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Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight






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Fast and fun.


65 / 100

Having exploded to national consciousness from just being another garage band, Triple J’s Unearthed comp helped this punk/pop band from Wonthaggi on regional Victoria’s south coast win over a score of new fans, having earned the opening spot at the radio station’s One Night Stand festival in Gippsland last May.  

With just five tracks, their second EP is short but sweet. Exploding with naive energy, this release doesn’t exactly break any pop/punk rules; repetitive drum beats, backed by in-your-face basslines and a nieve up-beat vocal energy. But having said that, the musicianship is tight, Jess Cuman’s vocals are clean and the vibe is fun, so kudos to the four-piece for cutting the crap and getting down to the business of having fun and rocking out with your mates – after all, that’s what punk rock is supposed to be about, right? 

A solid drum roll kicks off the EP over a few seconds of band-mate banter, opening of the first track of the easy to like title track Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight, with its no-brainer lyrics and straight-to-the-point delivery. 

Shock And Damage is packed with sweet guitar hooks, sing-alongs galore, and the fun and fast drumming courtesy of Jason Trewin. 

It’s obvious the band has poured every ounce of itself into this record, and the sustained energy is maintained ’till the closer Blacks The Fashion. With a bit of industry steering and more gigs they have potential to go far.  

As the EP unfolds you can tell And Burn’s creed is all about having fun with their music and investing all the energy they can muster into the tracks they put down. I’d be keen to see what happens when this tiger is unleashed to a live audience. They’re playing a few shows in QLD and Melbourne in the next couple months, so if they’re in your area you’d be wise to check ’em out and see for yourself. 


And Burn are still a bit raw, but their essence of catchy riffs, killer hooks and fast punk rock drumming creates a sound that would deliver well to a live audience. It would be interesting to see what’s to come next from these lads. 


1. Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
2. Shock And Damage
3. Path To Destruction
4. Good Hustle Kid, But Your Cut
5. Black’s The Fashion

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