entitled to like the music if they wish aswell. n shouldn’t have other people telling them there shit and they “will actually fight anyone who likes them”.. Ridiculous

  12. gothamcity

    Brokencyde reviews are always the most entertaining. In fact if there’s one good thing about this band, it’s that their cds suck so bad that the reviews are hilarious. Thank you.

  13. mynameishell

    “Don’t like it?.. don’t listen.”
    sometimes i don’t have a fucking choice, when a bunch of scene kids are near me blasting the music, or with more mainstream shit it’s on the radio.
    not listening sometimes isn’t a fucking choice.

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